2018-12-19  Gilles SadowskiFix download page template. master
2018-12-12  GillesINFRA-17382: Repository (going to be) moved to "gitbox".
2018-12-12  GillesDocumentation (release howto).
2018-12-12  GillesVersion 1.2 has been released: Adjust for next round...
2018-12-11  GillesJavadoc.
2018-12-10  GillesTypo (userguide).
2018-12-06  GillesAdd missing file.
2018-12-06  GillesProfile-triggering files to enable Clirr from CP POM.
2018-12-06  GillesRemove redundant or problematic configurations.
2018-12-06  GillesPreparing v1.2 release.
2018-12-06  GillesRelease candidate.
2018-12-06  GillesIntroduce property for changing the JVM used to run...
2018-12-06  GillesUpdate benchmark (user guide).
2018-12-06  GillesTypo (javadoc).
2018-12-06  GillesFix documentation (release process).
2018-11-30  GillesUpdate next version number.
2018-11-28  GillesNew reporting utility (API change checker).
2018-11-27  GillesRNG-63: Deprecate obsolete methods.
2018-11-23  GillesTrack changes.
2018-11-23  GillesMerge branch 'RNG-64__alex'
2018-11-23  GillesJavadoc.
2018-11-23  Alex HerbertRNG-64: Created SubsetSampler utility class
2018-11-23  GillesMerge branch 'feature_RNG-62'
2018-11-23  GillesError message formatting (unit test).
2018-11-23  GillesTrack changes.
2018-11-23  GillesMerge branch 'feature-RNG-62' of
2018-11-23  Alex HerbertRNG-62: Removed getK and getN methods 15/head
2018-11-22  Alex HerbertRNG-62: Added a CombinationSampler
2018-11-22  GillesUpdate benchmarks (user guide).
2018-11-21  Alex HerbertRNG-62: Added a CombinationSampler
2018-11-20  GillesMerge branch 'fix-jmh-java-version-1.7-compliance'...
2018-11-20  GillesStress suites results updated (user guide).
2018-11-19  aherbertfix: removed 1.8 annotation to ensure 1.7 compliance 14/head
2018-11-19  GillesTrack changes.
2018-11-19  GillesMerge branch 'RNG-61__alex'
2018-11-19  Alex HerbertRNG-61: Remove unnecessary conditional from inside...
2018-11-19  GillesTrack changes.
2018-11-19  GillesRemove commented out, obsolete, code (unit test).
2018-11-17  GillesMerge branch 'RNG-57__alex'
2018-11-16  aherbertRNG-57: Cache values for provision of nextBoolean and... 12/head
2018-11-16  GillesRNG-60: Use random seeds (unit test).
2018-11-15  GillesRNG-52: Conservative upper bound to avoid silent trunca...
2018-10-25  GillesRNG-59: Ensure seed diversity.
2018-10-25  GillesSpurious line.
2018-10-05  GillesKeep track of changes.
2018-10-05  GillesRNG-57: Fix parameters order.
2018-10-04  GillesRNG-58: Check is unnecessary.
2018-10-04  GillesNo need to skip the test.
2018-10-04  GillesRNG-58: Allow state to be stored at all levels of the...
2018-09-22  GillesTrack changes.
2018-09-22  GillesMerge branch 'GEOMETRY-51__alex'
2018-09-22  GillesFormatting nit.
2018-09-21  aherbertRNG-51: Updated for 1.2-SNAPSHOT 10/head
2018-09-21  aherbertMerge branch 'master' of git://
2018-09-21  aherbertRNG-51: Added JMH performance test
2018-09-21  Alex HerbertRNG-51: The LargeMeanPoissonSamplerState should be...
2018-09-20  Alex HerbertRNG-51: Changed representation of LargeMeanPoissonSampl...
2018-09-20  Alex HerbertRNG-51: Added a PoissonSamplerCache for the large mean...
2018-09-04  GillesDuplicate code.
2018-08-27  GillesAdapt to current version.
2018-08-24  GillesMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-08-24  GillesRNG-56: Missing statements in least used branch entail...
2018-08-17  Rob TompkinsBetter release notes read
2018-08-16  GillesRNG-55: Forbid negative dimension.
2018-08-16  GillesRNG-55: Check for zero norm.
2018-08-16  GillesNumber of rerun set to 1 in sampling tests.
2018-08-15  GillesProject team.
2018-08-14  Rob TompkinsAdding back 1.2 to changes.xml, merging around removed it
2018-08-14  Rob TompkinsMerge branch '1.1'
2018-08-14  Rob Tompkins1.1 -> 1.2-SNAPSHOT
2018-08-14  Rob TompkinsUpdates for publishing the site
2018-08-11  GillesJavadoc.
2018-08-11  GillesTabs.
2018-08-11  Rob TompkinsPreparing 1.1 RC7 1.1 RNG_1_1 RNG_1_1_RC7
2018-08-10  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2018-08-10  GillesRNG-53: Deprecate class "SamplerBase".
2018-08-09  Rob TompkinsRevert "Adding PoissonSampler deprecations. Use the...
2018-08-08  Rob TompkinsAdding PoissonSampler deprecations. Use the correct...
2018-08-08  GillesReinstate base class to avoid BC breaking.
2018-08-08  GillesReinstate base class to avoid BC breaking.
2018-08-07  Rob TompkinsRC5 -> RC6 RNG_1_1_RC6
2018-08-06  Rob TompkinsRELEASE-NOTES.txt, changes to add RNG-50, and make...
2018-08-06  Rob TompkinsMerge in master
2018-08-04  GillesAllow 1 failure in sampling tests.
2018-08-04  GillesRNG-50 will make it into version 1.1.
2018-08-04  GillesNit.
2018-08-02  GillesMerge branch 'RNG-50__alex'
2018-08-02  GillesMake field "private".
2018-08-02  GillesTrack changes.
2018-08-02  GillesMerge branch 'master' into RNG-50__alex
2018-08-01  Rob Tompkinssite download_rng.xml md5->sha256 RNG_1_1_RC5
2018-08-01  Rob Tompkinscommons-rng-1.1-RC4 -> RC5
2018-08-01  aherbertRNG-50: PoissonSampler speed improvements 8/head
2018-08-01  aherbertRNG-50: PoissonSampler speed improvements
2018-08-01  GillesUpdate prospective release date (and other minor changes).
2018-08-01  GillesUpdate prospective release date (and other minor changes).
2018-08-01  GillesAdd license text.
2018-08-01  GillesAdd license text.
2018-07-31  Rob TompkinsEnsure that build works on 6, and -Pcommons-rng-example... RNG_1_1_RC4
2018-07-31  Rob TompkinsUpdate to RC4