2013-06-05  lorinbeer[CB-3589] 2.8.0 version tagging for BBOS and playbook 2.8.x 2.8.0
2013-06-05  lorinbeer[CB-3589] updated cordova js and VERSION, tagging 2.8.0
2013-06-05  lorinbeer[CB-2914][CB-2975][CB-2988] stubs for currently unimple...
2013-06-05  lorinbeer[CB-2999] supported on osx, with no list-emulator fallb...
2013-06-05  lorinbeer[CB-2924] logging is possible to support, stubbing...
2013-06-05  lorinbeer[CB-2952] stubbed in as not handled. BB uses vmware...
2013-06-05  Bryan Higgins[CB-3613] Format paths passed to childProcess.exec...
2013-06-05  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-3435] Fixes a problem where the options in the...
2013-06-05  Hasan Ahmad[CB-3435] Escape paths to prevent issues with spaces
2013-06-04  Bryan Higgins[CB-3497] Fix create script for Linux/OSX
2013-06-04  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-3380] Updates scripts to work better with Node...
2013-05-30  DanielAudino[CB-3381] Output usage info on error for all scripts
2013-05-29  lorinbeer[CB-3442] lost commit, fix for bb10 2.8.0rc1
2013-05-29  lorinbeer[CB-3473] updated version to 2.8.0rc1
2013-05-29  lorinbeer[CB-3473] updated helloworld and js
2013-05-29  lorinbeer[CB-3473] updated cordova.js
2013-05-29  lorinbeer[CB-3473] updated version, unwound dev label which...
2013-05-29  lorinbeer[CB-3473] update hello world
2013-05-29  lorinbeer[CB-3442] cordova-ver.js to cordova.js
2013-05-24  Eric Li[CB-2927] [CB-2939] Update build and run scripts to...
2013-05-23  Hasan Ahmad[CB-3486] Update scripts to work without changing worki...
2013-05-22  Hasan AhmadUpdate plugin.xml files for Contacts extension
2013-05-22  Hasan Ahmad[CB-3437] Fix path issues in create and plugin scripts
2013-05-21  Bryan HigginsUpdate package.json for explicit versioning of jWorkflo...
2013-05-21  jkeshavarzi[CB-3434] [BlackBerry10] Implemented pause and resume...
2013-05-21  Bryan HigginsUpdating cordova.blackberry10.js
2013-05-21  DanielAudino[CB-3161] Improvements to target command help
2013-05-21  Bryan HigginsUpdating cordova.blackberry10.js
2013-05-20  Hasan Ahmadcopy cordova.js into app root instead of chrome
2013-05-20  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-3367] Updates the framework to work with a smarter...
2013-05-13  jkeshavarziAdding WEBWORKS_VERSION env variable
2013-05-13  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-3370] Cleaning up metadata from platform split
2013-05-13  Jeffrey Heifetz[CB-3371] Fixed Battery plugin start to change contexts...
2013-05-13  Hasan AhmadContacts core plugin
2013-05-06  Bryan HigginsUpdate cordova.blackberry10.js
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsReplace version in Device with dev
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsRemove invalid test for js file copying at build time
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsStrip out non-ascii characters in VERSION for create...
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsUpdate BlackBerry10 VERSION to dev on master
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsUpdate cordova.blackberry10.js
2013-05-03  DanielAudinoUpdate config.xml for splash screen and icons
2013-05-03  Hasan AhmadUpdate paths for plugin unit tests
2013-05-03  DanielAudinoAdded fix to use commandline keystorepass
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsUpdate bat files to pass arguments properly in Windows
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsUpdating cordova.blackberry10.js
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsUpdate for BlackBerry 10
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginswriteFile in packager-utils updated to be sync
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzUpdate plugin script and template to work with plugman...
2013-05-03  jkeshavarziUpdated navigator.notification.prompt to return an...
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsUpdating cordova.blackberry10.js
2013-05-03  Danyi LinFixed build error on linux
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsWrap PluginResult data in array
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsPoint to blackberry10 branch of plugman in package...
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzUpdating config.xml to remove the id field of the widge...
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsUpdate cordova.js
2013-05-03  Rosa TseAdded SplashScreen plugin
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzUpdating PluginResult to add a getter for the callbackId.
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzModifying device to account for API not existing on...
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzAdd full content of modules to frameworkModules.js
2013-05-03  Hasan AhmadAdd Accelerometer plugin
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsFix JPPS and Utils plugins directory structure
2013-05-03  jkeshavarziCordova Notification API implementation [alert, confirm...
2013-05-03  Hasan Ahmadsuppress console output for cordova/plugin on windows
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsAdd JPPS and Utils plugins to project template.
2013-05-03  Hasan Ahmadfix cordova/clean
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsImplement Logger plugin
2013-05-03  Rosa TseMigrated camera to be a cordova plugin
2013-05-03  Hasan AhmadAdds new script: bin/check_reqs
2013-05-03  Hasan Ahmadcreate integration tests
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzUpdating pluginResult to allow keeping callbacks while...
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsInitial work on cleaning up the exec chain, including...
2013-05-03  DanielAudinoAdded clean script to remove build folder
2013-05-03  DanielAudinoFixed the runs script for child processes
2013-05-03  jkeshavarziCordova plugin unit tests [Device, NetworkStatus]
2013-05-03  Hasan Ahmadremove webworks-info
2013-05-03  DanielAudinoAdded help for create script
2013-05-03  James KeshavarziAdd unit tests for build
2013-05-03  DanielAudinoRenamed target.js to target due to help command issue
2013-05-03  Hasan Ahmadadd execute permission to plugman create.js after copyi...
2013-05-03  Hasan Ahmadadd plugin script for adding plugins, depends on plugman
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsAdd NetworkStatus plugin
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsAdd Device plugin
2013-05-03  James KeshavarziUpdate build script to include plugins in output
2013-05-03  Bryan HigginsRemove WebWorks extension loading and add Cordova plugi...
2013-05-03  Hasan Ahmadfix relative path issue, update invalid BAR filename...
2013-05-03  Hasan AhmadUpdate create script to set up appId and bar file name
2013-05-03  Eric LiAdded debug token support to build/run
2013-05-03  Jeffrey HeifetzSplit out BB10 from blackberry to new top-level platfor...
2013-04-30  lorinbeerUpdate to version dev dev
2013-04-30  lorinbeerUpdate to version 2.7.0 2.7.0
2013-04-26  Michael Brooks[CB-3232] Update bin/create to be run from any directory.
2013-04-19  Tim Kim[CB-3102] - updated version and tagged 2.7.0rc1
2013-04-19  Tim Kim[CB-3078] - updated javascript
2013-04-12  lorinbeer[CB-3024] help string updated with parameter usage
2013-03-27  Tim Kim[CB-2766] - updated version 2.6.0rc1
2013-03-27  Tim Kim[CB-2745] - updating javascript again
2013-03-27  Tim Kim[CB-2756] - updating www/ for bb
2013-03-27  Tim Kim[CB-2745] - updating javascript
2013-03-27  lorinbeer[CB-2809] resolveFileSystemURI now reports native Illeg...
2013-03-21  lorinbeer[CB-2646] removed mistaken modification to mkdir file... 7/head