2011-08-13  Gilles SadowskiMATH-560 MATH_2_X MATH_2_X
2011-08-05  Brett Porteravoid rebuilding a release on the branch
2011-03-03  Sebastian BazleyOops - wrong issue terminator
2011-02-26  Sebastian BazleySynch with trunk copy (apart from Exceptions section)
2011-02-26  Luc Maisonobepreparing RC6, with a target release date set to 2011...
2011-02-25  Luc Maisonobefilter out the part of the site we want to include...
2011-02-25  Sebastian BazleyEol-style
2011-02-24  Luc Maisonobeset commons.rc.version in pom.xml, as specified in...
2011-02-24  Luc Maisonobeupdated target publication date to 2011-03-01
2011-02-24  Luc Maisonobefixed version property for Nexus
2011-02-24  Luc Maisonobefixed a nasty bug with atan2 that occurred only with...
2011-02-23  Luc Maisonobefixed a checkstyle warning
2011-02-23  Luc Maisonobepushed target publication date to 2011-02-27
2011-02-23  Luc Maisonobeupdated release notes to include behavior changes in...
2011-02-23  Luc Maisonobeanother round of exception incompatibilities squashing
2011-02-23  Phil SteitzAdded note on multiple regression behavior change.
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonoberemoved remaining bits of incompatible exception changes
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing @since tags
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing @since tags
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing @since tags
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing @since tags
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing @since tags
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing @since
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing @since
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing @since
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing @since
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobefixed deprecation message to include the version of...
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobefixed a wrong @Since (method has been added in 2.2...
2011-02-22  Luc Maisonobeadded missing deprecation
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyDon't include every jar in every subdir
2011-02-21  Luc Maisonobefixed @since comment, the class was added in 2.2 not...
2011-02-21  Luc MaisonobeReverted incompatible changes not detected by CLIRR.
2011-02-21  Luc Maisonobefixed release notes
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyFail on error, rather than printing to stdout
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyDoes not make sense to report deprecation warnings
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyDon't stop on first error
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyAdd some missing tests
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyRemove unused code
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyAllow test to be run without rebuilding test classes
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyFormat 'brief' produces better output for failures
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyRemove duplicate property define
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyAlignment
2011-02-21  Sebastian BazleyUpdate to JUnit 4.8.2
2011-02-20  Luc Maisonobeedited release notes about the incompatible changes...
2011-02-20  Luc Maisonobepreparing 2.2 release
2011-02-20  Luc Maisonobeprepared release notes for 2.2
2011-02-19  Luc Maisonobeupdated copyright year
2011-02-19  Luc Maisonobenext RC will be for 2.2 by now
2011-02-19  Luc Maisonobereverted incompatible changes before 2.2 release
2011-02-19  Luc Maisonobefixed checkstyle warnings
2011-02-15  Phil SteitzReverted incompatible changes in the exception hierarchy.
2011-02-14  Luc Maisonobesecond attempt at fixing MATH-484
2011-02-13  Phil SteitzFixed javadoc typo.
2011-02-12  Sebastian BazleyRevert MathUtils to 2.1 behaviour.
2011-02-12  Sebastian BazleyUpdate Clirr plugin version
2011-02-10  Luc Maisonobefixed checkstyle and findbugs warnings
2011-02-06  Phil SteitzAdded correlated vector generation example.
2011-02-06  Phil SteitzFixed throws to reference exception that can be thrown.
2011-02-06  Phil SteitzRemoved trailing spaces.
2011-02-05  Sebastian BazleyJavadoc tidyup
2011-02-05  Sebastian BazleyAdd some @since 2.2 markers
2011-02-05  Sebastian BazleyAdd some @since 2.2 markers
2011-02-05  Sebastian BazleyAdd some @since 2.2 markers
2011-02-05  Sebastian BazleyUpdate to current Commons Parent
2011-02-02  Sebastian BazleyAvoid some Findbugs complaints
2011-02-02  Sebastian BazleyDrop unused last parameter
2011-02-02  Sebastian BazleyFix broken test: add missing fail() call
2011-02-01  Sebastian BazleyUse actual array sizes rather than magic numbers
2011-02-01  Sebastian BazleyUnnecessary casts
2011-02-01  Sebastian BazleyDon't waste precious ; !
2011-02-01  Sebastian BazleyUnused imports
2011-02-01  Sebastian BazleyMissing @Override
2011-02-01  Sebastian BazleyMATH-505 TestUtils is thread-hostile - deprecate the...
2011-02-01  Sebastian BazleyMATH-505 TestUtils is thread-hostile - deprecate the...
2011-02-01  Sebastian BazleyArrays might as well be final
2011-01-31  Phil SteitzFixed errors introduced in r1037327, restored FastMath...
2011-01-31  Phil SteitzReverted incompatible changes made in r985828
2011-01-31  Phil SteitzFixed error in r1065481 change. Need to clone, not...
2011-01-31  Phil SteitzReverted incompatible changes in r980013.
2011-01-31  Phil SteitzRemoved references to issues not resolved in 2.2.
2011-01-31  Phil SteitzJavadoc. Removed link to removed class.
2011-01-31  Phil SteitzReverted incompatible changes made in r967288, JIRA...
2011-01-28  Mikkel Meyer... Updated name in changelog to reflect fixes for MATH...
2011-01-25  Sebastian BazleyAllow a single JUnit test to be run if the test.entry...
2011-01-25  Sebastian BazleyMerge changes from trunk
2011-01-24  Sebastian BazleyTrailing spaces
2011-01-24  Sebastian BazleyAllow for specific atan2 and toRadians off-by-one errors
2011-01-24  Luc Maisonobefixed scalb for very large powers
2011-01-24  Sebastian BazleyAllow a single test to be run
2011-01-24  Sebastian BazleyRemove reflection tests as they are in FastMathStrictCo...
2011-01-24  Sebastian BazleyCheck all FastMath methods against StrictMath results
2011-01-24  Sebastian BazleyMATH-477 FastMath Javadoc should show which methods...
2011-01-24  Sebastian BazleyMATH-493 FastMath min and max fail with (Infinity,...
2011-01-24  Gilles SadowskiMATH-500
2011-01-23  Phil SteitzReverted incompatible change.
2011-01-23  Luc Maisonobeadded FastMath.hypot
2011-01-23  Luc Maisonobejavadoc
2011-01-23  Luc Maisonobeadded FastMath.scalb(double, int) and FastMath.scalb...
2011-01-23  Sebastian BazleySplit testPerformance() into new class
2011-01-23  Sebastian BazleyUpdate nextAfter Javadoc