[cordova-app-harness.git] / .jshintrc
2014-05-23  Andrew GrieveEnable jshint for node modules as well
2014-05-14  Andrew GrieveAllow obj['prop'] in jshintrc
2014-05-06  Andrew GrieveMerge remote-tracking branch 'harness/master' into foo
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonMaking all JS files pass jshint.
2013-04-24  Braden ShepherdsonMerge pull request #7 from shravanrn/startPage
2013-04-24  Shravan NarayanSupport the start page from config.xml
2013-04-22  agrieveMerge pull request #5 from shravanrn/ios_fixes
2013-04-22  Shravan NarayaniOS support for launching an app and returning to menu...
2013-04-17  Braden ShepherdsonMerge pull request #1 from shravanrn/navigation
2013-04-16  Shravan NarayanNavigation to launch app and return. Added Q lib. Fixed...
2013-04-06  Michal MocnyInitial Merge
2013-04-05  Shravan NarayanInitial template using cordova and angularJS