2016-01-02  Luc MaisonobePreparing release candidate 2 for Apache Commons Math... 3.6-release MATH_3_6 MATH_3_6_RC2
2016-01-02  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'MATH_3_X' into 3.6-release
2016-01-02  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'MATH_3_X' of https://luc@git-wip-us.apach...
2016-01-02  Luc MaisonobeEnlarged test tolerance as test did not pass with Java 5.
2016-01-02  Luc MaisonobeSpurious @Override.
2016-01-02  Phil SteitzFixed ant build.
2016-01-02  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'MATH_3_X' of https://luc@git-wip-us.apach...
2016-01-02  Luc MaisonobeRenamed abstract test classes to match build environmen...
2016-01-01  Phil SteitzMerge branch 'MATH_3_X' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-01-01  Phil SteitzJavadoc fixes; added tests to confirm NaN behavior.
2016-01-01  Luc MaisonobeUpdated released howto after change from people to...
2016-01-01  Phil SteitzUpdated User Guide to reflect MATH-1310 fix.
2016-01-01  Luc Maisonobeadded link for 3.6 javadoc. MATH_3_6_RC1
2016-01-01  Luc MaisonobeAdded release notes for 3.6.
2016-01-01  Luc MaisonobeUpdated download page in preparation for 3.6 release.
2016-01-01  Luc Maisonobepreparing pom for 3.6 release.
2016-01-01  Luc MaisonobeJavadoc.
2016-01-01  Luc MaisonobeUpdated release howto to not delete the release branch...
2016-01-01  Luc Maisonobeupdated URL.
2016-01-01  Luc Maisonobeupdated copyright year
2015-12-31  GillesMATH-1300
2015-12-31  Phil SteitzImproved performance and accuracy of 2-sample KS tests...
2015-12-29  Thomas NeidhartFix compilation problems with java 1.5: remove @Overrid...
2015-12-29  Luc MaisonobeField-based implementation of Adams-Moulton ODE integrator.
2015-12-29  Luc Maisonobetypo.
2015-12-28  Luc MaisonobeField-based Adams-Bashforth integrator.
2015-12-28  Luc MaisonobeBase classes for field-based multistep integrators.
2015-12-28  Luc Maisonobetypos.
2015-12-28  Luc MaisonobeAvoid protected fields.
2015-12-28  Phil SteitzJavadoc fixes.
2015-12-28  Phil SteitzJavadoc fix: use stable link.
2015-12-28  Phil SteitzJavadoc fixes.
2015-12-28  Luc MaisonobeRenamed interfaces for consistency with other classes.
2015-12-27  Luc MaisonobeDetect start failures with multi-step ODE integrators.
2015-12-27  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'MATH_3_X' of https://luc@git-wip-us.apach...
2015-12-27  Luc MaisonobeAdded compose and composeInverse to rotations.
2015-12-26  Phil SteitzJavadoc fixes.
2015-12-26  Luc MaisonobeAdded a RotationConvention enumerate.
2015-12-26  Phil SteitzReverted unecessary escapes.
2015-12-26  Phil SteitzJavadoc fixes.
2015-12-25  Phil SteitzJavadoc fixes.
2015-12-25  Phil SteitzApply exclusion at the class level.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'MATH_3_X' of https://luc@git-wip-us.apach...
2015-12-25  Phil SteitzJavadoc fix.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobePrevent findbugs false positive.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeMissing javadoc.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeRemoved spurious semicolon.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeAvoid compiler warnings due to imports of deprecated...
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeSupressed varargs warnings in tests.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeUnused import.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeAnother round of deprecation warnings removal in tests.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeRemoved unneeded annotation.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeRemoved unused variables.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeReplaced deprecated Incrementor with IntegerSequence...
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeFixed compiler warnings.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeAvoid deprecation warnings in tests.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeRemoved unused imports.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeAdded forgotten name.
2015-12-25  Luc MaisonobeRemoved use of deprecated class.
2015-12-24  Luc MaisonobeRemoved spurious development tests.
2015-12-24  Luc MaisonobeFixed stability issues with Adams integrators.
2015-12-18  Luc MaisonobeUpdated FieldMatrix exceptions thrown to match javadoc.
2015-12-15  Luc MaisonobeFixed javadoc.
2015-12-13  Luc MaisonobeAdded tests with DerivativeStructure field.
2015-12-10  Luc MaisonobeFixed syntax not compatible with Java 5.
2015-12-10  Luc MaisonobeFixed additional equations mapping.
2015-12-10  Luc MaisonobeFixed javadoc.
2015-12-10  Luc MaisonobeFixed javadoc.
2015-12-10  Luc MaisonobeUse immutable step interpolators.
2015-12-10  Luc MaisonobePrevent NullPointerException.
2015-12-09  Luc MaisonobeNotify availability of field-based ode. 99/head
2015-12-09  Luc MaisonobeRemoved unneeded field.
2015-12-09  Luc MaisonobeFixed syntax incompatible with Java 5.
2015-12-09  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'MATH_3_X' into field-ode
2015-12-09  Luc MaisonobeFixed field-based Dormand-Prince 8(5,3) step interpolator.
2015-12-09  Luc MaisonobeFixed test thresholds.
2015-12-09  Luc MaisonobeFixed field-based Dormand-Prince 8(5,3) integrator...
2015-12-09  Luc MaisonobeFixed Dormand-Prince 5(4) field integrator constants.
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobeAdded tests for the Dormand-Prince 8(5,3) integrator.
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobeAdded tests for the Dormand-Prince 5(4) integrator.
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobeAdded tests for the Higham-Hall 5(4) integrator.
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobePrevent NullPointerException in tests.
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobeSet up a shared interface for Butcher arrays used by...
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobeSet up test framework for field-based embedded Runge...
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobeFixed state copying after event detection.
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobeFixed exception handling for too many iterations in...
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobeFixed a parenthesis error in Higham-Hall 5(4) step...
2015-12-08  Luc MaisonobeAdded new consistency tests.
2015-12-06  Luc MaisonobeFixed Luther step interpolator error.
2015-12-04  Luc MaisonobeAdded test for Luther step interpolator.
2015-12-04  Luc MaisonobeAdded test for classical midpoint step interpolator.
2015-12-04  Luc MaisonobeAdded test for Gill step interpolator.
2015-12-04  Luc MaisonobeAdded test for classical 3/8 step interpolator.
2015-12-04  Luc MaisonobeAdded test for classical Rung-Kutta step interpolator.
2015-12-04  Luc MaisonobeMissing class parameter.
2015-12-04  Luc MaisonobeFixed single integration step in step.
2015-12-03  Luc MaisonobeAdded test for Luther integrator.
2015-12-03  Luc MaisonobeAdded tests for 3/8 integrator.
2015-12-03  Luc MaisonobeAdded tests for midpoint integrator.
2015-12-03  Luc MaisonobeAdded tests for derivatives consistency.