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[commons-vfs.git] / commons-vfs2-jackrabbit1 /
2022-04-20  Gary GregoryRefactor MIME type strings into constants.
2022-04-01  dependabot[bot]Bump slf4j.version from 1.7.26 to 1.7.36 (#244)
2022-03-05  John PatrickJUnitj v5 more progression (#243)
2022-02-21  John PatrickJUnit v5 VerifyingFileSelector upgrade from Assert...
2022-02-21  John PatrickJUnit v5 upgrade reducing usage of TestCase (#241)
2021-12-11  Gary GregoryReplace JUnit 4.13.2 with 5.8.2 Vintage.
2021-12-11  Gary GregoryFix OSGi "Unused Import-Package instructions".
2021-11-29  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle issues.
2021-11-28  Gary GregorySort members.
2021-11-26  Gary GregoryAdd DefaultFileMonitor.setDelay(Duration), getDelayDura...
2021-11-26  Gary GregoryMisc clean ups.
2021-07-25  Seth FalcoReplace package.html with (#206)
2021-07-24  Gary GregoryRename Maven property jackrabbit.version to jackrabbit1...
2021-07-21  Gary GregoryBump to next development version release
2021-07-17  Gary GregoryUpdate POM version numbers for Apache release 2.9.0 commons-vfs-2.9.0-RC1 rel/commons-vfs-2.9.0
2021-07-16  Arturo BernalSimplify conditions and avoid extra checks (#187)
2021-04-11  Gary GregoryAdd and use FileOperationProvider.EMPTY_ARRAY.
2021-03-13  Gary GregoryUpdate Maven Surefire from 2.19.1 to 3.0.0-M5.
2021-03-12  Arturo BernalUse Files.newInputStream instead of new FileInputStrea...
2021-03-10  Gary GregoryBump to next development version
2021-03-07  Gary GregoryUpdate POM version numbers for Apache release 2.8.0 commons-vfs-2.8.0-RC1 commons_rel_tag rel/commons-vfs-2.8.0
2021-03-05  Gary GregoryNo need to nest in else.
2021-03-03  Gary GregoryStub out a log call as a TODO (handle PMD issues)
2021-03-03  Gary GregoryUse default JApiCmp configuration for commons-vfs2...
2021-02-28  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of
2021-02-28  Gary GregoryUse varargs.
2021-02-28  Gary GregoryFix typo in comment. Raise embedded if into parent if.
2021-02-25  Gary GregoryUpdate some dependencies.
2021-02-15  Gary GregoryRemove trailing whitepsace.
2021-02-05  Gary GregoryCombine nested if.
2021-02-05  Gary GregoryMove test packages to the same level as their main...
2021-01-17  Gary GregoryUse isEmpty().
2021-01-17  Arturo BernalMinor improvement: (#156)
2021-01-02  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of
2020-12-29  Arturo BernalMinor Improvement: (#152)
2020-12-16  Gary GregoryReuse zero size arrays.
2020-12-16  LeeModify some calls of method Collection.toArray (#145)
2020-12-03  Gary GregoryAdd ability to remove a provider from DefaultFileSystem...
2020-11-20  Gary GregoryRemove redundant calls to super().
2020-10-31  Gary GregoryBump to next development version
2020-10-25  Gary GregoryIgnore log files that the build may produce.
2020-10-19  Gary GregoryUpdate POM version numbers for Apache Commons VFS relea... commons-vfs-2.7.0-RC1
2020-10-18  Gary GregoryMore converting from JUnit 3 to 4: Add @Test and minor...
2020-10-13  LeeModify some code use try-with-resources (#138)
2020-09-19  Gary GregoryMerge from master.
2020-09-19  Gary GregoryGit ignore Derby log.
2020-09-13  Gary GregoryIgnore derby log created by tests.
2020-09-11  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of
2020-09-11  Gary GregoryJackrabbit 1 does not run on Java 14.
2020-09-06  satish-csiVFS-788 - Manifest naming corrections (#124)
2020-02-14  Gary GregoryNext release will be 2.7.0.
2020-01-10  Gary GregoryBump to next development version
2020-01-06  Gary GregoryUpdate POM version numbers for Apache Commons VFS relea... commons-vfs-2.6.0-RC1
2020-01-06  Gary GregoryNext release will be 2.6.0.
2019-12-29  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of
2019-12-29  Eitan Adler[commons-vfs] clean up tests and simplify assertions...
2019-12-29  Gary GregoryBump to next development version
2019-12-25  Gary GregoryUpdate POM version numbers for Apache Commons VFS relea... commons-vfs-2.5.0-RC1 rel/commons-vfs-2.5.0
2019-12-25  Gary GregoryAdjust site generation for new modules. Fix href.
2019-12-19  Gary GregoryRemove unnecessary array creation for varargs.
2019-10-17  Gary Gregory[VFS-686] webdav4 provider based on the latest Jackrabb...