2018-07-02  Gary GregoryDocument: Better error message.
2018-07-02  Gary GregoryBetter error message.
2018-06-19  Rob TompkinsUpversion to 1.4-SNAPSHOT
2018-06-19  Rob TompkinsMerge tag 'commons-release-plugin-1.3'
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsRemove site compression mojo from staging 1.3 commons-release-plugin-1.3 commons-release-plugin-1.3-RC1
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsPrepare pom for using -Dversion of release plugin
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-117: remove md5 hashes from release artifacts
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-06-15  Gary GregoryFix nested list in Javadoc.
2018-06-15  Rob Tompkins(fix) findbugs, javadoc
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsRelease prep, site, pom version
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsRelease prep, RELEASE-NOTES.txt
2018-06-15  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-112: add to changes.xml
2018-06-14  Rob Tompkins(fix) ingnore hidden files in staging
2018-06-14  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: getting site checked in properly
2018-06-14  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryRepair Javadoc list tags.
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryRemove unused local var.
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryParameterize README HTML file.
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryRequire Java 8.
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryRequire Java 8.
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryParameterize README HTML file.
2018-06-13  Rob Tompkinsstop trying to add target/site to staging commit
2018-06-13  Rob Tompkinstemp
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryAdd .checkstyle file to git ignore file.
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryUpdate Checkstyle 6.19 -> 8.10.1. OK: mvn clean site
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryUpdate plexus-velocity 1.1.8 -> 1.2. OK: mvn clean...
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryUpdate maven-plugin-tools-ant 3.5.1 -> 3.5.2. OK: mvn...
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryUpdate maven-plugin-annotations 3.5.1 -> 3.5.2. OK...
2018-06-13  Gary GregoryUpdate Apache Commons Compress from 1.16.1 to 1.17.
2018-06-13  Rob Tompkins(rat) exclude test release artifact signature files
2018-06-13  Rob Tompkins(rat) update excludes for test artifacts
2018-06-13  Rob Tompkins(fix) checkstyle and StagingMojoTest
2018-06-13  Rob Tompkins(fix) uniquely identify hashes in sha256 and sha1 artif...
2018-06-11  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: moving the logic from parent to releas...
2018-06-09  Gary GregoryUse "commons-" as the tag prefix.
2018-06-01  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: changes.xml
2018-06-01  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: site unpacked in dist staging area now
2018-05-31  Rob Tompkins(fix) travis build fails on clirr
2018-05-30  Rob Tompkinsjavadoc & don't compute hashes twice
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryDon't hide class' ivar name.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryRefactor duplicate strings.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryJavadoc typos.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryUpdate documentation of the expected URL format.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryNo need to split up string.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryJavadoc typos.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryBetter ivar and method name.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryAdd missing @Override.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryMake some ivars final.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryDon't hide class' ivar name.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryDon't fail the goal if hash prop files are missing...
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryBetter logging and fix one typo.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle error.
2018-05-30  Gary GregoryBetter method name.
2018-05-30  Gary GregorySlightly better logging.
2018-05-29  Gary GregoryReuse @DISTURL@ in template.
2018-05-29  Gary GregoryParameterize Nexus repository id in URLs like
2018-05-29  Gary GregoryJavadoc typos.
2018-05-29  Gary GregoryDrop duplicate files.
2018-05-29  Gary GregoryFix possible resource leak and/or file locking errors...
2018-05-29  Gary GregoryBetter error reporting and bullet-proofing.
2018-05-29  Gary GregoryPreferred MIME name is upper case.
2018-05-29  Gary GregoryUpdate Maven SCM plugin from 1.9.5 to 1.10.0.
2018-05-29  Rob Tompkins(fix) findbugs errors with FileWriter UTF-8 encoding...
2018-05-29  Rob Tompkins(fix) make symlinks actual files for windows
2018-05-29  Rob Tompkins(fix) rat issues
2018-05-28  Rob Tompkinschange file permissions to write/execute in git
2018-05-28  Rob Tompkins(fix) adding test artifacts
2018-05-21  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-108: changes
2018-05-21  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-108: adding assert statements on the scm...
2018-05-21  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-108: need some assert stattements, but...
2018-05-21  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-108: finishing up the velocity delegates
2018-05-21  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-108: prep for velocity templates
2018-05-18  Gary GregoryComments.
2018-05-18  Rob Tompkinsmove checkstyle config in pom to accommodate travis
2018-05-18  Rob Tompkins(test) asserting that properly detached sha256 artifact...
2018-05-18  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of
2018-05-18  Gary GregoryAdd SHA-256.
2018-05-18  Rob Tompkins(fix) checkstyle errors
2018-05-18  Gary GregoryUse current version of Apache Commons IO. Transitive...
2018-05-18  Gary GregoryUse Apache Commons IO to copy streams instead of custom...
2018-05-18  Gary GregoryFix spelling in comment.
2018-05-17  Gary GregoryFix typo.
2018-05-17  Gary GregoryRefactor site URL.
2018-05-17  Gary GregoryPut VOTE.txt file in the target folder.
2018-05-17  Gary GregoryGet git tag commit and put it in the VOTE.txt file.
2018-05-17  Gary GregoryUse Plexus FileUtils instead of custom code.
2018-05-17  Gary GregoryUse Plexus FileUtils instead of custom code.
2018-05-17  Gary GregoryJavadoc typos.
2018-05-16  Gary GregoryWrite contents of file in the VOTE...
2018-05-16  Gary GregoryMake this TLA upper-case in the prop file and error...
2018-05-16  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-05-16  Gary GregoryFix file handle leak.
2018-05-16  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: Use StringUtils instead of ||
2018-05-16  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: don't commit, specifically
2018-05-16  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: don't commit
2018-05-16  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: remove groupId from
2018-05-16  Gary GregoryCan't use > in Javadoc. Use a UTF-8 arrow instead.
2018-05-16  Rob TompkinsCOMMONSSITE-113: adding file in working...
2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'.