2017-04-24  Audrey SoCB-12684 : added package.json to default hello world app
2016-10-05  Shazron AbdullahAdd github pull request template
2016-09-30  Steve GillCB-11931 Incremented package version to -dev
2016-09-30  Steve GillCB-11931 Updated version and for releas... 3.11.x 38/head 3.11.0 rel/3.11.0
2016-09-30  Steve GillCB-11938 updated csp to include content: for img-src 17/head
2016-07-12  carynbearCB-11412 Update templates to designate template source dir
2016-02-16  Sarangan RajamanickamCB-10522: Event binding in Hello World is misleading 15/head
2015-10-27  Steve Gill Incremented package version to -dev
2015-10-27  Steve Gilladded missing license header 3.10.x 3.10.0
2015-10-26  Steve Gill Updated version and for release 3...
2015-10-09  dasergeCB-9712 CLI 5.3 breaks with node 3.3.3 14/head
2015-06-11  sgrebnovdon't duplicate hooks guide
2015-06-05  Nikhil KhandelwalThis closes #13. This closes #12
2015-04-22  Steve GillCB-8896 updated whitelist dependency to use spec
2015-03-24  Steve GillCB-8731 Incremented package version to -dev
2015-03-24  Steve GillCB-8731 Updated version and for release... 3.9.x 37/head 3.9.0
2015-03-20  Andrew GrieveCB-8716 Add Whitelist plugin to config.xml
2015-03-13  Steve GillUpdated RELEASENOTES
2015-03-13  Andrew GrieveAdd unsafe-eval to default CSP since many frameworks...
2015-03-12  Steve GillUpdated releasenotes
2015-03-12  Andrew GrieveAnother CSP comment tweak
2015-03-12  Andrew GrieveRemove path from CSP string (since CSP ignores paths...
2015-03-12  Andrew GrieveCB-8295 Fix CSP string, which had an invalid : in it
2015-03-10  Steve GillCB-8645 Incremented package version to -dev
2015-03-10  Steve GillCB-8645 updated RELEASENOTES
2015-03-10  Steve Gilladded license header to config.xml
2015-03-10  Steve GillMerge branch 'copy-from-app-hello-world'
2015-03-09  Steve Gilladded
2015-03-09  Steve Gillremoved version file, package.json can keep track of...
2015-03-07  Steve Gillupdated package.json
2015-03-06  Jesse MacFadyenRemove jasmine ref
2015-03-06  Andrew GrieveTweak CSP string
2015-03-06  Andrew GrieveCB-8295 Add content-security-policy `<meta>` to template
2015-03-06  Andrew GrieveRemove target-density and height=device-height from...
2015-03-06  Andrew GrieveRemove self-closing slashes from `<meta>` since this...
2015-03-03  Michal MocnyAdding hooks to default app
2015-03-03  Michal Mocny[CB-8597] First attempt at importing cordova-app-hello...
2014-08-26  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.7.0-dev (via coho)
2014-07-14  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'marti1125/CB-6949'
2014-06-30  Willy Aguirreupdate index.html and index.js 8/head
2014-06-11  Michael Brooks[www] Move meta tag msapplication-tap-highlight to...
2014-05-30  Marcel KinardCB-6793 Add missing licenses
2014-05-30  Marcel KinardCB-6793 Add license to
2014-05-02  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.6.0-dev (via coho)
2014-05-02  Jesse MacFadyenremove ugly grey box from WP8 links
2014-04-30  Marcel KinardCB-6491 add
2014-03-12  Josh SorefCB-6185 Spelling: explicitly
2014-02-10  Marcel KinardCB-5908: add notice about file usage
2014-01-22  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.5.0-dev (via coho)
2013-12-03  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.4.0-dev (via coho)
2013-11-08  lmnbeyondCB-5290 iOS: Updated launch images sizes to include...
2013-10-29  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.3.0-dev (via coho)
2013-10-22  Andrew GrieveCB-5150 Remove Spec from app-hello-world
2013-10-22  Andrew GrieveCB-5145 Move the res/ directory to a sibling of www/
2013-09-16  Andrew GrieveSet VERSION to 3.2.0-dev (via coho)
2013-09-13  Shazron Abdullah[CB-4814] Add note in app-hello-world index.html regard...
2013-08-20  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4634][BlackBerry10] Adding resources for BlackBerry 10
2013-05-08  Andrew Grieve[CB-3307] Remove instruction about updating version...
2013-04-30  Andrew GrieveSet VERSION to "dev" on master.
2013-04-26  Michael BrooksVersion 2.7.0
2013-04-23  James Jong[CB-1505] Add iPhone 5 splash screen
2013-04-18  Michael BrooksVersion 2.7.0rc1
2013-03-14  gaspUpdate www/index.html
2013-02-26  Michael BrooksVersion 2.5.0 2.5.0
2013-02-20  Michael BrooksVersion 2.5.0rc1 2.5.0rc1
2013-02-04  Michael Brooks[app] Version 2.4.0 2.4.0
2013-01-22  Michael Brooks[app] Version 2.4.0rc1 2.4.0rc1
2013-01-03  Michael Brooks[app] Version 2.3.0 2.3.0
2012-12-10  Michael Brooks[app] Version 2.3.0rc2 2.3.0rc2
2012-11-21  Michael Brooks[app] Version 2.3.0rc1 2.3.0rc1
2012-10-31  Michael BrooksVersion 2.2.0 2.2.0
2012-10-24  Fil MajVersion 2.2.0rc2 2.2.0rc2
2012-10-15  Michael BrooksVersion 2.2.0rc1 2.2.0rc1
2012-09-28  Andrew GrieveMove inheritable styles from * to body.
2012-09-12  Michael Brooks[app] Version 2.1.0. 2.1.0
2012-09-12  Michael Brooks[doc] Update README for version upgrades.
2012-09-05  Michael Brooks[#1373] Add Tizen icon and splash screen.
2012-09-01  Michael Brooks[#1361] Use single apostrophe instead of tick for code...
2012-08-31  Jesse MacFadyenreplaced older splash screen image on WP7, WP7 does...
2012-08-31  Michael BrooksVersion 2.1.0rc2 2.1.0rc2
2012-08-31  Michael BrooksAdd VERSION file.
2012-08-30  Michael Brooks[app] Add comments to JavaScript.
2012-08-30  Michael Brooks[app] Refactor report function for clarity.
2012-08-28  Michael Brooks[app] Refactor JavaScript names for clarity.
2012-08-28  Michael Brooks[app] Prevent tap and select styling.
2012-08-28  Michael Brooks[#1282] Update viewport to use device DPI to improve...
2012-08-28  Michael Brooks[#1282] Fix viewport height on BlackBerry.
2012-08-28  Michael Brooks[#1281] Adjust .status width for smaller h1 text.
2012-08-28  Michael Brooks[#1281] Fix horizontal alignment issues.
2012-08-27  Michael Brooks[#1281] Remove horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
2012-08-24  Michael Brooks[app] Version 2.1.0rc1 2.1.0rc1
2012-08-24  Michael Brooks[app] Update Bada WAC type3 to use transparency.
2012-08-16  Michael Brooks[doc] Update wording.
2012-08-16  Michael Brooks[app] Organize icon and splash screen by platform.
2012-08-12  Michael Brooks[app] Remove dependency on .status width.
2012-08-12  Michael Brooks[app] Change title from Hello Cordova to Hello World.
2012-08-12  Michael Brooks[doc] Update for clarity.
2012-08-12  Michael Brooks[app] Rename cordova.png to logo.png
2012-08-12  Michael Brooks[app] Remove config.xml
2012-08-12  Michael Brooks[app] Update CSS comments.