[cordova-app-harness.git] / UrlRemap / src /
2014-10-25  Andrew GrieveMake UrlRemap not apply to the main webview
2014-06-17  Andrew GrieveFix ConcurrentModificationException in UrlRemap
2014-05-08  Andrew GrieveRefactor to use different webviews for the app vs menus
2014-05-06  Andrew GrieveMerge remote-tracking branch 'harness/master' into foo
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveMake resetMappings() public for use by harness-push
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveDon't reset plugins in
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveFix UrlRemap not always setting no-cache headers.
2014-03-10  Andrew GrieveUrlRemap: Use a nicer name for the "ignore-me" request...
2014-03-10  Andrew Grieveios: More UrlRemap tweaks so that it handles more scenarios
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveUrlRemap: Add allowFurtherRemapping flag to aliases...
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonFix launching of Chrome apps.
2013-10-24  Andrew GrieveAndroid implementation of UrlRemap.
2013-10-24  Andrew GrieveRename AppBundle -> UrlRemap