Moving to TLP
[commons-math.git] / build.xml
2004-12-13  Phil SteitzInclude LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt in jars.
2004-12-10  Phil SteitzPost-1.0 update.
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzUpdated for 1.0 release.
2004-09-20  Phil SteitzPrepare for 1.0 release.
2004-08-15  Phil SteitzPrepare for RC1.
2004-07-11  Phil SteitzEliminated [lang] dependency and local path reference.
2004-06-24  Brent Wordenregenerated Ant script using relative paths.
2004-06-23  Brent Wordenregenerated Ant script; dependencies were removed.
2004-06-02  Mark R. DiggoryMy local settings forced downloads in Ant to Apache...
2004-06-01  Mark R. DiggoryRemoved Dependency on BeanUtils and regenereated build...
2004-04-24  Phil SteitzUpdated dependencies to latest release versions
2004-02-28  Phil SteitzModified jar goal to include Apache License and notice...
2004-02-28  Phil SteitzAdded copyright notice and reference to 2.0 license.
2004-02-15  Phil SteitzFixed broken download link, removed local path reference.
2004-01-30  Mark R. DiggoryFixing version number.
2003-11-14  Mark R. DiggoryRecovering Tree
2003-11-01  Mark R. DiggoryCommitting promotion to commons proper!
2003-09-27  Mark R. DiggoryPR:
2003-09-17  Mark R. DiggoryPR:
2003-07-05  Mark R. DiggoryRotating Commons Collections version to SNAPSHOT to...
2003-06-02  Mark R. DiggoryThis is the new build.xml file generated by Maven....
2003-05-18  Tim O'BrienAltered the build script to use batch test instead...
2003-05-12  Robert Burrell DonkinStarting source code - basic matrix operations and...
2003-05-12  Robert Burrell Donkinadded new commons math component