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2005-07-03  Phil SteitzChanged description of submatrix change, version reference. MATH_1_1_RC1@208893 tags/MATH_1_1_RC1@208893
2005-06-27  Phil SteitzRoll back changes inadverently made in R201919.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzEliminated tabs.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzAdded description for 1.1 release.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzFormmatting, changed a couple of 'updates' to 'fixes'.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzChanged Fraction(double) to correctly handle near-integ...
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzChanged lcm to throw ArithmeticException (instead of...
2005-06-05  Phil SteitzAdded factory for TTest, ChiSquareTest and TestUtils...
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzAdd 34042 fix.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzUpdate content.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzFormatting, fix errors and typos.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzFix typos.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzUpdate content, fix typos.
2005-06-02  Phil SteitzAdded RandomAdaptor to complete PRNG pluggability frame...
2005-05-31  Phil SteitzAdded [math] prefix to Bugzilla templates.
2005-05-29  Phil SteitzAdded setSubMatrix methods to RealMatrix, BigMatrix.
2005-05-22  Phil SteitzMinor site updates
2005-05-22  Brent Wordenfixed javadoc comments, added @since tags to new classe...
2005-05-21  Phil SteitzAdded createXIdentityMatrix methods to MatrixUtils...
2005-05-15  Phil SteitzMade PRNG pluggable for classes in the random package.
2005-05-08  Phil SteitzFixed order of entries, added due-to in last update.
2005-05-04  Phil SteitzPorted numerics improvements in commons lang Fraction...
2005-05-02  Phil SteitzFixed error in TTestImpl.homoscedasticTtest. Implementa...
2005-04-17  Phil SteitzUpdated copyright dates.
2005-04-16  Phil SteitzFixed javadoc errors. One-sided t-test significance...
2005-04-16  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect 34448 fix.
2005-04-01  Brent Wordenupdating copyright
2005-04-01  Brent WordenPR: 34230
2005-03-17  Brent Wordenadded weibull distribution
2005-02-28  Phil SteitzAdded subversion links
2005-02-28  Phil SteitzCreated separate javadoc links for 1.0 release, 1.1...
2005-02-26  Dirk Verbeeckconvert .cvsignore to svn:ignore
2005-02-26  Dirk Verbeecksvn:keywords correction
2005-02-24  Brent Wordenadded cauchy distribution
2005-02-05  Brent Wordenadded rounding methods.
2005-02-05  Brent Wordenadded fraction class and fraction formatting classes.
2005-01-31  Dirk Verbeeckchange
2004-12-07  Phil SteitzPrepare for 1.0 release. tags/MATH_1_0@141515
2004-12-06  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect PR# 32538 changes.
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzUpped advertised JDK compatability level to 1.3.
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzEliminate dup entry added by mistake in last commit.
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzUpdated for 1.0 release.
2004-11-09  Phil SteitzFixed spelling. tags/MATH_1_0_RC2@141502
2004-11-09  Brent Wordenadded poisson description to user guide.
2004-11-08  Phil SteitzPrepare for Rc2.
2004-11-08  Phil SteitzPrepare for RC2.
2004-11-08  Phil SteitzFixed broken javadoc link.
2004-11-08  Phil SteitzRemoved broken link.
2004-11-07  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect PR 31713 changes.
2004-11-07  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect distribution package changes.
2004-10-25  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect BigMatrix changes.
2004-10-24  Phil SteitzFixed typo.
2004-10-24  Phil SteitzPr #31860 fix.
2004-10-14  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect recent changes.
2004-10-12  Phil SteitzRemoved data mutators from RealMatrix interface and...
2004-10-08  Phil SteitzFix issue attribute name.
2004-10-08  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect recent changes.
2004-10-08  Phil SteitzRenamed .univariate -> .descriptive, .multivariate...
2004-09-26  Phil SteitzAdded ComplexFormat fix.
2004-09-19  Phil SteitzInitial commit.
2004-09-15  Phil SteitzFixed "premature" 1.0 download links. tags/MATH_1_0_RC1@141443
2004-09-01  Phil SteitzModified regression section to reflect class name change.
2004-08-27  Mark R. Diggoryinfo on creating patches
2004-08-22  Phil SteitzAdded link to Wiki, edited contributing section.
2004-08-16  Phil SteitzAdded top level link to Javadoc
2004-08-15  Phil SteitzPreparing for 1.0 release.
2004-08-12  Phil SteitzAdded missing semicolon in example.
2004-08-02  Phil SteitzRemoved boolean equalVariances flag from t-test API.
2004-07-25  Phil SteitzChanged Task list label.
2004-07-25  Phil SteitzChanged statements about references to allow inline...
2004-07-25  Phil SteitzRemoved completed tasks, added Rational/Fraction class...
2004-07-25  Phil SteitzMinor edits, formatting.
2004-07-23  Phil SteitzFormatting, minor edits / updates.
2004-07-20  Phil SteitzAdded *last* missing sections :-)
2004-07-11  Phil SteitzRemoved [lang] dependency.
2004-06-23  Brent WordenFixed javadoc, checkstyle, and link warnings. Made...
2004-06-20  Phil SteitzDropped [collections] dependency.
2004-06-08  Phil SteitzRemoved BeanUtils from list of dependencies.
2004-06-05  Phil SteitzUpdated t-test docs to include paired, homoscedastic...
2004-06-01  Brent WordenPR: 29000
2004-05-17  Phil SteitzUpdated missing user guide sections.
2004-05-17  Phil SteitzAdded overview, removed statistical utilities (covered...
2004-05-17  Phil SteitzAdded missing sections.
2004-05-06  Phil SteitzUpdated missing userguide sections.
2004-05-06  Phil SteitzAdded significance tests section.
2004-04-27  Brent WordenFixed some checkstyle warnings. Changed checkstyle...
2004-04-26  Brent WordenAdded user guide entry for continued fractions.
2004-04-26  Brent WordenAdded user guide sections for complex numbers and distr...
2004-04-26  Phil SteitzFixed typos.
2004-04-25  Phil SteitzAdded BivariateRegression section.
2004-04-25  Phil SteitzUpdated dependencies.
2004-04-22  Phil SteitzRemoved author tags and emails, fixed link to nightlies.
2004-04-05  Mark R. Diggorylinks are not inherited
2004-04-05  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect current status.
2004-03-21  Phil SteitzFormatting.
2004-03-07  Phil SteitzAdded Frequency example showing cumPct for a value...
2004-03-06  Phil SteitzFilled in missing Frequency section.
2004-03-03  Phil SteitzFilled in missing content in univariate statistics...
2004-03-02  Mark R. DiggorySwitching to usage of menu's dtd to insert commons...
2004-02-29  Phil SteitzAdded more content to statistics and distributions...