2014-05-30  Marcel KinardCB-6816 Add missing licenses
2014-05-30  Marcel KinardCB-6816 Add license to
2014-05-29  Steven GillMerge branch 'patch-9' of
2014-05-29  Steven GillMerge branch 'patch-8' of
2014-05-29  Steven GillMerge branch 'patch-7' of
2014-05-27  Andrew GrieveCreate a new repo group: tools (CLI+Plugman+Lib+Coho)
2014-05-26  Steve GillUpdate 26/head
2014-05-26  Steve GillUpdate 25/head
2014-05-23  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6745 Remove --harmony-generators requirement
2014-05-20  Carlos SantanaCB-6718 cordova firefox reports wrong version 24/head
2014-05-20  Marcel KinardCleaned up typos and minor formatting.
2014-05-16  Michal MocnyChange instruction to default to master branch
2014-05-15  Marcel Kinardnote that mobile-spec should be at matching tag
2014-05-14  Steve GillRemoved old upload release process 23/head
2014-05-13  Andrew GrieveCB-6677 Fix superspawn when run under gnode
2014-05-12  Andrew GrieveUse gnode when running under node v0.10.x
2014-05-10  Steven Gilladded cordova-lib to cadence release, removed docs
2014-05-09  Steve Gilladded cordova-lib, more edits needed 22/head
2014-05-08  Steve GillRemoving rc tag/version steps for platforms. 21/head
2014-05-02  Steve GillUpdated the cadence release process doc 20/head
2014-05-02  Michal MocnyAdding cordova-lib repo
2014-05-02  Michal Mocnyremoving invalid shelljs usage
2014-05-01  Andrew GrieveFirst draft of voting guidelines for releases.
2014-04-30  Marcel KinardCB-6491 add
2014-04-29  Andrew GrieveRemove note about committing to "dev" branch from commi...
2014-04-29  Andrew GrieveFix list-pulls stopping if a repo has no pull requests
2014-04-29  Andrew GrieveClosing stale pull requests
2014-04-25  Andrew GrieveAdd some color to coho
2014-04-25  Ian ClellandUpdate plugins release doc
2014-04-25  Andrew GrieveDrop `./cordova-coho/` prefix from docs & suggest ...
2014-04-25  Andrew GrieveRemove plugin "dev" branch logic from coho commands
2014-04-24  Michal MocnyUpdate 19/head
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveUnbreak the -r auto flag. Fix for-each command's arg...
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveEnforse working directory to be sibling of cordova...
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveOrganize list of commands in --help into groups
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveMake repo-update use "git remote update" instead of...
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveMoved prepare-release-branch and tag-release into new...
2014-04-24  Andrew Grieverepo-push module
2014-04-24  Andrew Grieverepo-reset module
2014-04-24  Andrew Grieverepo-status & repo-update modules
2014-04-24  Andrew Grieverepo-clone module
2014-04-24  Andrew Grievelist-repos module
2014-04-24  Andrew Grievelist-release-urls module
2014-04-24  Andrew Grieveprint-tags module
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveMove create-archive and verify-archive into their own...
2014-04-24  Andrew Grievefor-each into its own module
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveMove last-week into its own module
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveMove audit-license-headers into its own module
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveMove create-release-bug into a separate module.
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveSplit list-pulls into a separate module
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveRefactor coho to use coroutines & spawn instead of...
2014-04-24  Andrew GrieveDelete upload-release command. It's no longer used.
2014-04-23  Andrew GrieveRemove some unused files
2014-04-23  Andrew GrieveAdd git status output to repo-status. Make command...
2014-04-17  Andrew GrieveTools release: npm publish the exact tarball that is...
2014-04-15  Michal MocnyChange README to work if cordova dir already exists
2014-04-15  Andrew GrieveDelete KEYS file from coho since it's in dist/ already.
2014-04-14  James Jongminor correction in docs/setting-up-pgp
2014-04-10  James JongAdded my signing PGP key to KEYS
2014-04-09  Steve Gilladded announcement blog post to tools release instructions 18/head
2014-04-08  Steve GillFixing todos 17/head
2014-04-08  Steven GillMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-04-08  Steven GillCB-6420: tools release now use npm pack instead of...
2014-04-08  Andrew GrieveAdd more TODOs to release process
2014-04-08  Steven GillAdded my signing PGP key to KEYS
2014-04-08  Steve GillUpdated the tools release process. 16/head
2014-04-07  Shazron AbdullahAdded my signing PGP key to KEYS
2014-04-07  Andrew GrieveChange default value of max-age for list-pull to not...
2014-04-06  Andrew GrieveAdd docs/ to link out to other docs.
2014-04-05  Andrew GrieveAdd coho --help example to "how to clone"
2014-03-28  Andrew GrieveFix double-printing when ulimit fix is applied
2014-03-28  Andrew GrieveFix crash in list-pulls when repo is null
2014-03-28  Andrew GrieveClosing stale pull requests.
2014-03-19  Marcel KinardCB-6307 minor bugs
2014-03-13  Shazron AbdullahAdded cordova-plugin-statusbar to list of plugins
2014-03-13  Josh SorefCB-6189 Spelling: release
2014-03-13  Andrew GrieveAnother minor markdown tweak for GitHub's sake
2014-03-13  Andrew GrieveFix up broken markdown (at least broken according to...
2014-03-13  Andrew GrieveChange pull request command from git am -> git pull
2014-03-13  Andrew GrieveAdd cordova-registry, cordova-registry-web, and cordova...
2014-03-13  Andrew GrieveMove from wiki: CommitterWorkfow and ProcessingPullRequests
2014-03-12  Andrew GrieveAdded cordova-labs to coho's list
2014-03-12  Andrew GrieveClosing stale pull requests.
2014-03-11  Andrew GrieveRe-write coho's with a mission statement.
2014-03-11  Andrew GrieveAdd a TODO about publish RCs to npm for tools
2014-03-11  Andrew GrieveAdd a TODO about using signed tags for releases.
2014-03-09  Carlos SantanaCB-6156 Enable CLI and Plugman with npm shrinkwrap
2014-03-07  Andrew GrieveMinor tweak to release instructions (add a "cd ..")
2014-03-06  Andrew GrieveMove SetUpGpg from wiki to docs/
2014-03-05  Andrew GrieveMoved release process docs into COHO
2014-03-01  Andrew GrieveAdd "print-tags" command, for use in VOTE emails.
2014-02-28  Andrew GrieveAdd a --no-sign option to create-archive
2014-02-28  Andrew GrieveAdd create-archive and verify-archive commands.
2014-02-28  Andrew GrieveAdd svn repos to coho
2014-02-27  Andrew GrieveAdd NOTICE file
2014-02-27  Andrew GrieveTweak NOTICE message to bring it up-to-date.
2014-02-27  Andrew GrieveRemove obsolete notes from NOTICE
2014-02-27  Andrew GrieveAdding my PGP to KEYS
2014-02-21  Andrew GrieveAdd --max-age and --hide-user options to list-pulls
2014-02-21  Andrew GrieveAdd medic to coho's known repos