2019-04-09  Rob Tompkins(update) a few more version upgrades 3.8.1 -> 3.9 commons-lang-3.9-RC1
2019-04-09  TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of
2019-04-09  Rob TompkinsLANG-1446: switch from cobertura to jacoco
2019-04-09  TompkinsPreparing the codebase for 3.9
2019-04-08  Rob Tompkins(docs) more specificity
2019-04-08  Gilles SadowskiLANG-1442: Javadoc.
2019-04-08  Tompkins(docs) update user use -> user explore
2019-04-06  Rob TompkinsLANG-1442: Commons-RNG citation
2019-04-05  Benedikt RitterLANG-1443: Add more SystemUtils.IS_JAVA_XX variants...
2019-04-04  Tompkins(docs) add "</p>" to end of crypto statement
2019-04-04  Tompkins(fix) unused imports
2019-04-04  Tompkins(docs) remove SecureRandom
2019-04-04  Rob Tompkins(docs) updates to documentation about SecureRandom
2019-03-27  Gary GregoryOops, remove dup property.
2019-03-27  Gary GregoryUpdate Apache Commons Parent from 47 to 48.
2019-03-23  Benedikt RitterAdd proposal for Jenkins Pipeline (#410)
2019-03-22  Gary GregoryUpdate Travis build with current JDKs.
2019-03-12  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge pull request #413 from machaval/patch-1
2019-03-12  Mariano de... Fix javadoc in wrapIfMissing 413/head
2019-03-04  Gary Gregory[LANG-1436] (doc) Fix javadoc for 'startIndex' parameter of
2019-03-04  Andrei Troie(doc) Fix javadoc for 'startIndex' parameter of StringU...
2019-03-03  Alex HerbertConsolidate the StringUtils.equals and equalsIgnoreCase...
2019-02-18  Rob TompkinsMerge pull request #391 from RahulNagekar/JsonToStringS...
2019-02-09  Benedikt RitterSimplify test code by using lambda expressions
2019-02-09  pascalschumacherUpdate checkstyle to version 8.17
2019-02-09  pascalschumacherUpdate EasyMock to version 4.0.2
2019-02-09  pascalschumacherUpdate Hamcrest to version 2.1
2019-02-09  pascalschumacherRemove dependency management for JUnit (since the updat...
2019-02-09  Allon MureinikSimplify assertions (closes #404)
2019-02-09  Allon MureinikUse assertThrows in FunctionsTest (closes #404)
2019-02-09  Eitan Adler[ToStringBuilderTest] clean up after some old issues
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikClean up floating point assertions (closes #402)
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikUpgrade JUnit depedency to 5.4.0 (closes #402)
2019-02-08  pascalschumacherSkip javadoc on Java 11 to workaround https://bugs...
2019-02-08  pascalschumacherMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pr/403'
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikFix javadoc errors in 403/head
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikFunctionsTest whitespaces
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikFunctionsTest whitespace after comma
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikFunctionsTest method references
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikFunctionTest redundant constructor modifier
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikFunctionsTest imports
2019-02-08  Allon whitspaces
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikAdd spaces after commas in
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikRemove unused generic argument from Functions#tryWithRe...
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikFix Javadoc issues in Functions
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikFunctions' interfaces modifiers
2019-02-08  Allon MureinikAdd license to
2019-02-08  Benedikt RitterAdd missing Apache license header
2019-01-29  Jochen Wiedmann... Added Functions.tryWithResources.
2019-01-23  Jochen Wiedmann... Adding the Functions class as a helper for dealing...
2019-01-08  Bruno P. KinoshitaFix checkstyle issues in new test code
2019-01-08  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge branch 'pr-379'
2019-01-08  Apirom Na Nakornadd test use ImmutablePair class with java.util.HashMap...
2019-01-05  pascalschumacherUpdate spotbugs-maven-plugin to version 3.1.10
2019-01-05  pascalschumacherTravis: "openjdk-ea" now means Java 13, so add Java...
2018-12-20  RahulNagekarRefactoring junits of JsonToStringStyle 391/head
2018-12-20  RahulNagekarAdding junits for JsonToStringStyle
2018-12-20  pascalschumacherUpdate to JaCoCo 0.8.2 with works Java 11+.
2018-12-20  pascalschumacherLANG-1427: Add SystemUtils.isJavaVersionAtMost(JavaVersion)
2018-12-11  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-12-11  Gary Gregory[LANG-1427] Add API
2018-12-02  RahulNagekarAdd additional tests for StandardToStringStyle (closes...
2018-12-02  pascalschumacherUpdate to JUnit version 5.3.2
2018-11-24  pascalschumacherTravis: Stop building with Java 9 and 10, as these... 384/head
2018-11-20  pascalschumacherUpdate Spotbugs Maven Plugin to version 3.1.8
2018-11-19  pascalschumacherMake whitespace use around generic tokens consistent... 383/head
2018-11-19  pascalschumacherMake whitespace use before tokens consistent and add...
2018-11-19  pascalschumacherMake whitespace use after tokens consistent and add...
2018-11-03  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge branch 'pr-380'
2018-11-02  Urifix javadoc typo 380/head
2018-11-02  pascalschumacherUpdate JUnit Pioneer to version 0.3.0
2018-11-02  pascalschumacherUpdate maven-spotbugs-plugin to version 3.1.7
2018-10-28  Gary GregoryUpdate EasyMock from 3.6 to 4.0 to fix testing on Java 11.
2018-10-26  pascalschumacherUse surefire plugin version from parent POM.
2018-10-26  pascalschumacherRemove unused test code
2018-10-26  pascalschumacherLANG-1422: Add null-safe StringUtils.valueOf(char[...
2018-10-25  Gary Gregory[LANG-1422] Add null-safe StringUtils.valueOf(char...
2018-10-17  pascalschumacherTravis: Remove Oracle JDK 10 because it is no longer...
2018-10-13  Allon MureinikClean up assertions (closes #376)
2018-10-13  Allon MureinikClean up redundant throws clauses
2018-10-13  Allon MureinikUse assertTrue/assertFalse instead of reimplementing...
2018-10-13  Allon MureinikClean up testing of exceptions
2018-10-13  Allon MureinikRemove double stop() test in StopWatchTest
2018-10-13  Allon MureinikMake LocaleUtilsTest#parseAllLocales parameterized
2018-10-13  Allon MureinikRemove ConversionTest#assertBinaryEquals
2018-10-13  pascalschumacherUpdate checkstyle to version 8.13
2018-10-11  Allon MureinikUpdate tests to JUnit Jupiter (closes #375)
2018-10-10  Allon MureinikUpdate time tests to JUnit Jupiter 374/head
2018-10-09  Allon MureinikUpdate mutable tests to JUnit Jupiter 373/head
2018-10-09  Allon MureinikUpdate math tests to JUnit Jupiter 372/head
2018-10-08  Allon MureinikUpdate tuple tests to JUnit Jupiter 371/head
2018-10-08  Allon MureinikUpdate text tests to JUnit Jupiter 370/head
2018-10-07  Allon MureinikUpdate reflect tests to JUnit Jupiter 369/head
2018-10-07  Allon MureinikUpdate exception tests to JUnit Jupiter 368/head
2018-10-06  Allon MureinikUpdate event tests to JUnit Jupiter 367/head
2018-10-06  Allon MureinikUpdate concurrent tests to JUnit Jupiter 366/head
2018-10-06  pascalschumacherTravis: Also build with openjdk-ea, but allow openjdk... 365/head
2018-10-06  pascalschumacherUse JDKs provided by travis
2018-10-06  pascalschumacherReplace FindBugs with SpotBugs: Fix source assembly
2018-10-06  Allon MureinikUpdate builder tests to JUnit Jupiter