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2 days ago  Gary GregoryAdd @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") master
2 days ago  Gary GregoryUse IllegalArgumentException llke the reset of the...
2 days ago  Gary Gregory[Spotbugs 4.7.0] More precise exception handling, don...
2 days ago  Gary GregoryFix, lambda & in-line single use variable that cannot...
2 days ago  Gary GregoryRemove prefix from instance variable names.
2 days ago  Gary GregoryMove new internal Calendar APIs to CalendarUtils and...
2 days ago  Gary Gregory[LANG-1680] FastDateFormat does not support the 'L...
2 days ago  Steve BosmanLANG-1680 Add support for standalone month formats...
7 days ago  Gary GregoryInternal refactoring to allow to chain calls using
7 days ago  Gary GregoryFix Javadoc.
7 days ago  Gary GregoryFix Javadoc.
9 days ago  Gary GregoryRemove unnecessary @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")
2022-05-04  Gary GregoryMinor changes #769
2022-05-04  Arturo Bernal* Inline var (#769)
2022-05-04  Gary GregoryAdd BooleanUtilsTest tests.
2022-05-02  Gary GregoryBump net.sourceforge.pmd:* from 6.44.0 to 6.45.0
14 months ago rel/commons-lang-3.12.0 Create release tag for Apache relea...
14 months ago commons-lang-3.12.0-RC1 Tag Apache release 3.12.0 RC1.
22 months ago rel/commons-lang-3.11 Create release tag for Apache Commo...
22 months ago commons-lang-3.11-RC2 Tag Apache Commons Lang release...
22 months ago commons-lang-3.11-RC1 Tag Apache Commons Lang release...
2 years ago rel/commons-lang-3.10 Create release tag for Apache Commo...
2 years ago commons-lang-3.10-RC1 Tag Apache Commons Lang release...
3 years ago commons-lang-3.9 Tagging commons-lang-3.9 from RC2
3 years ago commons-lang-3.9-RC2 Tagging commons-lang-3.9-RC2
3 years ago commons-lang-3.9-RC1 Tagging commons-lang-3.9-RC1
3 years ago LANG_3_8_1 Tagging commons-lang3-3.8.1 from RC1
3 years ago LANG_3_8_1_RC1 Tagging RC1 for commons-lang3-3.8.1
3 years ago LANG_3_8 Tagging 3_8_RC1 as 3_8 release
3 years ago LANG_3_8_RC1 Tagging 3.8 RC1
4 years ago LANG_3_7 Tag Apache Commons Lang 3.7
4 years ago LANG_3_7_RC1 Apache Commons Lang 3.7 RC1.
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