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last changeTue, 22 May 2018 03:41:22 +0000 (20:41 -0700)
23 hours ago  Raphael von... Use strip-bom to strip BOM master
23 hours ago  Raphael von... Simplify element removal in ConfigParser
23 hours ago  Raphael von... Use .includes and .startsWith instead of .indexOf
34 hours ago  Raphael von... Remove obsolete JSCS config
4 days ago  Darryl PogueCB-13979: More consistency for config.xml lookups
4 days ago  Darryl PogueAdd GitHub pull request template
4 days ago  Darryl PogueCB-14064: Remove Node 4 from CI matrix
4 days ago  Darryl PogueUpdate dependencies
4 days ago  Darryl PogueCB-11691: Fix for modifying binary plists
4 days ago  Jacques CaronCB-13770: Warn when <edit-config> or <config-file>...
2018-05-08  Raphael von... Remove unused arguments and configure linter to report...
2018-05-08  Raphael von... Lint sources and specs in one go
2018-05-07  Raphael von... CB-13471: Fix tests and path issues for Windows
2018-05-07  Audrey SoCB-13471 : added unit test for config file provider
2018-05-05  Raphael von... Remove outdated README for ConfigParser
2018-05-05  Raphael von... Various fixes in README
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