2018-02-28  Rob TompkinsAdd another info level toggle to the plugin run
2018-02-27  Rob TompkinsUpdate distSvnStagingUrl
2018-02-27  Rob Tompkinswriting tests for plugin being disabled by not setting...
2018-02-27  Rob Tompkinsdisabling plugin if not configured properly
2018-02-23  Rob TompkinsUse as much of 1.0 as we can here
2018-02-23  Rob TompkinsRELEASE-NOTES.txt, incorrect description for COMMONSSITE-98
2018-02-23  Rob Tompkinsrelease-plugin didn't work with release-plugin
2018-02-23  Rob TompkinsdistCheckoutDirectory alias was same as workingDirectory
2018-02-21  Rob TompkinsRELEASE-NOTES.txt update COMMONSSITE-98
2018-02-21  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-98: setting up for multimodule builds
2018-02-20  Rob Tompkinsclean up lifecycle phases
2018-02-20  Rob TompkinsAdding aggregator = true to mojos
2018-02-16  Rob TompkinsTypographical cleanup
2018-02-15  Rob TompkinsFix release notes
2018-02-15  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-102: Move testing target sandbox directory
2018-02-15  Rob Tompkinstypographic error
2018-02-15  Rob Tompkinspom.xml formatting
2018-02-15  Rob Tompkins(docs) updates to documentation
2018-02-15  Rob TompkinsPrepare site for 1.1
2018-02-15  Rob TompkinsUpversion pom: 1.1-SNAPSHOT -> 1.1
2018-02-15  Rob TompkinsPreparing 1.1. release notes
2018-02-15  Rob TompkinsPreparing 1.1. release, upversioning
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryAdd self.
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryRefactor Manven SCM plugin version into a property.
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryUpdate Maven PMD plugin from 3.8 to 3.9.0.
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryUpdate Maven Checkstyle plugin from 2.17 to 3.3.0.
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryUpdate Jacoco Maven plugin from 0.7.9 to 0.8.0.
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryUpdate maven-plugin-annotations from 3.5 to 3.5.1.
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryUpdate Apache Commons Compress from 1.15 to 1.16.1.
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryUpdate Apache Commons Compress from 1.10 to 1.11.
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryFix typos: "detatch" -> "detach".
2018-02-14  Gary GregoryFix typos: "detatch" -> "detach".
2018-01-27  Rob Tompkins(notice) fix project name
2018-01-17  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-101: make dryRun -Dcommons.release.dryRun...
2018-01-17  Rob Tompkins(docs) Notice and README typographical errors, again.
2018-01-16  Rob Tompkins(docs) site typograpical error on
2018-01-16  Rob TompkinsMerge tag 'commons-release-plugin-1.0'
2018-01-11  Rob TompkinsAdding documentation to include parameter for dryRun 1.0 commons-release-plugin-1.0 commons-release-plugin-1.0-RC1
2018-01-11  Rob TompkinsFurther site preparations
2018-01-11  Rob TompkinsAdding encoding to the pom
2018-01-11  Rob TompkinsPreparing for the 1.0 release
2018-01-11  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-97: changes.xml
2018-01-11  Rob TompkinsAdding site publication automation to pom
2018-01-11  Rob Tompkinsdownload_release_plugin.cgi -> download_commons-release...
2018-01-11  Rob Tompkinsadding in download page and download cgi script
2018-01-11  Rob Tompkins(chore) add commons-build-plugin
2018-01-10  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-97: how to do development on the plugin
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: changes.xml
2018-01-09  Rob Tompkins(docs) adding coverage to
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsRemove java9 from travis for now
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: All checkstyle and findbugs errors...
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: Checkstyle javadoc errors, package...
2018-01-09  Rob Tompkinsadd defaultGoal for travis to pom.xml
2018-01-09  Rob Tompkins.travis.yaml -> .travis.yml, doh
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: checkstyle error fix in test
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-97: More documentation
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-97: Javadocs on some main classes.
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-97: Providing better documentation and...
2018-01-09  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-97: Providing better documentation and...
2018-01-08  Rob Tompkins(chore) adding back testing target folder, .gitignore...
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsAdding travis ci
2018-01-07  Rob Tompkins(chore) cleanup from detatch -> detach (I'm bad at...
2018-01-07  Rob Tompkins.gitignore
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: improving jacoco metrics 72%
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsRemove src/it, integration test directory
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: jacoco integration
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-99: checkstyle, fb integration
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-96: noting creation of project in changes.xml
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsAdding bin assembly to the releas-plugin
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsDeleting unneeded RELEASE-NOTES.txt file
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsMore tweeks to the unit tests
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsTesting successful detatchment of distributions
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsAdding gpg signatures in the mock attached artifacts
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsCurrent work
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsHeading towards a test for detatchment mojo
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsHappy new year
2018-01-07  Rob TompkinsFirst succesful unit test...finally
2018-01-06  Rob TompkinsGetting dependencies approximately correct for testing
2018-01-05  Rob TompkinsA non working attempt at getting testing working
2018-01-05  Rob TompkinsStarting testing
2018-01-05  Rob TompkinsFile should have newline at end
2018-01-04  Rob TompkinsAuthentication does now work
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsAuthentication is now the problem
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsVersioning the readme
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsClose to getting maven to commit to svn...didn't work...
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsPreparing to add and commit dists to svn
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsSvn checkout of dist working properly
2018-01-02  Rob TompkinsGot svn repo provider working
2018-01-01  Rob TompkinsAdding extra files
2018-01-01  Rob TompkinsProperly zipping site up and putting it in working...
2018-01-01  Rob TompkinsAdding site zipper, not finished
2018-01-01  Rob TompkinsStaging other mojos for use.
2017-12-30  Rob TompkinsSigning detatched artifacts
2017-12-24  Rob TompkinsChanging a little
2017-12-24  Rob Tompkinsadding licenses to all files
2017-12-23  Rob TompkinsDetatch tar.gz/zip related artifacts from deployment
2017-12-23  Rob TompkinsGetting project buildable
2017-12-23  Rob TompkinsStarting project out
2017-12-23  Rob TompkinsInitial commit