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13 days ago  aherbertAvoid BigDecimal computing constants on class initialis...
2022-05-04  aherbertCorrect user guide table
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: Compute the value 2^-53 for the assertion
2022-05-04  aherbertSonar fix: rename variable to avoid restricted identifier
2022-05-04  aherbertRemove incomplete test method
2022-04-18  Arturo BernalFix malformed format string
2022-04-17  Arturo Bernal* Use lambdas.
2022-04-12  aherbertUse https link
2022-04-12  aherbertRemove ordered lists from inside paragraph block elements
2022-03-06  Alex HerbertUpdate issue tracking guide
2022-03-06  Alex HerbertUpdate developer guide
2022-03-06  Alex HerbertExpand the user guide
2022-03-03  Alex HerbertCorrect example code in the user guide
2022-03-03  Alex HerbertAdd skeleton site documentation for distribution module
2022-03-03  Alex HerbertUpdate site.xml using Commons RNG as template
2022-02-25  Gary GregoryAdd
2022-02-25  Gary GregoryAdd
2022-01-29  Alex HerbertUpdate f distribution pdf function
2022-01-26  Alex HerbertAdd sample size = 0 test case
2022-01-26  Alex HerbertAdd special cases for binomial distribution PMF
2022-01-26  Alex HerbertReuse temp n result
2022-01-26  Alex HerbertFix typo
2022-01-26  Alex HerbertUpdated PMF vs log PMF assertion at the support bound
2022-01-26  Alex HerbertTest file formatting
2022-01-26  aherbertUpdate F distribution with the beta function
2022-01-26  aherbertFix test javadoc
2022-01-24  aherbertAdd a t-distribution sampler
2022-01-24  aherbertRemove trailing whitespace
2022-01-24  aherbertAdd t distribution test cases for more degrees of freedom
2022-01-23  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-25: Use beta function for the PDF
2022-01-23  Alex HerbertRemove RegularizedBetaUtils
2022-01-23  Alex HerbertBeta distribution to use RegularizedBeta.complement...
2022-01-23  Alex HerbertBeta distribution to use beta functions from Commons...
2022-01-23  Alex HerbertUse ParameterizedTest
2022-01-22  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-25: T-dist to use the complement of the...
2022-01-22  Alex HerbertDrop redundant test.
2022-01-21  aherbertRemove checkedProbability method from the inverse
2022-01-21  aherbertRemove HTML for the PDF/CDF in the javadoc
2022-01-21  aherbertConsistent javadoc for property getters
2022-01-21  aherbertSTATISTICS-52: Add a high precision PDF to the normal...
2022-01-17  aherbertFix maxima script to generated normpdf.csv
2022-01-03  Alex HerbertUpdate NOTICE to 2022
2022-01-03  Alex HerbertAdd second reference data for additional moments
2021-12-24  Alex HerbertIncrease Exponential PDF test tolerance
2021-12-24  Alex HerbertJavadoc parameter range for mu
2021-12-24  Alex HerbertSample Nakagami using a related gamma distribution
2021-12-24  Alex HerbertUpdate to use GammaRatio to compute the moments
2021-12-21  Alex HerbertCache mean and variance for the inverse probability...
2021-12-20  Alex HerbertJavadoc mean and variance using abstract methods
2021-12-20  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-36: Update accuracy of inverse probability...
2021-12-20  Alex HerbertAdd JMH benchmarking module
2021-12-19  Alex HerbertRemove redundant licenses from LICENSE
2021-12-17  Alex HerbertConsistent javadoc for the lower/upper bounds/mean...
2021-12-17  Alex HerbertUpdate javadoc for mean and variance
2021-12-17  Alex HerbertCreate consistent web links in distribution class javadoc.
2021-12-17  Alex HerbertUpdate exponential distribution PDF
2021-12-17  Alex HerbertAdd PDF and PMF to distribution class javadoc
2021-12-16  aherbertCorrect javadoc for isSupportConnected
2021-12-16  aherbertReduce isSupportConnected to package-private
2021-12-16  aherbertReduce getMedian to package-private
2021-12-16  aherbertAvoid overflow in the continuous uniform distribution
2021-12-16  aherbertPMD fix: Refactor adjustment of infinite bounds to...
2021-12-16  aherbertEnsure default inverse probability is robust to distrib...
2021-12-15  aherbertFix typo
2021-12-15  aherbertChange survival to sf in the distribution examples...
2021-12-15  aherbertRemoved redundant tolerance from beta distribution...
2021-12-13  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-39: Update chisq distribution tests
2021-12-13  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-39: Update Gamma distribution to use Number...
2021-12-11  Alex HerbertUpdate test tolerances.
2021-12-11  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-38: Remove configurable epsilon and iterations
2021-12-11  aherbertSTATISTICS-46: Update the truncated normal computation...
2021-12-09  aherbertRemove non-applicable RNG components from the LICENSE
2021-11-25  aherbertUpdate normal distribution pdf to compute directly.
2021-11-22  aherbertSTATISTICS-48: Clarify test usage of isSupportConnected...
2021-11-22  aherbertSTATISTICS-48: Remove connected property from example...
2021-11-22  aherbert[STATISTICS-48] Remove isSupportConnected from distribu...
2021-11-22  aherbertAdd probability range implementation for continuous...
2021-11-22  aherbertAdd probability range implementation for discrete unifo...
2021-11-21  Alex HerbertSTATISTIC-47: Add isf command to distribution examples...
2021-11-21  Alex HerbertUse high-precision sqrt(2 * sd * sd)
2021-11-21  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-47: Add implementations for inverse survival...
2021-11-21  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-47: Add inverse survival probability
2021-11-12  aherbertSpecial case of CDF/SF for the Poisson distribution...
2021-10-27  Alex HerbertSonar fix: Comment disabled test
2021-10-27  Alex HerbertSonar fix: rename var for temporary variance variables
2021-10-27  Alex HerbertRemove spurious @Test annotation
2021-10-27  Alex HerbertSonar fix: Create double from sum of integers for power...
2021-10-27  Alex HerbertRemove obsolete test tolerance property
2021-10-25  aherbertAdd more reference data for Poisson distribution test
2021-10-25  aherbertUse factory constructors
2021-10-24  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-35: Poisson dist to use a Gaussian sampler...
2021-10-24  Alex HerbertUse survival probability to compute upper quartile
2021-10-24  Alex HerbertAdd sampling test for quartiles to discrete distributions
2021-10-23  Alex HerbertConsistent constant names and values
2021-10-22  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-25: Specialise t-distribution for infinite...
2021-10-22  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-37: Update Levy distribution test
2021-10-22  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-37: Update Normal distribution with high...
2021-10-22  Alex HerbertSTATISTICS-37: Update Normal distribution with high...
2021-10-21  Alex HerbertReport relative and absolute error in assertion messages