2018-05-15  Gary GregoryTypo: 'JavaDoc' -> 'Javadoc'. master
2018-03-02  Gary Gregory//comment.
2018-03-02  Gary GregoryFormat.
2018-03-02  Gary GregoryJavadoc nit.
2018-03-01  Gary GregoryUse default Eclipse sort order for members and adjust...
2018-03-01  Gary GregoryAdd SecurityManagerTestRule from Apache Log4j.
2018-02-07  Gary GregoryFix names in POM.
2018-02-06  Gary GregoryInitial site build out.
2018-02-06  Gary GregoryInitial build out.
2018-02-06  Gary GregoryProposal for the Apache Commons Component.
2018-02-06  Gary GregoryRemove obsolete comment.
2018-02-06  Gary GregoryAdd stock files for a project.
2018-02-06  Gary GregoryUse final.
2018-02-06  Gary GregoryAdd CopyFileTestRule.
2018-02-06  Gary GregoryAdd module commons-testing-junit4-mongodb.
2018-02-04  Gary GregoryDon't track target files.
2018-02-04  Gary GregoryLet .gitignore from the root work for all folders.
2018-02-04  Gary GregoryAdd tests.
2018-02-04  Gary GregoryGet 'mvn clean site' to work.
2018-01-07  Gary GregoryUpdate commons-parent from 42 to 43.
2017-11-06  Gary GregoryFirst commit. WIP. Don't expect the build to work yet.