2022-05-26  Arturo BernalSimplify returns. 113/head
2022-05-23  aherbertParameter name typo
2022-05-23  aherbertMethod name typo
2022-05-23  aherbertFormatting
2022-05-19  Alex HerbertChanges typo
2022-05-18  Alex HerbertRNG-178: Add stream support to JumpableUniformRandomPro...
2022-05-17  Alex HerbertJavadoc
2022-05-16  Alex HerbertRNG-176: Track changes
2022-05-16  Alex HerbertRNG-176: Update user guide with new UniformRandomProvid...
2022-05-13  aherbertRNG-176: Remove redundant methods from core module 111/head
2022-05-13  aherbertRNG-176: Update anonymous implementations of UniformRan...
2022-05-13  aherbertRNG-176: Enhance the UniformRandomProvider interface
2022-05-13  aherbertAdd explicit dependency from simple to the client-api...
2022-05-13  aherbertAdd revapi plugin for binary compatibility check
2022-05-09  aherbertDo not leak package-private class in public API
2022-05-04  aherbertRemove public test modifier
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: lambdas to have 1 invocation possible throwi...
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: Use @ParameterizedTest
2022-05-04  aherbertRNG-177: Track changes
2022-05-04  aherbertRNG-177: Add streaming examples to the user guide
2022-05-04  aherbertRNG-177: Add stream methods to the sampler API 110/head
2022-04-27  aherbertSet permissions for GH Actions
2022-04-17  Alex HerbertRNG-168: Track changes 109/head
2022-04-17  aherbertRNG-168: Add stress test results
2022-04-17  Alex HerbertRNG-168: LXM family of random number generators
2022-04-12  aherbertUse the copy constructor
2022-04-12  aherbertSpotbugs excludes for updated spotbugs version
2022-04-12  aherbertDrop <h3> package titles
2022-04-12  aherbertUpdate to commons parent 53
2022-04-12  aherbertDo not put lists within paragraph blocks
2022-04-12  aherbertUpdate developer guide
2022-04-12  aherbertAdd table of contents to user guide
2022-04-12  aherbertAdd GH actions for CI build and coverage
2022-04-07  Alex HerbertAdd @since tags
2022-04-07  Arturo BernalUse reference instead of lambda.
2022-04-07  Alex HerbertDo not use fully qualified classname in javadoc
2022-04-07  Arturo Bernalfix broken javadoc link. 107/head
2022-04-05  aherbertRNG-174: Improve support for non-zero seeds
2022-04-05  aherbertFix typo
2022-04-05  aherbertRNG-175: Fix MSWS createSeed(UniformRandomProvider...
2022-03-30  aherbertRemove unused import
2022-03-30  aherbertSupport methods can be static
2022-03-30  aherbertUpdate checkNextInRange to use a LongSupplier
2022-03-30  aherbertCorrect isUniformNextByte test
2022-03-30  aherbertConsistent error messages for nextInRange test
2022-03-30  aherbertConsolidate Int/LongProvider to use next() as the sourc...
2022-03-30  Alex HerbertRNG-173: BaseProvider static method to extend an input...
2022-03-29  aherbertCorrect longAsInt output in the stress test application 105/head
2022-03-28  aherbertRNG-169: Avoid long to int[] that can generate a zero...
2022-03-23  aherbertAdd missing <p> tags
2022-03-20  Alex HerbertFix trailing whitespace
2022-03-20  Alex HerbertDocument the lack of functional compatibility for deriv...
2022-03-20  Alex HerbertRNG-171: Reduce the memory footprint in cached boolean...
2022-03-18  Alex HerbertRNG-172: Support power of 2 by lowering limit by 1
2022-03-18  aherbertRNG-172: Pre-compute rejection threshold
2022-03-17  Alex HerbertUse Java 1.8 method to compute map value if absent
2022-03-17  Alex HerbertRNG-169: Track changes
2022-03-17  Alex HerbertRNG-169: Remove redundant Seed2ArrayConverter implement...
2022-03-17  Alex HerbertFix PMD errors
2022-03-17  Alex HerbertRNG-169: Move array size conversions to Conversions...
2022-03-17  Alex HerbertRNG-169: Move all conversions to the Conversions class
2022-03-17  Alex HerbertRNG-169: Expand primitive input seeds using a SplitMix64
2022-03-17  Alex HerbertRNG-169: Avoid intermediate arrays during conversions
2022-03-16  aherbertRNG-169: Update array seed conversion to use optimum...
2022-03-16  Alex HerbertRNG-170: Ensure nextBytes is consistent with JDK range...
2022-03-15  aherbertReturn the class type of the unrecognised seed.
2022-03-15  aherbertUpdate NumberFactory to use parameterized/repeated...
2022-03-10  aherbertDocumentation typos
2022-03-10  aherbertAdd option to list a range of the RandomSource enum
2022-03-10  aherbertAdd missing generator name to example command
2022-03-02  aherbertAdd TSampler to continuous sampler performance JMH...
2022-03-02  aherbertAdd example histogram of the TSampler output to the...
2022-03-02  aherbertAdd TSampler to example sampling application
2022-03-02  Alex HerbertRNG-167: Sampling from a t-distribution
2022-03-02  Alex HerbertUpdate chi-square test
2022-03-01  Alex HerbertCompute p-value for the chi square test once.
2021-10-23  Alex HerbertCache another constant in the large mean Poisson sampler
2021-10-23  Alex HerbertFormatting
2021-10-06  aherbertCorrect javadoc for the bounds on the Poisson sampler...
2021-10-02  Alex HerbertCorrect probability typo.
2021-10-01  Alex HerbertRNG-166: LogNormalSamplers to allow a negative mean.
2021-10-01  Alex HerbertRNG-165: Track changes
2021-09-29  aherbertRNG-165: Allow a zero exponent in the Zipf sampler 103/head
2021-09-29  aherbertRNG-160: Use ternary operator to sort two long values
2021-09-18  Alex HerbertDirectly test the SamplerBase class
2021-09-16  aherbertAllow ziggurat sampling from only the overhangs in...
2021-09-16  aherbertFix javadoc mix up between convex and concave regions
2021-09-15  Alex HerbertAdded ternary variations to the ziggurat benchmark
2021-09-15  Alex HerbertEnsure stream is closed using try-with-resources
2021-09-14  aherbertRemove badges from examples
2021-09-14  aherbertFix links for browsing the examples javadoc
2021-09-14  aherbertRemove badges and maven dependency from the examples...
2021-09-14  aherbertUpdate Travis CI badge from .org to .com domain.
2021-09-14  aherbertUpdate note about sending e-mail from an
2021-09-14  aherbertCorrect javadoc
2021-09-13  aherbertUpdate announce subject line in release guide
2021-09-13  aherbertChange release notes to use new commons tag format
2021-09-13  aherbertUpdate release notes following release 1.4
2021-09-13  aherbertAdd release 1.4 javadoc links to the site.xml
2021-09-13  aherbertUpdate examples app version to 1.5-SNAPSHOT