2014-08-27  Bryan HigginsUpdate JS snapshot to version 3.6.0 (via coho)
2014-08-26  Josh SorefCB-7409 update CORDOVA_HOME_DIR based on npm_cache 176/head
2014-08-26  Josh SorefCB-7411 Make version in version script easier to replac...
2014-08-26  Bryan HigginsCB-7336 Add bundledDependencies to package.json
2014-08-21  Josh SorefCB-7211 jshint: force to see all errors 173/head
2014-08-21  Josh SorefCB-7210 cleanup create remove clean/copyJavascript 172/head
2014-08-15  Josh SorefCB-7250 test/cordova/integration/target use private... 174/head
2014-07-29  Josh SorefCB-7209 Improve tests including adding parallelism...
2014-07-29  Josh SorefCB-7209 Improve tests including adding parallelism...
2014-07-29  Josh SorefCB-7186 fix up packager-validator tests to indicate...
2014-07-28  Danyi LinCB-7186 --no-signing will be ignored if --buildId is set 169/head
2014-07-24  Bryan HigginsUpdate package name to match convention (cordova-[platf...
2014-07-24  Josh SorefCB-5815 cordova not defined when pausing w/o cordova... 170/head
2014-07-10  Josh SorefCB-7119 cordova run --target xxx dies if blackberry10... 168/head
2014-07-07  Josh SorefCB-7087 Retire blackberry10/ directory 167/head v2.2.0.10
2014-06-26  Josh SorefCB-6492 AppData hint is wrong for wXP 166/head v2.2.0.4
2014-06-26  Josh SorefCB-7036 make npm test work again (using grunt instead... 165/head
2014-06-25  Josh SorefCB-7025 report platform update 164/head
2014-06-18  Josh SorefCB-6968 fix bashism (source) in update script and bb10... 163/head
2014-06-12  Josh SorefCB-6934 run should complain about target w/o ip before... 162/head
2014-06-11  Josh SorefCB-6925 simulator detection: fail gracefully w/ no... 161/head
2014-06-09  Josh SorefCB-6904 Improve Markdown in 156/head
2014-06-09  Josh SorefCB-5436 Update defaults.xml and config.xml configuratio...
2014-06-09  Josh SorefCB-6850 use path.join() for blackberry10debugtoken...
2014-06-09  Josh SorefCB-6757 Provide useful hint when simulator does not...
2014-05-30  Bryan HigginsCB-5654 Log 'native' Cordova version during framework...
2014-05-30  Marcel KinardCB-6786 Add license to
2014-05-21  Rowell CruzCB-6730: Tweak whitelist URI parsing to fix 157/head
2014-05-12  Bryan HigginsCB-6554 fix malformed json file
2014-05-08  Steven Gillupdated package.json version
2014-05-08  Steven GillUpdate JS snapshot to version 3.6.0-dev (via coho)
2014-05-08  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.6.0-dev (via coho)
2014-04-30  Steven GillCB-6554: updated package.json
2014-04-30  Marcel KinardCB-6491 add
2014-04-25  Bryan HigginsCB-6522 Disallow space in target name 155/head v2.1.0.11 v2.1.0.13
2014-04-22  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 Move config logic to its own module
2014-04-19  Josh SorefCB-6398 Support additional commands in blackberry10... v2.1.0.10 v2.1.0.6 v2.1.0.7 v2.1.0.8 v2.1.0.9
2014-04-19  Josh SorefRefactor getParams() out of session
2014-04-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 Switch to grunt as task runner
2014-04-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 chmod -x *.bat
2014-04-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 Remove scripts/lib dir
2014-04-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 Move utils.js from bin to template
2014-04-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 Remove +x from .bat files
2014-04-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 create - use shelljs rather than custom copy...
2014-04-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 Move create.js to lib
2014-04-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 Remove check_reqs.js
2014-04-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6440 Move signing-utils out of bin
2014-04-08  Bryan HigginsCB-6416 Ensure target dictionary exists in properties...
2014-04-07  Bryan HigginsCB-6410 Allow deployment when debug token cannot be... 154/head
2014-04-07  Bryan HigginsCB-6409 Allow detection of devices which have not yet...
2014-04-04  Bryan HigginsCB-6346 Remove NPM warning from README
2014-03-28  Bryan HigginsCB-6376 backgroundColor in user.js is missing quotes
2014-03-26  Bryan HigginsCB-6346 - Add node_modules to source control 152/head v2.1.0.3
2014-03-23  Bryan HigginsCB-6326 Fix inconsistency between manually added vs...
2014-03-21  Martin GonzalezCB-6326 (cordova-blackberry) target-utils.js 151/head
2014-03-20  Josh SorefCB-6303 Simplify error when user uses ^C at password... v2.1.0.2
2014-03-19  Bryan HigginsCB-6303 Remove titles from non-content web views
2014-03-19  Bryan HigginsCB-6303 Add aria-hidden="true" to controller webview...
2014-03-19  Bryan HigginsCB-6303 Remove text to prevent it being read by screen...
2014-03-13  Josh SorefCB-6241 Default to prompting for passwords (replace... 150/head v2.1.0.1
2014-03-11  Josh SorefCB-6222 Various updates for the BlackBerry 10 documentation 144/head
2014-02-19  jkeshavarziCB-6058 - Options file removed from output bar. Now...
2014-02-12  Bryan HigginsCB-6021 Add --release to run command
2014-02-12  Josh SorefCB-5723 Build script should accept -l param as it does...
2014-02-12  Bryan Higgins[CB-6019] Supply default value of --device to the run... 146/head
2014-02-11  Bryan HigginsUpdate cordova-js
2014-01-31  Josh SorefCB-5660 use enabledelayedexpansion to handle )s in...
2014-01-31  jkeshavarziCB-5909 Fixed issue where check-reqs skipped checking...
2014-01-24  Bryan HigginsUpdate VERSION to 3.5.0-dev
2014-01-17  Josh SorefCB-5815 cordova not defined when pausing w/o cordova... 139/head
2014-01-15  Josh SorefCB-3380 init - Fix use of [] w/ &&
2014-01-13  Josh SorefCB-4531 Fix error case where variable wasn't available 135/head
2014-01-13  Josh SorefCB-5730 Cordova update does not work
2014-01-13  Josh SorefCB-4653 Remove project.json 136/head
2014-01-13  Josh SorefCB-4653 Default native project template should be overr...
2014-01-10  Bryan HigginsCB-3380 Skip NPM check when dependencies are bundled
2014-01-09  Kristoffer... CB-5741 Send single command for uninstall / install
2014-01-07  Bryan HigginsCB-5736 - target host is a required field
2014-01-07  Bryan HigginsCB-5736 Support host names for target command
2014-01-06  Bryan HigginsCB-5212 - Add preference "DiskCache" (enable/disable)
2014-01-03  Bryan HigginsCB-5726 - Fix run script PIN detection
2014-01-03  Bryan HigginsCB-5723 Update logger unit tests
2014-01-03  Bryan HigginsCB-5723 Change build script -ll param to -l
2013-12-19  Bryan HigginsCB-5680 Improve console logging when scripts invoked... 133/head
2013-12-18  Bryan HigginsCB-5668 Do not set Application-Development-Mode when...
2013-12-18  Bryan HigginsCB-5669 Add --no-signing flag to build
2013-12-10  Bryan HigginsFix jshint errors
2013-12-05  Bryan HigginsSet VERSION to 3.4.0-dev v2.0.0.55 v2.0.0.56 v2.0.0.57 v2.0.0.58 v2.0.0.59
2013-12-05  Bryan HigginsCB-5434 Fix debug token warning test
2013-12-05  Josh SorefCB-5434 add homedir() function and use USERPROFILE...
2013-12-05  Josh SorefCB-5443 Windows: Handle installed 64 bit Java
2013-12-05  Josh SorefCB-5468 improve config.xml encoding handling
2013-11-29  Bryan HigginsCB-5509 Remove ability to set default target
2013-11-29  Bryan HigginsCB-5510 update response codes for plugin success/fail...
2013-11-19  Bryan HigginsUpdate cordova-js v2.0.0.50 v2.0.0.51 v2.0.0.52 v2.0.0.53 v2.0.0.54
2013-11-19  Josh SorefCB-5433 init.bat use %USERPROFILE% on Windows
2013-11-15  Bryan HigginsCB-5413 Device detection - iterate through all 169... 123/head
2013-11-11  Bryan HigginsFix unit tests v2.0.0.45
2013-11-09  Bryan HigginsCB-5317 Move signing warn logic to build/run scripts 122/head
2013-11-08  lorinbeerCB-5329 re-adds rim-permissions element to config.xml...