2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP MATH_1_1_RC1 MATH_1_1_RC1
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving back :) MATH_1_1_RC1@560659
2007-07-29  Henri YandellMoving to TLP MATH_1_1_RC1@560657
2005-07-03  Phil SteitzFixed release notes file name. MATH_1_1_RC1@560656 tags/MATH_1_1_RC1@209227
2005-07-03  Phil SteitzCreated 1.1-RC1 branch.
2005-07-03  Phil SteitzChanged description of submatrix change, version reference. MATH_1_1_RC1@208893 tags/MATH_1_1_RC1@208893
2005-07-03  Phil SteitzPrepare for 1.1-RC1.
2005-07-03  Phil SteitzChanged release notes file name.
2005-07-03  Phil SteitzChanged to use custom sytlesheet for release notes.
2005-07-03  Phil SteitzInitial commit.
2005-07-03  Phil SteitzMade src, binary distros unpack to different directories.
2005-07-02  Phil SteitzRemoved setSubmatrix methods from RealMatrix, BigMatrix...
2005-07-02  Phil SteitzFixed actual parameter types to eliminate jdk 1.5 compi...
2005-07-02  Phil SteitzIniial commit.
2005-06-27  Phil SteitzAdded Jorg Weimar to contributors.
2005-06-27  Phil SteitzRoll back changes inadverently made in R201919.
2005-06-27  Phil SteitzAdded announcement.file,, xdoc.copy...
2005-06-27  Phil SteitzChanged to use maven announcement plugin instead of...
2005-06-27  Phil SteitzAdded integer parse restriction.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzEliminated tabs.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzEliminated tabs.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzEliminated tabs.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzEliminated trailing spaces.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzAdded style sheet to create release-notes.txt from...
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzAdded description for 1.1 release.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzFormmatting, changed a couple of 'updates' to 'fixes'.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzEliminated JDK 1.4 dependency.
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzEmasculated MathException secalization test to work...
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzChanged Fraction(double) to correctly handle near-integ...
2005-06-26  Phil SteitzChanged lcm to throw ArithmeticException (instead of...
2005-06-05  Phil SteitzJavadoc.
2005-06-05  Phil SteitzFormatting to make checkstyle happy.
2005-06-05  Phil SteitzRevert inadvertent change from last commit.
2005-06-05  Phil SteitzAdded factory for TTest, ChiSquareTest and TestUtils...
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzAdd 34042 fix.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzEliminated redundant endpoint function evaluations...
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzAdd id for Al.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzPut site (and coming distro) on a diet - limit maven...
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzUpdate content.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzFormatting, fix errors and typos.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzFix typos.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzUpdate content, fix typos.
2005-06-04  Phil SteitzJavadoc, formatting.
2005-06-02  Phil SteitzAdded RandomAdaptor to complete PRNG pluggability frame...
2005-05-31  Phil SteitzAdded [math] prefix to Bugzilla templates.
2005-05-29  Phil SteitzAdded config to support jar deployment.
2005-05-29  Phil SteitzAdded setSubMatrix methods to RealMatrix, BigMatrix.
2005-05-24  Brent Wordenadded @since tag to new methods.
2005-05-22  Phil SteitzMinor site updates
2005-05-22  Brent Wordenfixed javadoc comments, added @since tags to new classe...
2005-05-21  Phil SteitzAdded createXIdentityMatrix methods to MatrixUtils...
2005-05-15  Phil SteitzMade PRNG pluggable for classes in the random package.
2005-05-15  Phil SteitzFixed javadoc typo
2005-05-08  Phil SteitzFixed order of entries, added due-to in last update.
2005-05-08  Phil SteitzAdded C. Scott Ananian to contributors.
2005-05-04  Phil SteitzPorted numerics improvements in commons lang Fraction...
2005-05-02  Phil SteitzFixed error in TTestImpl.homoscedasticTtest. Implementa...
2005-05-02  Phil SteitzRemoved unused import.
2005-04-17  Phil SteitzUpdated copyright dates.
2005-04-16  Phil SteitzFixed javadoc errors. One-sided t-test significance...
2005-04-16  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect 34448 fix.
2005-04-01  Brent Wordenupdating copyright
2005-04-01  Brent WordenPR: 34230
2005-03-28  Phil SteitzChanged siteAddress to and changed maili...
2005-03-17  Brent Wordenadded weibull distribution
2005-02-28  Phil SteitzAdded subversion links
2005-02-28  Phil SteitzCreated separate javadoc links for 1.0 release, 1.1...
2005-02-26  Dirk Verbeeckconvert .cvsignore to svn:ignore
2005-02-26  Dirk Verbeecksvn:keywords correction
2005-02-24  Brent Wordenfixed incorrect test data that was causing test failures.
2005-02-24  Brent Wordenadded cauchy distribution
2005-02-05  Brent Wordenadded rounding methods.
2005-02-05  Brent Wordenadded fraction class and fraction formatting classes.
2005-01-31  Dirk Verbeeckchange
2005-01-30  Dirk VerbeeckUse SVN changelog
2005-01-11  Brent WordenRemoved references to nagoya. Replaced with issues...
2004-12-13  Phil SteitzInclude LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt in jars.
2004-12-13  Phil SteitzGet NOTICE.txt included in META-INF of distribution...
2004-12-10  Phil SteitzInitial commit - R verification tests.
2004-12-10  Phil SteitzIncreased precision of target values used in tests.
2004-12-10  Phil SteitzFixed error in comment.
2004-12-10  Phil SteitzPost-1.0 update.
2004-12-07  Phil SteitzPrepare for 1.0 release. tags/MATH_1_0@141515
2004-12-06  Phil SteitzUpdated to reflect PR# 32538 changes.
2004-12-06  Phil SteitzRemoved JDK 1.4 dependent code.
2004-12-06  Phil SteitzMoved BeanTransformer classes to experimental directory.
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzUpped advertised JDK compatability level to 1.3.
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzRemoved text file obsoleted by changes.xml.
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzRemoved STATUS file obsoleted by project.xml, changes.xml
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzEliminate dup entry added by mistake in last commit.
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzUpdated for 1.0 release.
2004-12-05  Phil SteitzUpdated for 1.0 release.
2004-12-04  Phil SteitzAdded test case using 2-way table containing zeros...
2004-12-04  Phil SteitzFixed bug in ChiSquareTest isNonNegative function that...
2004-11-09  Phil SteitzFixed spelling. tags/MATH_1_0_RC2@141502
2004-11-09  Brent Wordenadded poisson description to user guide.
2004-11-08  Phil SteitzPrepare for Rc2.
2004-11-08  Phil SteitzPrepare for RC2.
2004-11-08  Phil SteitzFixed broken javadoc link.
2004-11-08  Phil SteitzRemoved broken link.