Update version numbers for Commons Parent version 53
[commons-parent.git] / BUILDING.txt
2020-06-22  SebbMore doc updates
2020-06-18  SebbMerge branch 'master' of https://gitbox.apache.org... commons-parent-51 commons-parent-51-RC2
2020-06-18  SebbMust push more than just tags
2020-06-18  SebbMerge branch 'master' of https://gitbox.apache.org... commons-parent-51-RC1
2020-06-18  SebbCorrections
2020-06-18  SebbTidy up instructions
2020-06-18  Sebb+=inceptionYear
2020-06-16  SebbMake a start on Git instructions
2020-06-15  SebbChange to build plugin prefix
2019-07-04  Gary GregoryUse HTTPS links to commons.apache.org.
2016-11-27  Gary D. GregoryUpdate build instructions.
2016-04-19  Sebastian BazleySome more process
2016-04-17  Sebastian Bazleypackage phase is not needed any more
2016-04-17  Sebastian BazleySite doc update belongs later
2015-11-01  Gary D. GregoryAdd RAT check to build instructions.
2015-06-21  Sebastian BazleyOne more ...
2015-06-21  Sebastian BazleyCorrect docs
2015-01-25  Sebastian BazleyUpdate docs
2015-01-25  Sebastian BazleyTweak
2015-01-10  Sebastian BazleyNeed to keep docs up to date
2014-12-29  Bernd EckenfelsBUILDING.txt: add procedure for adjusting scm/connection
2014-12-24  Bernd EckenfelsFix typo
2014-12-24  Bernd EckenfelsAdditional post-release steps (copy tag, prepare snapshot)
2014-12-24  Bernd EckenfelsAdd link to environment preparation wiki page
2014-12-24  Bernd EckenfelsPrepare 37-SNAPSHOT
2014-10-22  Gary D. GregoryPrepare for release 35.
2014-04-13  Sebastian BazleySample recipies for build/release