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2015-08-25  Tim WindsorDefault Icon is now copied into platform_www.
2015-08-14  Tim WindsorAdds check and update for Content-Security-Policy heade... 189/head
2015-08-03  Josh SorefCB-6768 Handle icons outside of www/. This closes #188
2015-08-03  Josh SorefMake CORDOVA_BBTOOLS optional if PATH has tools
2015-07-22  Tim WindsorCB-8941 Adds support for subdomain whitelisting
2015-07-22  Tim WindsorCB-9010 Adds check_reqs implementation
2015-07-22  Tim WindsorCB-9072 Fix exception logging in packager.js
2015-01-28  Josh SorefCB-6418 Remove copyright statements 181/head
2015-01-19  Josh SorefCB-7807 Add BlackBerry10 platform to a project on any... 179/head
2015-01-14  Josh SorefCB-8306 Fix parseUri to handle foo/bar? 180/head
2014-12-22  Bryan HigginsSet VERSION to 3.8.0-dev (via coho)
2014-12-15  Bryan HigginsCB-8161 Run: accept --nobuild as alias to --no-build
2014-10-21  Josh SorefCB-7835 Control whether applications run with spatialNa... 178/head
2014-09-29  Josh SorefCB-7658 generateTabletXMLFile only do munging if config... 177/head
2014-09-12  Bryan HigginsCB-7535 DiskCache - change default to enable
2014-08-27  Bryan HigginsSet VERSION to 3.7.0-dev (via coho)
2014-08-26  Josh SorefCB-7411 Make version in version script easier to replac...
2014-07-28  Danyi LinCB-7186 --no-signing will be ignored if --buildId is set 169/head
2014-07-10  Josh SorefCB-7119 cordova run --target xxx dies if blackberry10... 168/head
2014-07-07  Josh SorefCB-7087 Retire blackberry10/ directory 167/head v2.2.0.10
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzSplit out BB10 from blackberry to new top-level platfor...
2013-04-30  lorinbeerUpdate to version dev dev
2013-04-30  lorinbeerUpdate to version 2.7.0 2.7.0
2013-04-19  Tim Kim[CB-3102] - updated version and tagged 2.7.0rc1
2013-03-27  Tim Kim[CB-2766] - updated version 2.6.0rc1
2013-03-27  Tim Kim[CB-2756] - updating www/ for bb
2013-02-27  Tim Kim[CB-2575] - updating version 2.5.0
2013-02-20  Tim Kim[CB-2478] - update BB 2.5.0rc1
2013-02-11  Tim Kim[CB-2365] - updating bb version
2013-02-05  Tim KimFixed up some references to create and ant scripts...
2013-02-01  Tim Kim[CB-2300] - fixing up create scripts to be more inline...
2013-01-22  Tim Kim[CB-2257] - updating and tagging blackberry 2.4.0rc1
2013-01-14  Gord TannerUse loglevel param in BlackBerry 10 build
2013-01-11  Gord Tannerupdated to latest SDK version
2013-01-03  Tim Kim[CB-2142] - updating version 2.3.0
2012-12-15  Bryan HigginsRemove webworks.js from project template since it will...
2012-12-14  Tim Kim[CB-2005] - updated version 2.3.0rc2
2012-12-14  Tim Kim[CB-1996] - Updating www
2012-12-03  Tim KimComment out of date
2012-11-30  Tim Kim[CB-1668] - updating project scripts to be more in...
2012-11-29  Gord TannerUpdated to latest version of webworks SDK
2012-11-26  Tim Kim[CB-1909] - updating /www
2012-11-23  Gord Tannerusing the right path would be good
2012-11-23  Gord Tannerdebug token support for playbook
2012-11-20  Fil Majadd package-app target to top-level build.xml
2012-11-18  Gord TannerAdded debug token support to the debug-device command...
2012-11-13  Gord TannerUpdated javascript and added a debug-simulator command
2012-11-02  Gord TannerUpdated BlackBerry to only use one javascript
2012-10-31  Tim Kim[CB-1774] - updating www
2012-10-26  Gord TannerFix building for BlackBerry 10 2.2.0rc2
2012-10-24  Tim Kim[CB-1719] - updating www/
2012-10-16  Tim Kim[CB-1647] - updating to 2.2.0rc1 2.2.0rc1
2012-10-15  Tim Kim[CB-1637] - Updating www/
2012-10-12  Drew WaltersCB-1621 Add Globalization Plug-in for BlackBerry.
2012-10-08  Tim KimMade addWebworks script more robust - checks for existi...
2012-10-06  Tim Kimremoved some cruft from addWebworks script
2012-10-06  Tim KimAdded helper script to auto add webworks.js reference...
2012-09-27  Gord TannerMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2012-09-27  Gord TannerSome changes with the release of the new BlackBerry...
2012-09-18  Tim Kim[CB-1493] - removing jar file from src and added an...
2012-09-12  Tim KimUpdating to 2.1.0 2.1.0
2012-09-12  Tim Kim[CB-1429] - updating www app
2012-09-04  Tim KimForgot webworks reference 2.1.0rc2
2012-09-04  Tim KimUpdating version
2012-09-04  Tim KimUpdating sample app
2012-08-29  Tim KimFix for hello world app to work with 2.1.0rc1 out of...
2012-08-29  Tim KimUpdating hello world app
2012-08-29  Gord Tannerget rid of bundled webworks.js
2012-08-29  Gord TannerUpdates for the new Webworks SDK
2012-08-24  Tim Kim2.1.0rc1 2.1.0rc1
2012-08-24  Tim KimFixed blackberry.xml so it doesn't package the qnx...
2012-08-23  Gord Tannermade sample project work on bb10 with a custom config...
2012-08-23  Gord Tanneradded initial building support for bb10
2012-08-13  Josh SorefSpell BlackBerry with two capital B's
2012-07-27  Tim KimUsing Mike's hello world as the default sample app
2012-07-26  Tim Kimtrying to get mike's sample app as new sample template
2012-06-27  Tim KimAdding in microphone permission/feature to config
2012-06-26  Tim Kim[CB-962] Making build script work again with ant build...
2012-06-26  Tim Kim[CB-962] Fix for debug script not working on bb
2012-06-14  Fil MajAdded debug flag parameter being passed to widget packa...
2012-06-13  Fil Majadded debug and emulate commands. log not possible...
2012-06-13  Fil Maj[CB-606] Added create script for unix and windows