3 days ago  Raphael von... Remove obsolete jshint comments (#444) master
3 days ago  Shazron AbdullahMerge pull request #443 from raphinesse/eslint
5 days ago  Raphael von... Improve ESLint script 443/head
2018-04-19  Joe BowserMerge pull request #437 from jcesarmobile/CB-14038
2018-04-18  Julio CésarCB-14038 (android): fix false positive detecting projec... 437/head
2018-04-10  Joe BowserMerge pull request #436 from infil00p/update_gradle_deps
2018-04-04  Joe BowserCB-14008: Updating Gradle Libraries to work with Androi... 436/head
2018-03-27  Joe BowserMerge pull request #435 from richturner/master
2018-03-26  Joe BowserMerge pull request #434 from infil00p/CB-13830
2018-03-23  Rich TurnerCB-13975: (android) Fix to fire pause event when cdvSta... 435/head
2018-03-19  Joe BowserCB-13830: Add handlers for plugins that use non-Java... 434/head
2018-03-07  Joe BowserMerge pull request #433 from AnthonyWard/master
2018-02-27  Anthony WardCB-13923 (android) fix -1 length for compressed files 433/head
2018-02-21  Steve GillUpdate JS snapshot to version 7.2.0-dev (via coho)
2018-02-21  Steve GillSet VERSION to 7.2.0-dev (via coho)
2018-02-21  Steve GillCB-13912 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release...
2018-02-20  Steve GillCB-13912: updated .ratignore to include build diectory
2018-02-20  Steve GillCB-13912 Updated checked-in node_modules
2018-02-15  Simon MacDonald:arrow_up: Bump gradle tools dependency to 3.0.1 for...
2018-02-15  Steve GillCB-13879 updated gradle plugin
2018-01-26  Joe BowserMerge pull request #431 from sunday18/patch-1
2018-01-26  Joe BowserMerge pull request #430 from abernix/abernix/bump-andro...
2018-01-26  sunday18Update android_sdk.js 431/head
2018-01-25  Jesse RosenbergerCB-13831: (android) Update `android-versions` to 1... 430/head
2018-01-19  Joe BowserMerge pull request #429 from BBosman/cb13800
2018-01-19  Bas BosmanCB-13800: (android) Drop pre-KitKat specific code 429/head
2018-01-17  Joe BowserMerge pull request #426 from infil00p/api_level_bump
2018-01-10  Joe BowserMerge pull request #427 from infil00p/deleteDeprecatedNdk
2018-01-08  Joe BowserCB-13646: End of an era. Using the deprecated NDK... 427/head
2018-01-04  Joe BowserCB-13724: Updated the Android Tooling required for... 426/head
2018-01-03  Joe BowserMerge pull request #425 from deton/fix-nullresult-fromt...
2018-01-02  Joe BowserCB-13724: Bump Target SDK to API 27
2018-01-02  Joe BowserMerge pull request #422 from themightychris/patch-2
2018-01-02  Joe BowserMerge pull request #424 from jcesarmobile/CB-13721
2018-01-02  KIHARA HidetoCB-12218: (android) Fix consistency of null result... 425/head
2017-12-30  Julio CésarCB-13721 (Android): fix build apps that use cdvHelpers... 424/head
2017-12-22  Chris AlfanoCB-13571: (android) Prevent crash with unrecognized... 422/head
2017-12-18  Joe BowserMerge pull request #421 from infil00p/test-sdk-bump
2017-12-14  Joe BowserCB-12914: Test needs SDK bumps 421/head
2017-12-14  Joe BowserMerge pull request #420 from infil00p/CB12914
2017-12-12  Joe BowserForgot to bump AndroidManifest.xml for play store reasons 420/head
2017-11-30  Joe BowserCB-13621: eslint error
2017-11-30  Joe BowserCB-13622: Testing commit
2017-11-30  Joe BowserCB-13621: Wrote similar warning to CB-12948 on iOS...
2017-11-30  Joe BowserUpdate JS snapshot to version 7.1.0-dev (via coho)
2017-11-30  Joe BowserSet VERSION to 7.1.0-dev (via coho)
2017-11-30  Joe BowserCB-13620 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release...
2017-11-29  Joe BowserCB-13741: Updating checked-in node_modules, otherwise...
2017-11-29  Joe BowserMerge pull request #419 from dpogue/signing-fix
2017-11-29  Darryl PogueCB-13615: Fix paths to signing properties files 419/head
2017-11-29  Joe BowserMerge pull request #389 from infil00p/StudioProjectCompat
2017-11-28  Joe BowserFixed typo in the gradle file 389/head
2017-11-28  Joe BowserCB-13612: eslint fix
2017-11-28  Joe BowserCB-13612: Fix the remapper so that XML files copy over...
2017-11-28  Joe BowserCB-13741: Bump package.json so we can install plugins
2017-11-28  Joe BowserMerge branch 'master' into StudioProjectCompat
2017-11-28  Joe BowserMerge pull request #418 from dpogue/splash-compress
2017-11-28  Joe BowserMerge pull request #385 from dreifachstein/master
2017-11-28  Darryl PogueCB-13610: Compress the default app assets 418/head
2017-11-27  Joe BowserMerge branch 'master' into StudioProjectCompat
2017-11-27  Joe BowserMerge pull request #401 from fabulant/CB-8976
2017-11-27  Joe BowserMerge branch 'master' into StudioProjectCompat
2017-11-27  Joe BowserMerge pull request #352 from Icenium/include-armeabi-dir
2017-11-22  Joe BowserCB-13602: We were setting the path wrong, this is hacky...
2017-11-22  Joe BowserCB-13601: Fixing lint error and mis-spelling of variable
2017-11-22  Joe BowserCB-13601: Fixing the standalone run scripts to make...
2017-11-21  Joe BowserMerge branch 'master' into StudioProjectCompat
2017-11-20  Joe BowserMerge branch 'master' into StudioProjectCompat
2017-11-16  Joe BowserMerge pull request #417 from DavidStrausz/master
2017-11-16  David StraußCB-13580: (android) fix lint errors 417/head
2017-11-16  David StraußCB-13580: fix build for multiple apks (different produc...
2017-11-15  Joe BowserCB-13297: This just works once you bump the project...
2017-11-15  Joe BowserMerge pull request #416 from infil00p/bintray_fix
2017-11-09  Joe BowserCB-13558: Upgrading the gradle so we can upload the AAR 416/head
2017-11-07  Joe BowserMerge branch 'master' into StudioProjectCompat
2017-11-06  Joe BowserUpdate JS snapshot to version 6.5.0-dev (via coho)
2017-11-06  Joe BowserSet VERSION to 6.5.0-dev (via coho)
2017-11-06  Joe BowserCB-13528 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release...
2017-11-03  Joe BowserMerge pull request #415 from infil00p/CB-13530
2017-11-02  Joe BowserCB-13530: Removing debug console.logs 415/head
2017-11-02  Joe BowserCB-13530: This fixes the basic APK installation
2017-11-02  Joe Bowsereslint fix
2017-11-02  Joe BowserCB-11244: Android Studio 3 work, things have changed...
2017-11-01  Joe BowserCompleting merge which includes the fix for Android...
2017-11-01  Joe BowserCB-11244: Found bug where the gradle subproject changes...
2017-11-01  Joe BowserMerge pull request #413 from infil00p/StudioThreeFix
2017-10-31  Joe BowserCB-13289: Updating Travis and appveyor 413/head
2017-10-30  AudreyMerge pull request #414 from audreyso/CB-13501
2017-10-30  Joe BowserCB-13289: eslint fix
2017-10-30  Joe BowserCB-13289: Fixing build problems with Studio Three,...
2017-10-30  Audrey So:CB-13501 : update appveyor node versions to support... 414/head
2017-10-26  Jan PiotrowskiCB-13499: Remove duplicate "setting" in error strings
2017-10-25  Joe BowserCB-13289: Fix test to work with new Google Android...
2017-10-19  Joe Bowsereslint errors
2017-10-19  Joe BowserCB-13470: Fix Clean so that it cleans the Android Studi...
2017-10-18  Joe BowserRedoing PR #411 over here because the changes were...
2017-10-18  Joe BowserMerge branch 'master' into StudioProjectCompat, fixing...
2017-10-16  Joe BowserMerge pull request #411 from Keyclic/master
2017-10-16  Joe BowserMerge pull request #410 from filmaj/emu-fixes
2017-10-13  Joe BowserClose #379