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2022-05-31  Gary GregorySmall clean up
2022-04-20  Arturo BernalSimplify/remove redundant operations. (#258)
2022-04-20  Gary GregoryFileSystemManager.createFileSystem(FileObject) fails...
2022-04-20  Gary GregoryReuse newer APIs.
2022-04-20  Gary GregoryFormat tweak.
2022-04-20  Gary GregoryRefactor MIME type strings into constants.
2022-04-20  Gary GregoryRefactor AbstractFileObject#getOutputStream() #151
2022-04-20  Arturo BernalSimplify conditions and avoid extra checks (#253)
2022-03-20  Gary GregoryRemove extra whitespace.
2022-03-11  Gary GregoryUpdate Javadoc.
2022-03-05  John PatrickJUnitj v5 more progression (#243)
2022-02-21  John PatrickJUnit v5 VerifyingFileSelector upgrade from Assert...
2022-02-21  John PatrickJUnit v5 upgrade reducing usage of TestCase (#241)
2022-02-20  John PatrickJUnit v5 upgrades easy tests (#240)
2022-02-13  Gary GregoryInline Collections.sort(Comparator).
2022-02-13  Gary GregoryInline Collections.sort(Comparator).
2022-02-08  Luke WoodVFS-814 - FtpFileObject: re-fetch MDTM after refresh...
2022-01-01  XenoAmessupgrade ftpserver to 1.1.2 (#235)
2021-12-22  Gary Gregory[VFS-812] Don't throw FileSystemException when closing...
2021-12-22  Gary GregoryExtract constants.
2021-12-22  Gary Gregory[VFS-813] NullPointerException needs a better message in
2021-12-11  Gary GregoryReplace JUnit 4.13.2 with 5.8.2 Vintage.
2021-12-11  Gary GregoryFix OSGi "Unused Import-Package instructions".
2021-12-11  Gary GregoryRemove trailing whitespace.
2021-12-11  Gary GregoryMerge branch 'master' of
2021-12-11  Gary GregoryExtract the layer separator character constant into
2021-12-10  Gary Gregory(regexp) RegexpSingleline: Line has trailing spaces.
2021-12-10  Gary GregoryLine len.
2021-12-09  Gary GregoryJApiCmp: Allow source changes on throws declarations...
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryAdd RandomAccessMode.toAccessModes().
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryCheckstyle.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryInternal refactorings.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryCheckstyle and internal refactoring.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryAdd RandomAccessMode.from(AccessMode).
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryAdd missing license header.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryAdd missing test case.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
2021-12-06  Gary GregoryJavadoc.
2021-12-04  Gary GregoryFix NullPointerException when the current thread is...
2021-11-30  Gary GregoryBetter internal name.
2021-11-29  Gary GregoryMore clone testing.
2021-11-29  Gary GregoryMore clone testing.
2021-11-29  Gary GregoryAdd missing test.
2021-11-29  Gary GregoryRefactor internal details for less boilerplate. and...
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle DeclarationOrder: Variable access defini...
2021-11-28  Gary GregorySort members.
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle DeclarationOrder.
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle FinalClass and MagicNumber.
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryMake private final variable static.
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle HideUtilityClassConstructor.
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle RightCurly.
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle JavadocType.
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle JavadocVariable.
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle MissingJavadocMethod.
2021-11-28  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle LineLength.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryAdd missing Javadocs.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle LeftCurly.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle GenericWhitespace.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle WhitespaceAround.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle WhitespaceAfter.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle FileTabCharacter: File contains tab...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle MagicNumber.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryMake priavte final.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle NewlineAtEndOfFile: File does not end...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle ConstantName: Name must match pattern
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryNo need to double-space.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryMake package private classes final.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle NoWhitespaceAfter: '{' is followed by...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle WhitespaceAround: 'synchronized' is...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle RedundantModifier: Redundant 'public...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryBetter concurrency.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle MagicNumber.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle MissingJavadocMethod: Missing a Javadoc...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFileSystemOptions implements Comparable.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle MissingJavadocMethod: Missing a Javadoc...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryAdd missing license header.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryBetter parameter name.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryBetter parameter name.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryAdd TrueFileFilter.INSTANCE and deprecate TrueFileFilte...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryRefactor common test fixtures.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryAdd FalseFileFilter.INSTANCE and deprecate FalseFileFil...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryMissingJavadocMethod: Missing a Javadoc comment.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle: Redundant 'final' modifier.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle errors: JavadocStyle: First sentence...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix Checkstyle errors: JavadocStyle: First sentence...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFormat, inline single-use local variable.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryBetter use of the internal concurrent map.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryCamel-case internal name.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryAdd missing Javadocs.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryAdd missing Javadocs and use better parameter names.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryDefault size is fine.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix PMD AvoidBranchingStatementAsLastInLoop & EmptyCatc...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix PMD and unlikely but possible NPE and throw appropr...
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix PMD EmptyCatchBlock.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix PMD UnusedPrivateField.
2021-11-27  Gary GregoryFix PMD UnusedLocalVariable.