2010-03-27  Phil SteitzMoved mantissa, experimental sources to branches. MANTISSA MANTISSA
2009-07-19  Luc Maisonoberemoved obsolete files MANTISSA@928240
2009-07-19  Luc Maisonobeadded Apache header to some files that didn't have it
2009-06-19  Luc Maisonobemerged curve fitting from mantissa into commons-math
2009-02-01  Luc Maisonobeadded a PolynomialsUtils class providing factory method...
2009-01-19  Luc Maisonobeadded a Legendre-Gauss integrator
2008-12-02  Phil SteitzMoved math 2.0 branch to trunk.
2008-06-23  Luc Maisonobeclarified the ODE package by breaking in into several... MANTISSA@722333
2008-06-10  Luc Maisonobereplaced inefficient use of constructors for Integer...
2008-04-24  Luc Maisonoberemoved deprecated methods
2008-04-24  Luc Maisonobebranching for initial work on 2.0
2008-02-04  Luc Maisonobefixed svn properties MANTISSA@651199
2007-08-01  Niall PembertonAdd missing license headers
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving back :) MANTISSA@560659
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP MANTISSA@560657
2007-02-27  Luc Maisonobemoved notice information from Mantissa to commons-math MANTISSA@560656
2007-02-27  Luc Maisonoberemoved remnants of code transfered from Mantissa to...
2007-02-27  Luc Maisonobeadded the optimization package from Mantissa
2007-02-27  Luc Maisonobeadded the geometry package from Mantissa
2007-02-26  Luc Maisonobeadded the ode package from Mantissa
2007-02-26  Luc Maisonobeadded the estimation package from Mantissa
2007-02-26  Luc Maisonobeadded support for generation and analysis of random...
2007-02-12  Luc Maisonobeset eol-style property to native
2007-01-15  Luc Maisonobeadded missing files from previous patches (JIRA:MATH...
2006-12-19  Phil SteitzUpdated contributed sources - Mantissa 7 upgrade. JIRA...
2006-11-29  Henri YandellFixed copyright header (committing in parts as the...
2006-11-25  Phil SteitzFormatting only. Eliminated tabs.
2006-11-23  Phil SteitzCollection of patches to initial Mantissa sources:
2006-11-19  Phil SteitzInitial commit