[cordova-app-harness.git] / template-overrides /
2015-05-13  Andrew GrieveUpdate Android code to work with latest 4.0.x
2014-10-25  Andrew GrieveAdd filesystem location <preferences> to config.xml
2014-07-09  Andrew GrieveMake work with the latest changes to android-4.0.x
2014-06-24  Andrew GrieveFirst attempt at hooking back button up to exit app.
2014-06-24  Andrew GrieveAdd plugin dependency info to prepare hook
2014-06-20  Andrew GrieveFix launched apps using renamed cordova_plugins.js...
2014-06-20  Andrew GrieveRenaming cordova_plugins.js caused a race condition...
2014-06-20  Andrew GrieveFix cordova_plugins.js not being used on Android &...
2014-06-04  Andrew GrieveMove config.xml into template-overrides/