descriptionApache Cordova Electron
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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7 days ago  エリスUpdated Correct Version Information (#5) master
9 days ago  エリスMerge pull request #4 from erisu/electron-improvements
9 days ago  エリスUpdated Build Settings to Append Windows Signing Correctly 4/head
9 days ago  エリスUpdated Linux Build Settings to Set Author
9 days ago  エリスFixed Creating Windows Build Settings
10 days ago  Jan PiotrowskiUpdate
10 days ago  Jan PiotrowskiUpdate
10 days ago  エリスEnsure that platform and platform_www dir exists before...
10 days ago  エリスAdded
2018-11-30  エリスUpdated Default Base and Linux Build Configs
2018-11-28  エリスAdded Mac Apple Store Signing Support
2018-11-26  エリスUpdated Build Signing Config Settings
2018-11-15  Jan PiotrowskiUpdate
2018-11-15  Ken Naitoescape win32 posix path (#8)
2018-11-15  Ken Naitofix location of main.js in run.js (#5)
2018-11-15  エリスImprove build steps
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