Update VERSION to 3.3.1
[cordova-blackberry.git] / .gitignore
2013-05-13  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-3370] Cleaning up metadata from platform split
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzUpdate plugin script and template to work with plugman...
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzSplit out BB10 from blackberry to new top-level platfor...
2012-09-27  Gord TannerMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2012-09-27  Gord TannerFixed building of older platforms with bb10 additions
2012-06-13  Fil Majremoved node modules from version control, whoops
2012-06-13  Fil Maj[CB-606] Added create script for unix and windows
2011-11-25  Michael BrooksMerge remote branch 'jeffheifetz/playbookSupport' into...
2011-08-23  Jeffrey HeifetzInitial playbook support for phonegap
2011-08-19  Drew WaltersMerge pull request #41 from filmaj/issue29
2011-07-26  Michael BrooksCreate distribution ANT task.
2011-01-29  Michael BrooksTicket #14 - Build to to build/ instead of lib/
2011-01-29  Michael BrooksAdd .DS_Store to ignore file.
2011-01-29  Michael BrooksAdd build tasks to generate and update a plugin.
2010-09-06  Michael BrooksUpdate build.xml to create a independent PhoneGap project.
2010-08-11  Michael BrooksReorganize project directory structure.
2010-05-25  Michael BrooksFixed up the .gitignore to apply to all directories.
2010-05-25  Michael BrooksAdded a project .gitignore to the root.