2014-05-08  Andrew GrieveRefactor to use different webviews for the app vs menus
2014-05-07  Andrew GrieveFix serve installer not waiting for update to complete
2014-05-06  Andrew GrieveDelete CRX logic (moving to downstream chrome-app-harne...
2014-05-06  Andrew GrieveDon't add cordova-plugins/ to if it...
2014-05-06  Andrew GrieveFix PLUGIN_SEARCH_PATH logic when no extra path is set
2014-05-06  Andrew GrieveStep 2 of harness-push merge
2014-05-06  Andrew GrieveMerge remote-tracking branch 'harness/master' into foo
2014-05-06  Andrew GrieveDelete stale .cdvh code
2014-05-05  Andrew GrieveRemove debug console.log() stmts
2014-05-05  Andrew GrieveFix Android updates not working due to typo in CacheCle...
2014-05-05  Andrew GrieveFix jshint errors
2014-05-03  Andrew GrieveEven more z-order for context menu
2014-05-02  Braden ShepherdsonFix the naming of pushed apps. No more duplicate entries.
2014-05-02  Andrew GrieveAdd ngrok to list of URL templates
2014-05-02  Andrew GrieveSet app version in
2014-05-02  Andrew GrieveMake be able to set the app's version
2014-05-01  Andrew GrieveWrite per-app cordova_plugins.js to contain only requir...
2014-05-01  Andrew GrieveMove console.log into Notify.js. Make it stringify...
2014-05-01  Andrew GrieveMake PLUGIN_SEARCH_PATH additive
2014-05-01  Andrew GrieveTweak more plugins, better error...
2014-04-30  Marcel KinardCB-6491 add
2014-04-30  Andrew GrieveFix ResourcesLoader broken with latest version of file...
2014-04-17  Andrew GrieveRevert "Remove file-system-roots plugin as a dependency...
2014-04-15  Andrew GrieveRemove file-system-roots plugin as a dependency (it...
2014-04-15  Andrew GrieveUpdate to reflect current project status
2014-03-26  Andrew GrieveFix app ID back to ChromeADT (changed mistakenly)
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveTweak tagging instructions
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveCheck in debug keystore. Add build script that uses it.
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveAdd debug keystore to repo
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveUpdate release steps in
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveFix updating while in an app - reset mappings upon...
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveRemove unneccessary replace() in CrxInstaller.js
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveMake resetMappings() public for use by harness-push
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveFix JS exception caused by ng promises not having a...
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveDon't reset plugins in
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveFix package name of CacheClear/plugin.xml
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveFix UrlRemap not always setting no-cache headers.
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveAuto-listen when harness-push plugin exists (instead...
2014-03-21  Andrew GrieveClear cache before launching an app.
2014-03-20  Andrew GrieveAdd env variable for setting name and ID in createproje...
2014-03-20  Andrew GrieveSet App Name and ID in
2014-03-20  Andrew GrieveAdd "adb forward" instructions to harness-push/
2014-03-20  Andrew GrieveAdd manual step of changing title to
2014-03-20  Andrew GrieveUse webView.loadUrlIntoView() for reload instead of...
2014-03-18  Andrew GrieveShow IP address for harness-push.
2014-03-18  Andrew GrieveAdd getListenAddress() to harness-push
2014-03-18  Andrew GrieveDon't inject harness-push JS on iOS
2014-03-18  Andrew GrieveMerge harness-push plugin into this repo.
2014-03-10  Andrew GrieveUrlRemap: Use a nicer name for the "ignore-me" request...
2014-03-10  Andrew GrieveUse URLs everywhere instead of paths. Removes need...
2014-03-10  Andrew GrieveFix "updating" message being cleared only on success.
2014-03-10  Andrew GrieveFix ServeInstaller NPE by having installPath accessed...
2014-03-10  Andrew GrieveFix addApp returning a promise in the middle of the...
2014-03-10  Andrew Grieveios: More UrlRemap tweaks so that it handles more scenarios
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveMake crx and serve "Add" view use the same textboxes.
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveFix some jshint warnings.
2014-03-07  Andrew Grievecheckjs-> and allow executing from other...
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveUrlRemap: Add allowFurtherRemapping flag to aliases...
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveTweak example
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveUpdate now that there are fewer manual steps.
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveFix up checkjs script.
2014-03-06  Andrew GrieveEnhancements to and add .gitignore
2014-03-06  Andrew GrieveFix up existence check for window.appharness.
2014-03-06  Andrew GrieveUse updated symbol path for file-system-roots plugin
2014-03-06  Andrew GrieveMove config.xml out of www/ and enhance
2014-02-27  Andrew GrieveAdd NOTICE file
2014-02-04  Braden ShepherdsonAdd a necessary manual step to
2014-02-04  Braden ShepherdsonSupport CRX pushes.
2014-01-28  Braden ShepherdsonAdding BarcodeScanner plugin.
2014-01-28  Braden ShepherdsonCleaning up error messages for bad zip files
2014-01-28  Braden ShepherdsonAlways use package.crx always as the download target...
2014-01-27  Braden ShepherdsonNow with push support for crx files
2014-01-27  Braden ShepherdsonOnly run push-related code when the plugin exists.
2014-01-27  Braden ShepherdsonAdd support for Push plugin.
2014-01-24  Braden ShepherdsonMarkdownify the LICENSE more fully.
2014-01-24  Braden ShepherdsonAdding LICENSE and README.
2014-01-24  Braden ShepherdsonWorking /push. Add /exec and /menu.
2014-01-23  Braden ShepherdsonUpdate file handling code to modern File plugin (post...
2014-01-23  Braden ShepherdsonUpdate wording of README.
2014-01-23  Braden ShepherdsonAdd README and LICENSE files.
2014-01-23  Braden ShepherdsonInitial import of the makeharness script.
2014-01-21  Braden ShepherdsonUpdate AppHarness to modern MCA, which expects to be...
2014-01-21  Braden ShepherdsonStop the context menu from injecting multiple times.
2014-01-21  Braden ShepherdsonMaking Serve and CRX downloading work more robustly.
2014-01-14  Braden ShepherdsonFixes to Push code. Now navigating from Javascript.
2014-01-08  Braden ShepherdsonWorking HTTP server version
2014-01-08  Braden ShepherdsonInitial import. Partially completed
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonCleaning up JSHints on ServeInstaller
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonFixing a few small bugs in ServeInstaller
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonAdd "edit" functionality. Allows changing the app name...
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonAdd Details view, and show plugin info on list view.
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonUpdating Angular to 1.2.3 release
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonPlugins now loading and saving correctly.
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonCreating the new PluginMetadata service.
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonInstalling and launching from CRX files, all working!
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonFix launching of Chrome apps.
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonMaking all JS files pass jshint.
2014-01-06  Braden ShepherdsonSupport loading the plugins used by each child app.
2013-12-12  Braden ShepherdsonREADME update
2013-12-12  Braden ShepherdsonFixing README formatting.