descriptionPseudo-random numbers generators
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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2 days ago  Alex HerbertRNG-176: Track changes
2 days ago  Alex HerbertRNG-176: Update user guide with new UniformRandomProvid...
5 days ago  aherbertRNG-176: Remove redundant methods from core module
5 days ago  aherbertRNG-176: Update anonymous implementations of UniformRan...
5 days ago  aherbertRNG-176: Enhance the UniformRandomProvider interface
5 days ago  aherbertAdd explicit dependency from simple to the client-api...
5 days ago  aherbertAdd revapi plugin for binary compatibility check
9 days ago  aherbertDo not leak package-private class in public API
2022-05-04  aherbertRemove public test modifier
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: lambdas to have 1 invocation possible throwi...
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: Use @ParameterizedTest
2022-05-04  aherbertRNG-177: Track changes
2022-05-04  aherbertRNG-177: Add streaming examples to the user guide
2022-05-04  aherbertRNG-177: Add stream methods to the sampler API
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