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2019-04-16  Jan Piotrowskideprecation master
2014-05-27  Andrew GrieveUpdate to remove serve references
2014-05-21  Andrew GrieveMove curl examples out of README in favour of harness...
2014-05-20  Andrew GrieveBig refactor to support pushing of apps via HTTP.
2014-05-15  Andrew GrieveMake /menu command show in-app menu, not main menu.
2014-05-15  Andrew GrieveRemove out-of-date info from
2014-05-15  Andrew GrieveRe-write server in JS via chrome.socket.
2014-05-06  Andrew GrieveMerge remote-tracking branch 'harness/master' into foo
2014-04-15  Andrew GrieveUpdate to reflect current project status
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveTweak tagging instructions
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveCheck in debug keystore. Add build script that uses it.
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveUpdate release steps in
2014-03-20  Andrew GrieveAdd manual step of changing title to
2014-03-18  Andrew GrieveMerge harness-push plugin into this repo.
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveTweak example
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveUpdate now that there are fewer manual steps.
2014-02-04  Braden ShepherdsonAdd a necessary manual step to
2014-01-27  Braden ShepherdsonNow with push support for crx files
2014-01-24  Braden ShepherdsonAdding LICENSE and README.
2014-01-23  Braden ShepherdsonUpdate wording of README.
2014-01-23  Braden ShepherdsonAdd README and LICENSE files.
2013-12-12  Braden ShepherdsonREADME update
2013-12-12  Braden ShepherdsonFixing README formatting.
2013-10-24  Andrew GrieveUpdate to mention script...
2013-10-24  Andrew GrieveUpdate README to match current state of the app & list...
2013-09-05  Andrew GrieveSimplify build instructions.
2013-06-25  Braden ShepherdsonAdd BarcodeScanner support (optional dependency)
2013-06-20  Braden ShepherdsonUpdating the README to reflect the modern state of...
2013-06-20  Braden ShepherdsonSome Markdown formatting cleanup.
2013-05-23  Andrew GrieveMerge remote-tracking branch 'mobile_chrome_apps/master'
2013-05-22  Braden ShepherdsonMerge pull request #23 from shravanrn/regex_bugfix
2013-05-17  Shravan NarayanReadme update. String to Regex conversion bugfix.
2013-05-16  Shravan NarayanReadme update.
2013-05-16  Braden ShepherdsonSome Markdown formatting cleanup.
2013-05-16  Shravan NarayanSmall UI & code fixes.Test cordova serve apps' config...
2013-05-03  Braden ShepherdsonMerge pull request #20 from shravanrn/platform_package_fix
2013-05-02  Shravan NarayanPackage platform www folders so platforms specific...
2013-04-30  Braden ShepherdsonMerge pull request #15 from shravanrn/bundle
2013-04-30  Shravan NarayanSwitched to the app-bundle uri's and updated readme.
2013-04-24  Braden ShepherdsonMerge pull request #7 from shravanrn/startPage
2013-04-24  Shravan NarayanSupport the start page from config.xml
2013-04-22  agrieveMerge pull request #5 from shravanrn/ios_fixes
2013-04-22  Shravan NarayaniOS support for launching an app and returning to menu...
2013-04-18  Braden ShepherdsonMerge pull request #4 from shravanrn/clihook
2013-04-18  Shravan NarayanAdded a cli hook to modify cordova.js
2013-04-17  Braden ShepherdsonMerge pull request #1 from shravanrn/navigation
2013-04-17  Shravan NarayanUpdated read me
2013-04-16  Shravan NarayanNavigation to launch app and return. Added Q lib. Fixed...
2013-04-06  Michal MocnyInitial Merge
2013-04-06  Michal MocnyInitial commit
2013-04-05  shravanrnInitial commit