2015-04-14  Luc MaisonobeRemoved spurious (for Java 5) @Override. MATH_3_5 MATH_3_5_RC2
2015-04-14  Luc MaisonobeWrap jgit buildnumber plugin in a profile triggered...
2015-04-14  Luc MaisonobeFixed test incompatibility with Java5.
2015-04-12  Luc MaisonobePreparing 3.5 release. MATH_3_5_RC1
2015-04-12  Luc MaisonobeFixed wrong file name.
2015-04-12  Luc MaisonobeUpdating site menu for next version.
2015-04-12  Luc MaisonobeMoved FastMathTestPerformance out of the main test...
2015-04-12  Luc MaisonobeAdded a way to build polyhedrons sets from a vertices...
2015-04-11  Phil SteitzAdded missing serial version IDs.
2015-04-11  Phil SteitzRemoved needless import.
2015-04-11  Phil SteitzAdded Laguerre complex solve methods taking maxEval...
2015-04-11  Phil SteitzAdded Laguerre complex solve methods taking maxEval...
2015-04-10  Luc MaisonobeFixed ignored method parameters in QRDecomposition...
2015-04-10  Luc MaisonobeFixed Java 7 only statement.
2015-04-10  Phil SteitzFixed javadoc. JIRA: MATH-1214.
2015-04-09  Luc MaisonobeAdded forgotten message for improved fix.
2015-04-09  Luc MaisonobeFixed wrong intersection selection in polyhedrons sets.
2015-04-09  Luc MaisonobeAdded dump/parse utilities for BSP trees.
2015-04-08  Luc MaisonobeFixed wrong handling of a corner case.
2015-03-11  Thomas Neidhart[MATH-1209] Fix link to algorithm description in Poisso...
2015-03-09  Phil SteitzCorrected the fix for MATH-1208.
2015-03-09  Phil SteitzFixed EmpiricalDistrubiton#cumulativeProbability to...
2015-03-08  Phil SteitzMade getKernel return a constant distribution for zero...
2015-02-19  Thomas Neidhart[MATH-1204] backport to 3.5 branch.
2015-02-04  GillesJavadoc
2015-02-04  GillesHTML cleanup
2015-02-04  GillesTypo
2015-02-04  GillesJavadoc
2015-01-26  Thomas Neidhart[MATH-1198] Add changelog entry.
2015-01-26  Luc MaisonobeFixed hidden field warning.
2015-01-26  Luc MaisonobeFixed checkstyle trailing whitespace warning.
2015-01-25  Thomas NeidhartAdded missing changelog entry.
2015-01-25  SebbMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-01-25  SebbMATH-1198 Simplify FastMath exp function
2015-01-23  GillesQuadratic mean
2015-01-23  GillesMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-01-23  GillesQuadratic mean
2015-01-21  Thomas NeidhartFix javadoc: the type is an interface rather than an...
2015-01-20  Thomas NeidhartAdd temporary check for rare test failure.
2015-01-13  tnEnable jacoco again.
2015-01-13  tnDisable jacoco temporarily.
2015-01-13  tnUpgrade jacoco to latest version.
2015-01-13  tnRemove console output.
2015-01-13  tnReadd console output.
2015-01-13  tnRevert previous commit with debug output, fix typo.
2015-01-13  tnTemporarily ignore FastMath tests and add console outpu...
2015-01-13  Thomas NeidhartAdd more debug output.
2015-01-13  SebbDocument debug output
2015-01-13  SebbMore debug
2015-01-12  Thomas NeidhartAdd temp debug output
2015-01-12  SebbMore debug
2015-01-12  SebbSplit into separate tests. Easier to determine which...
2015-01-12  SebbFix indentation (no code change)
2015-01-12  SebbUnused
2015-01-12  SebbTab police
2015-01-12  SebbMore dubug
2015-01-12  SebbAdd temp debug output
2015-01-11  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'release-candidates'
2015-01-11  Luc MaisonobePreparing for next version.
2015-01-11  Phil SteitzAdded a simpler perfect fit test that verifies slope...
2015-01-11  Phil SteitzAdded test confirming correct cumulative probability...
2015-01-11  Phil SteitzImproved or corrected javadoc; added some tests.
2015-01-10  Phil SteitzJavadoc (a few missed updates re: MATH-1146)
2015-01-08  Luc MaisonobePreparing release 3.4.1. MATH_3_4_1_RC1
2015-01-08  Luc MaisonobeAnnounced fix for non-Java1.5 code.
2015-01-08  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'add-md-files'
2015-01-08  GillesREADME for "src/userguide"
2015-01-08  SebbArrays.copyOf is Java 1.6+
2015-01-08  SebbMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-01-08  SebbOverride of interfaces is Java 1.6+
2015-01-07  Thomas NeidhartMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-01-07  Thomas NeidhartUpdate NOTICE file.
2015-01-07  GillesConfigured language version.
2015-01-07  Thomas NeidhartAdd uber configuration for examples, bump version.
2015-01-07  Benedikt RitterAdd and to give contributors... 4/head
2014-12-30  GillesRelease howto update
2014-12-30  GillesTypo.
2014-12-26  Luc MaisonobeAdded forgotten update of the README.html file on dist...
2014-12-26  Luc MaisonobePreparing next version 3.5.
2014-12-26  Luc MaisonobeUpdated release document with correct post-release...
2014-12-23  Luc Maisonobecreating release candidate RC3 MATH_3_4 MATH_3_4_RC3
2014-12-23  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'master' into release-candidates
2014-12-23  Luc MaisonobeRemoved spurious text from NOTICE file.
2014-12-22  Luc MaisonobeModified reference to tag URL in release mail, as per...
2014-12-22  Luc MaisonobeAdded a line with reference to KEYS file in the release...
2014-12-22  Luc MaisonobeSimplifying again repartition between LICENSE and NOTIC...
2014-12-21  GillesMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-12-21  GillesRemoved spurious deprecation warning (copy/paste mistake).
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeFixed typos and clarified email formatting.
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobePreparing RC2. MATH_3_4_RC2
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeMerge branch 'master' into release-candidates
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeImproved vote email template, with SHA1 hashes.
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeImproved release documentation with a direct URL for...
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeRemoved Sobol from NOTICE, as the full license is in...
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeTypo.
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeReduced attributions for Orekit to the minimum required...
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeRemoved Mersenne twister from notice, as full license...
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeRemoved LAPACK license and notice.
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeImproved reference to license and notice in the end...
2014-12-19  Luc MaisonobeRemoved Hairer from NOTICE, as the full license is...