2014-05-14  Luc MaisonobeRelease candidate 3 for Apache Commons Math 3.3 has... tags/MATH_3_3 MATH_3_3
2014-05-07  Thomas NeidhartCreating Commons Math v3.3 tag. tags/MATH_3_3_RC3 MATH_3_3_RC3
2014-05-04  Phil SteitzAdded StatUtils convenience methods and updated user...
2014-05-02  Thomas NeidhartRevert javadoc changes after discussion on the mailinglist.
2014-05-02  Luc MaisonobeFixed checkstyle error.
2014-05-01  Gilles SadowskiRemoved test based on the assumption that iterating...
2014-05-01  Thomas NeidhartRe-enabled test, build is anyway not ready for Java 8.
2014-05-01  Thomas NeidhartJavadoc fixes with Java 8.
2014-05-01  Thomas NeidhartDisable randomly failing unit test.
2014-05-01  Thomas NeidhartAdd missing due-to.
2014-05-01  Thomas Neidhart[MATH-1110] Added constructor to OLSMultipleLinearRegre...
2014-05-01  Thomas NeidhartFix typo.
2014-04-30  Gilles SadowskiMATH-1092
2014-04-30  Luc MaisonobeAdded missing change entry for 3.3.
2014-04-30  Luc MaisonobeAdded findbugs exception for CMAES.
2014-04-30  Luc MaisonobeJavadoc.
2014-04-29  Thomas NeidhartApache is now part of the project name.
2014-04-28  Thomas NeidhartChange naming of tools jar to support the classifier...
2014-04-28  Thomas NeidhartAdd link to javadoc of latest release.
2014-04-28  Thomas NeidhartUpdate changelog.
2014-04-28  Luc MaisonobeFixed javadoc.
2014-04-28  Luc MaisonobeTypos.
2014-04-26  Luc MaisonobeBuild empty polyhedrons set when given equal min/max...
2014-04-26  Luc MaisonobeBuild properly empty polygons for equal min/max box.
2014-04-20  Luc MaisonobeAdded a fast single-step method for fixed-step Runge...
2014-04-20  Luc MaisonobeJavadoc.
2014-04-20  Luc MaisonobeMath.nextUp is not available before Java 1.6.
2014-04-20  Luc MaisonobeAdded an order 6 fixed-step ODE integrator.
2014-04-19  Phil SteitzRemoved deprecations of test(.) methods.
2014-04-19  Phil SteitzAdvertise the right exception.
2014-04-18  Gilles SadowskiMATH-1118
2014-04-17  Gilles SadowskiTypo.
2014-04-15  Gilles SadowskiMATH-1118
2014-04-15  Gilles SadowskiMATH-1116
2014-03-27  Thomas NeidhartReplace tabs.
2014-03-25  Gilles SadowskiClearer statements.
2014-03-25  Gilles SadowskiMinimize number of array accesses.
2014-03-25  Gilles Sadowski"final" keyword.
2014-03-25  Gilles SadowskiMinimize number of array accesses.
2014-03-25  Gilles Sadowski"final" keyword.
2014-03-19  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc.
2014-03-19  Gilles SadowskiMATH-1111
2014-03-17  Luc MaisonobeImproved brackting utility for univariate solvers.
2014-03-03  Luc MaisonobeFixed failing test.
2014-03-03  Luc MaisonobePrevent penalties to grow multiplicatively in CMAES.
2014-03-02  Luc MaisonobeAdd SVD to GaussNewtonOptimizer
2014-03-02  Gilles SadowskiMATH-1092
2014-03-02  Gilles SadowskiMATH-1092
2014-03-02  Luc MaisonobeFix switched iterations and evaluations
2014-03-02  Luc MaisonobeFix checker seeing not old point
2014-03-02  Thomas NeidhartFix typo.
2014-02-28  Gilles SadowskiMATH-1092
2014-02-26  Phil SteitzFixed comment.
2014-02-26  Phil SteitzAdded KolmogorovSmirnovTest, deprecated KolmogorovSmirn...
2014-02-25  Luc MaisonobeImproved test coverage.
2014-02-25  Gilles SadowskiTypo.
2014-02-25  Gilles SadowskiFixed small inconsistency.
2014-02-25  Luc MaisonobeJavadoc.
2014-02-24  Luc MaisonobeMake AbstractEvaluation public
2014-02-24  Luc MaisonobeIn LeastSquaresProblem.Evaluation removed the getValue...
2014-02-23  Luc MaisonobeMoved OptimizationProblem interface to optim package.
2014-02-23  Luc MaisonobeChange private least square problem implementation...
2014-02-23  Luc MaisonobeImproved documentation of QR decomposition handling...
2014-02-21  Luc MaisonobeQR decomposition can compute pseudo-inverses for tall...
2014-02-21  Luc MaisonobeField vectors now implement the visitor pattern just...
2014-02-21  Luc MaisonobeUn-deprecated RealVector.sparseIterator.
2014-02-20  Luc MaisonobeRelaxed specification for function mapping on vectors.
2014-02-20  Luc MaisonobeContinue un-deprecation of sparse methods.
2014-02-20  Luc MaisonobeAdded a test showing the limitation of sparse matrices...
2014-02-20  Luc MaisonobecomputeXxx renamed getXxx in the Evaluation interface...
2014-02-19  Luc MaisonobeMake QR the default in GaussNewtonOptimizer
2014-02-19  Luc MaisonobeAdd Cholesky option to GaussNewtonOptimizer
2014-02-19  Luc MaisonobeMake QR in GaussNewton faster and more accurate
2014-02-19  Luc MaisonobeThe sparse vector and matrix classes have been un-depre...
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeJavadoc.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeRemoved interfaces in the fluent API that do not add...
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeFixed checkstyle and compiler warnings.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeExpand Evaluation tests, use weighted values.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeQualify Evaluation in interfaces.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeJUnit directly executes least squares tests
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeFixed errors introduced by few previous API changes.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeFix Javadoc and checkstyle errors.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeClean up LeastSquaresBuilder
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeClean up LeastSquaresFactory
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeUse Real{Vector,Matrix} in LeastSquares interfaces
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeUse Evaluation instead of PointVectorValuePair
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeUse enum for LU or QR in GaussNewtonOptimizer
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeMake infinite loop in GaussNewton explicit.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeLevenbergMarquardtOptimizer is thread safe.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeAdd Javadoc to LeastSquaresBuilder.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeFixup javadoc in LeastSquaresProblem
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeValue and Jacobian evaluated in a single method.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeClean up LeastSquaresProblemImpl
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeImplicit Weights
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeImmutable Optimizer configuration.
2014-02-18  Luc MaisonobeSeparate least squares algorithm from problem.
2014-02-16  Thomas NeidhartUpdate test after adding new error message.
2014-02-16  Thomas Neidhart[MATH-749] Remove GrahamScan, GiftWrap, make MonotoneCh...
2014-02-12  Luc MaisonobeRewrote completely the enclosing spherical cap computat...
2014-02-11  Thomas NeidhartFurther improvements.