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[commons-proxy.git] / pom.xml
2020-08-10  SebbFix old codehaus issue link master
2019-08-15  sebbASFSCM: SVN => Git
2017-06-03  Rob Tompkins(chore) adding and updating commons... trunk
2014-08-20  Sebastian BazleyFix up URLs
2014-04-07  Matthew Jason Benson[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-04-07  Matthew Jason Benson[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0_RC1
2014-04-07  Matthew Jason Bensonversions
2014-04-07  Matthew Jason Benson[maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 1.0_RC1
2014-04-07  Matthew Jason Benson[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-04-07  Matthew Jason Benson[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.0_RC1
2014-04-07  Matthew Jason Bensonfix release info and pull from pom to site
2014-03-27  Matthew Jason Bensonrename asm4 module to asm
2014-03-27  Sebastian BazleyUpdate dependency versions to latest
2014-03-27  Sebastian BazleyAdd minimum JVM version for binary bundle
2014-03-27  Sebastian BazleySpecify version for pmd and findbugs reporting plugins
2014-03-26  Matthew Jason Bensoncheckstyle/findbugs/pmd
2014-03-20  Matthew Jason
2014-03-20  Matthew Jason Bensonupgrade commons-parent; introduce commons-proxy2 distri...
2014-03-19  Matthew Jason Bensonmake 2.0 branch into trunk
2013-11-02  Thomas Neidhart[PROXY-19] Add download link, upgrade to parent 32...
2013-10-21  Sebastian BazleyASF Branding
2013-09-18  Matthew Jason Bensonfold stub code back into core artifact
2013-09-18  Matthew Jason Bensonsite work
2013-09-09  Matthew Jason Bensonuse asm commons to drastically shrink code; eliminate...
2013-09-08  Matthew Jason Benson[PROXY-22] Provide an ASM-based ProxyFactory implementation
2013-09-08  Matthew Jason Bensondevelopers/contributors
2013-07-29  James W. CarmanRemoving out-dated "remoting" technologies.
2013-07-27  James W. CarmanRemoving unused commons-functor dependency.
2013-03-22  Sebastian BazleyFix up URLs so they point to actual sites; this allows...
2013-02-12  Matthew Jason Bensonuse commons-proxy2-parent as build-tools parent; fix...
2012-06-07  Matthew Jason Bensonupgrade parent to v25
2011-10-24  Matthew Jason Bensonprune superfluous dependencies
2011-07-27  Matthew Jason Bensondependency management, continued
2011-07-27  Matthew Jason Bensondependency management in parent pom
2011-04-22  Gary D. GregoryFix Oracle Javadoc site references (was Sun.)
2010-09-16  Matthew Jason Bensonaggregation
2010-07-27  Matthew Jason Bensonbase all artifactIds on commons-proxy2
2010-07-23  Matthew Jason Bensonadd stub module
2010-07-23  Matthew Jason Bensonmore checkstyle tweakage
2010-07-23  Matthew Jason Bensonuse technique documented at
2010-07-22  Matthew Jason Bensonadd new test module to exercise the defaultProxyFactory
2010-07-17  James W. CarmanChanging src/target to 1.6 because of ServiceLoader...
2010-07-17  James W. Carmanrenaming packages
2010-07-17  James W. Carmanrenaming packages
2010-07-17  James W. CarmanAll tests pass (with some commented out to get a clean...
2010-07-17  James W. CarmanWork in progress, still.
2010-07-16  Matthew Jason Bensongenerics/serialization warnings, javadoc, and the occas...
2010-07-16  James W. CarmanUpdating copyright.
2010-07-15  James W. Carmanwork in progress.
2010-07-14  Matthew Jason Bensonestablish location of checkstyle.xml; update parent...
2010-04-21  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent version 15
2010-03-15  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-14 (and maven-javadoc-plugin...
2010-03-08  Niall PembertonUpgrade to version 13 of commons-parent
2009-10-20  Niall PembertonUpdate to commons-parent-12
2008-11-05  James W. CarmanSpecifying a specific version of SLF4J.
2008-07-21  Niall Pembertonchange commons-parent to version 11
2008-05-23  Niall PembertonCOMMONSSITE-30 - fix the checkstyle configuration to...
2008-05-08  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-10 pom
2008-04-06  James W. CarmanGenericizing Proxy.
2008-03-09  Niall PembertonRemove plugins from "rc" profile as these are now in...
2008-03-09  Niall PembertonUpgrade to version 9 of commons-parent
2008-03-03  Niall PembertonRemove redundant <resource> configuration for NOTICE...
2008-03-02  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent-8 and add configuration prope...
2008-02-27  James W. CarmanPROXY-9: Provide Interceptor Support for More Logging...
2008-02-27  James W. CarmanPROXY-9: Provide Interceptor Support for More Logging...
2008-02-27  James W. CarmanPROXY-9: Provide Interceptor Support for More Logging...
2008-02-27  James W. CarmanPROXY-8: Improve Proxy Serialization
2008-02-23  James W. CarmanMerging changes done during 1.0 release work back into...
2008-01-15  Niall Pembertonupgrade to commons-parent-7
2008-01-07  Niall PembertonUpgrade to commons-parent version 6 release
2007-11-16  Niall PembertonUpdate m2 build
2007-10-15  James W. CarmanFixed cglib dependency (per suggestion fromJ√∂rg Schaible).
2007-10-13  James W. CarmanPROXY-3: RMI Test Case Failures on Linux
2007-10-05  Dennis LundbergAdd xml-declaration.
2007-10-05  James W. CarmanPROXY-1: Trunk fails to build under JDK 1.6
2007-10-05  James W. CarmanMoving Proxy to Commons Proper per vote:
2007-09-29  Niall PembertonSpecify changelog plugin version (site wasn't building...
2007-09-29  Niall PembertonAdd assembly descriptors for proxy
2007-09-29  James W. CarmanChanged dependencies to "optional" rather that "provided"
2007-09-28  James W. CarmanRemoved unnecessary dependencies.
2007-09-28  James W. CarmanMaven 2 Build Setup and general cleanup before moving...
2007-09-28  James W. CarmanJavassist Has Moved!
2007-08-23  Henri YandellChanging name to 'Commons Xxx (Sandbox)'
2007-08-22  Henri YandellAdding a '(Sandbox)' because it seems like a good idea
2007-08-22  Henri YandellRemoving 'Commons ' from the pom.xml name to match...
2007-08-22  Henri YandellArtifact ID seems to have changed for the sandbox parent
2007-08-22  Henri YandellUpgrading to the latest sandbox parent
2007-07-31  Rahul AkolkarTLP move related blanket changes. Please review if...
2007-01-07  Dennis LundbergAdd Changelog and Checkstyle reports.
2007-01-06  Dennis LundbergRemove the parts that are inherited from the parent.
2006-08-11  Henri YandellRenaming the sandbox pom to commons-sandbox from common...
2006-08-05  Dennis LundbergSet the parent pom.
2006-05-28  James W. CarmanCleaning up dependencies.
2006-04-14  James W. CarmanWorking mvn build.
2006-03-13  James W. CarmanAdded RMIC compile to build.
2006-03-13  James W. CarmanAdding mvn build (currently not working, but hopefully...