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last changeMon, 25 Nov 2019 12:38:26 +0000 (12:38 +0000)
2019-11-25  aherbertAdd 4.2 release notes. master
2019-11-25  aherbertBump to next development version.
2019-11-20  aherbertAdded commons.rc.version property.
2019-11-20  aherbertChange $render.eval to #evaluate.
2019-11-20  aherbertAdd commons.bc.version property for the release plugin.
2019-11-20  aherbertFix release notes velocity template for testing example.
2019-11-20  aherbertUpdate the latest year in NOTICE.txt
2019-11-19  Alex HerbertAdd properties to POM for commons-release plugin.
2019-11-19  Alex HerbertUpdate release notes templates with testing instructions.
2019-11-19  Alex HerbertChange property name for prettyprint linenums tag.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertAdd changes.xml and release-notes.vm template.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertExclude jquery.min.js from rat check.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertAdd missing license header.
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertRemove unused css files
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertAdd license header to site.css
2019-11-18  Alex HerbertFix processing of custom footer element.
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