2014-01-06  Bryan HigginsCB-5212 - Add preference "DiskCache" (enable/disable)
2014-01-03  Bryan HigginsCB-5726 - Fix run script PIN detection
2014-01-03  Bryan HigginsCB-5723 Update logger unit tests
2014-01-03  Bryan HigginsCB-5723 Change build script -ll param to -l
2013-12-19  Bryan HigginsCB-5680 Improve console logging when scripts invoked... 133/head
2013-12-18  Bryan HigginsCB-5668 Do not set Application-Development-Mode when...
2013-12-18  Bryan HigginsCB-5669 Add --no-signing flag to build
2013-12-10  Bryan HigginsFix jshint errors
2013-12-05  Bryan HigginsSet VERSION to 3.4.0-dev v2.0.0.55 v2.0.0.56 v2.0.0.57 v2.0.0.58 v2.0.0.59
2013-12-05  Bryan HigginsCB-5434 Fix debug token warning test
2013-12-05  Josh SorefCB-5434 add homedir() function and use USERPROFILE...
2013-12-05  Josh SorefCB-5443 Windows: Handle installed 64 bit Java
2013-12-05  Josh SorefCB-5468 improve config.xml encoding handling
2013-11-29  Bryan HigginsCB-5509 Remove ability to set default target
2013-11-29  Bryan HigginsCB-5510 update response codes for plugin success/fail...
2013-11-19  Bryan HigginsUpdate cordova-js v2.0.0.50 v2.0.0.51 v2.0.0.52 v2.0.0.53 v2.0.0.54
2013-11-19  Josh SorefCB-5433 init.bat use %USERPROFILE% on Windows
2013-11-15  Bryan HigginsCB-5413 Device detection - iterate through all 169... 123/head
2013-11-11  Bryan HigginsFix unit tests v2.0.0.45
2013-11-09  Bryan HigginsCB-5317 Move signing warn logic to build/run scripts 122/head
2013-11-08  lorinbeerCB-5329 re-adds rim-permissions element to config.xml...
2013-11-07  Josh SorefCB-5258 use exit library for process.exit v2.0.0.44
2013-11-06  Bryan HigginsUpdate JS snapshot to version 3.3.0-dev (via coho) v2.0.0.43
2013-11-06  Bryan HigginsSet VERSION to 3.3.0-dev (via coho)
2013-11-06  Bryan HigginsCB-5159 Add headers to files caught by Apache RAT
2013-11-05  Josh SorefCB-4531 bin/check_reqs scripts exit with code 2 on... v2.0.0.42
2013-11-05  Bryan HigginsUpdate cordova-js v2.0.0.40 v2.0.0.41
2013-11-04  Josh SorefCB-5246 cordova/run disambiguate no target exists message
2013-11-04  Josh SorefCB-5250 bb init script calls dirname with unquoted...
2013-11-04  Josh SorefCB-5266 update create.js to copy all shell scripts...
2013-11-04  Josh SorefFix spelling
2013-11-03  Bryan HigginsCB-5254 log useful error info to std err
2013-11-01  jkeshavarziCB-5237 Implemented config-file support in config.xml...
2013-11-01  jkeshavarziCB-4403 Combined check_reqs and init to allow prerequis...
2013-10-31  Jeffrey HeifetzCB-4570 Removing unnecessary <content> check for config...
2013-10-31  Josh SorefCB-5135 Mark scripts as requiring Bash instead of using...
2013-10-28  Jeffrey HeifetzCB-5182 Adding generic error case to run script
2013-10-28  Josh SorefAuto-detect started simulator on Linux
2013-10-28  Bryan HigginsCB-4767 Remove license from platform config.xml
2013-10-28  Jeffrey HeifetzCB-4340 Auto-detect target pin when its not there
2013-10-28  Bryan HigginsCB-4768 Remove access_shared from default config.xml
2013-10-25  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4931] Updated signing process to allow passthrough...
2013-10-23  lorinbeerCB-4531 changed error codes in line with spec for helpe...
2013-10-23  lorinbeerCB-4780 update script with windows support
2013-10-23  lorinbeerCB-4780 update script for cli platform update command
2013-10-22  Tim KimCB-5139 - fix to able call bb10 version script from...
2013-10-21  Tim KimCB-4872 - added bb10 ndk version scripts
2013-10-21  Jeffrey HeifetzAdding a missing null check
2013-10-21  jkeshavarziCB-3015 Moving dependencies to .cordova folder to speed...
2013-10-21  SomaticITCB-3015 Fix syntax issue in definition check in init.bat
2013-10-17  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4774] Adding defaults.xml for new prepare flow
2013-10-16  Kristoffer... [CB-4887] Added support for true/false for hidekeyboard... v2.0.0.21 v2.0.0.22 v2.0.0.24 v2.0.0.31 v2.0.0.32
2013-10-02  DanielAudino[CB-2980] Added the install-emulator script v2.0.0.23 v2.0.0.25 v2.0.0.30 v2.0.1.30 v2.0.1.40
2013-10-02  DanielAudino[CB-2988] Added the install-device script
2013-10-01  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4913] Updates warnings to check for BBID token
2013-10-01  Jeffrey HeifetzUpdate JS snapshot to version 3.2.0-dev (via coho)
2013-10-01  Jeffrey HeifetzSet VERSION to 3.2.0-dev (via coho)
2013-09-24  jkeshavarzi[CB-4901] Removed custom modified wrench + wrench bump... v2.0.0.10 v2.0.0.20 v2.0.0.9
2013-09-20  Kristoffer... [CB-4345] Added warning message for when signing keys... v2.0.0.19
2013-09-19  lorinbeer[CB-4880] release notes for 3.1.0 3.1.0-rc1
2013-09-19  lorinbeerswitching version to 3.1.0-dev on master
2013-09-19  lorinbeerCB-4876 removal of playbook implementation
2013-09-19  lorinbeerCB-4875 updated readme with info on accessing last...
2013-09-19  Jeffrey HeifetzAdding missing license headers detected by apache rat 98/head
2013-09-19  Jeffrey HeifetzSyncing hello-world-app for 3.1 release
2013-09-17  Kristoffer... [CB-4812] Support for "default" value in the orientatio... v2.0.0.17 v2.0.0.18
2013-09-16  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4762] Added a fix to the run script to error out... v2.0.0.16
2013-09-16  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4800] Workaround a Short File Name error on WinXP...
2013-09-13  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4732] Removing buildId validation as it is no longe...
2013-09-13  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4732] Re-writing build script to use async
2013-09-12  Jeffrey HeifetzChanging our HOME algorithm to match cordova-cli
2013-09-12  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4785] Fixing --no-build flag for run command
2013-09-05  Rowell Cruz[CB-4734] Added list of files to keep in chrome/lib v2.0.0.14 v2.0.0.15
2013-09-03  DanielAudino[CB-4734] Fixed issue where plugins are not added to... 85/head v2.0.0.13
2013-09-03  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4730] [BlackBerry10] Updating init calls to work... 84/head
2013-08-30  Jeffrey Heifetz[BlackBerry10] Updated init to work on Windows 7 with...
2013-08-30  Jeffrey HeifetzUpdating scripts to make init calls surrounded in quotes 82/head v2.0.0.8
2013-08-30  Jeffrey Heifetz[BlackBerry10] Fixing a bug with debugtoken generation...
2013-08-29  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4544] Adds a --query flag to query the user for... 77/head v2.0.0.7
2013-08-29  DanielAudino[CB-4065] Remove lib files after frameworkModules.js... 75/head
2013-08-28  DanielAudino[CB-4564]Only alow .js files into frameworkModules 69/head v2.0.1.10
2013-08-26  Kristoffer... [CB-4563] Migrated parameters to preferences
2013-08-20  lorinbeerreverted config.js and event.js in unit tests due to... v2.0.0.6 v2.0.1.9
2013-08-20  lorinbeerCB-4432 copyright notice change from Research in Motion...
2013-08-20  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4634] Updating the default app to match cordova... 80/head v2.0.0.5 v2.0.1.2 v2.0.1.4 v2.0.1.5 v2.0.1.6 v2.0.1.7 v2.0.1.8
2013-08-16  jkeshavarzi[CB-3798] Refactored all exec calls to use newly create...
2013-08-13  Bryan Higgins[CB-4343] Remove parsing of project name from create...
2013-08-13  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4575] Removing plugman chmod change from creation... 76/head
2013-08-12  Eric Li[CB-4344] Auto-detect started simulator
2013-08-12  Bryan Higgins[CB-4342] Detect USB connected device
2013-08-09  Kristoffer... [CB-4076] Modified config-parser to default to the...
2013-08-09  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4259] Removing plugman and cordova/plugin script
2013-08-09  Danyi Lin[CB-4423] Warn when special characters are used in...
2013-08-06  jkeshavarzi[CB-3798] Fixed CORDOVA_BBTOOLS env variable with space...
2013-08-06  Kristoffer... [CB-4076] Added support for the origin attribute in...
2013-08-06  Kristoffer... [CB-4508] Fixed failing unit tests
2013-08-02  jkeshavarzi[CB3439] Introduces --web-inspector flag to enable... v2.0.1.1
2013-08-01  jkeshavarziFixed minor issues with paths with spaces
2013-08-01  jkeshavarziPlugman version bump to 0.10.0
2013-08-01  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-4481] Removing permissions from template since...