2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-97: Providing better documentation and...
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-97: Providing better documentation and...
2018-01-08  Rob Tompkins(chore) adding back testing target folder, .gitignore...
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsAdding travis ci
2018-01-07  Rob Tompkins(chore) cleanup from detatch -> detach (I'm bad at...
2018-01-07  Rob Tompkins.gitignore
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: improving jacoco metrics 72%
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsRemove src/it, integration test directory
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: jacoco integration
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: checkstyle, fb integration
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-96: noting creation of project in changes.xml
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsAdding bin assembly to the releas-plugin
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsDeleting unneeded RELEASE-NOTES.txt file
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsMore tweeks to the unit tests
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsTesting successful detatchment of distributions
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsAdding gpg signatures in the mock attached artifacts
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCurrent work
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsHeading towards a test for detatchment mojo
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsHappy new year
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsFirst succesful unit test...finally
2018-01-06  Rob TompkinsGetting dependencies approximately correct for testing
2018-01-05  Rob TompkinsA non working attempt at getting testing working
2018-01-05  Rob TompkinsStarting testing
2018-01-05  Rob TompkinsFile should have newline at end
2018-01-04  Rob TompkinsAuthentication does now work
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsAuthentication is now the problem
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsVersioning the readme
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsClose to getting maven to commit to svn...didn't work...
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsPreparing to add and commit dists to svn
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsSvn checkout of dist working properly
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsGot svn repo provider working
2018-01-01  Rob TompkinsAdding extra files
2018-01-01  Rob TompkinsProperly zipping site up and putting it in working...
2018-01-01  Rob TompkinsAdding site zipper, not finished
2018-01-01  Rob TompkinsStaging other mojos for use.
2017-12-30  Rob TompkinsSigning detatched artifacts
2017-12-24  Rob TompkinsChanging a little
2017-12-24  Rob Tompkinsadding licenses to all files
2017-12-23  Rob TompkinsDetatch tar.gz/zip related artifacts from deployment
2017-12-23  Rob TompkinsGetting project buildable
2017-12-23  Rob TompkinsStarting project out
2017-12-23  Rob TompkinsInitial commit