2018-02-20  Steve GillMerge pull request #13 from devtobo/CB-13503-squashed master
2018-02-16  Thomas BrianCB-13503 fix trimID bug when using file:path/to/plugin 13/head
2018-02-06  Steve GillMerge pull request #12 from funkyvisions/patch-1
2018-02-02  daviesdAdding a unit test 12/head
2018-01-29  daviesdEnabling support for git+http
2017-12-14  Steve GillCB-13674 Incremented package version to -dev
2017-12-14  Steve GillCB-13674 Updated version and for releas... 1.3.x 1.3.0 rel/1.3.0
2017-12-14  Steve GillMerge pull request #11 from stevengill/master
2017-12-13  Steve GillCB-13055: fixed failing tests in cordova-lib 11/head
2017-12-13  AudreyMerge pull request #10 from dpogue/github-url
2017-12-07  AudreyMerge pull request #10 from dpogue/github-url
2017-11-17  Darryl PogueSupport git shortlink package references 10/head
2017-10-27  Audrey So CB-13504: Incremented package version to -dev 1.2.x
2017-10-27  Audrey SoCB-13504 Updated version and for releas... 1.2.1
2017-10-27  Audrey SoCB-13504: updating package.json versions for cordova... 9/head
2017-10-27  Audrey SoCB-13501 : added support for node 8 8/head
2017-10-25  Audrey SoCB-13492 : updating and including a tests... 7/head
2017-10-06  Steve GillCB-13380 Incremented package version to -dev
2017-10-06  Steve GillCB-13380 Updated version and for releas... 1.2.0 rel/1.2.0
2017-10-04  Audrey SoCB-13303 : updating opts.production
2017-10-03  Audrey SoCB-13353 : added saveexact as an option and updated... 4/head
2017-10-03  Steve GillCB-13308, CB-13252 fix issue with plugins turning into... 5/head
2017-10-02  Audrey SoCB-13303 : setting production flag to default during... 3/head
2017-09-19  Audrey SoCB-12895 : setting up eslint and removing jshint
2017-08-16  Nikita Matrosov CB-13010: Improve logic for searching packages which...
2017-08-16  Steve Gillremoved ssh test so tests pass
2017-06-14  Steve GillCB-11980: fixed incorrect appveyor image
2017-06-08  Steve GillCB-12785: added test for supporting git+ssh npm install...
2017-06-06  Steve GillCB-12785: added .gitignore file
2017-06-06  Steve GillCB-12785: added travis and appveyor
2017-06-05  Nikita MatrosovCB-12786: Improve logic for searching plugin id in...
2017-06-02  Audrey SoCB-12762 : updated common, fetch, and serve pkgJson...
2017-06-02  Nikita MatrosovCB-12787: Fix plugin installation with --link option
2017-06-02  Nikita MatrosovCB-12738: Cordova ignores plugin dependency version...
2017-05-02  Steve GillCB-12747 Incremented package version to -dev
2017-05-01  Steve GillCB-12747 Updated version and for releas...
2017-05-01  Steve GillCB-12747 Updated version and for releas...
2017-04-25  Steve Gillupdated dependency-ls dependency for cordova-fetch
2017-04-19  Steve GillCB-12665 removed enginestrict since it is deprecated
2017-04-17  Shazron AbdullahCB-12662 - update cordova-common dependency to 2.0.2
2017-03-10  Steve Gillincreased timeout on fetch tests
2017-03-10  Audrey SoCB-11977 : updated engines and enginescript for common...
2017-03-09  Steve Gillincreased timeout on cordova-fetch test
2017-02-15  Audrey Sofixfetch : updated index.js to deal with local path
2017-01-25  Steve Gillupdated cordova-fetch releaste notes
2017-01-18  Steve GillCB-12358 Incremented package version to -dev
2017-01-17  Steve GillCB-12358 Updated version and for releas...
2016-07-29  Steve Gillupdated cordova-common dep for cordova-fetch to 1.4.0
2016-07-13  Vladimir KotikovCB-11569 Incremented package versions to -dev
2016-06-16  Steve GillFixed broken fetch tests
2016-06-15  Steve Gillenhanced cordova-fetch to better handle multiple fetche...
2016-06-05  Darryl PogueRevert "attempting to fix failing travis and appveyor...
2016-06-05  Darryl Pogue[CB-11252] Fix cordova-fetch tests
2016-06-04  Steve GillCB-11252 minor fix to trimID function in cordova-fetch
2016-06-03  carynbearCB-11252 Fix cordova fetch for scoped packages
2016-06-03  Steve Gillattempting to fix failing travis and appveyor tests
2016-05-13  Steve GillCB-11252 added scoped package test to cordova-fetch
2016-05-13  Steve GillCB-11260 Incremented package version to -dev
2016-05-13  Steve GillCB-11260 linkified release notes
2016-05-13  Steve GillCB-11260 added missing headers
2016-05-13  Steve GillCB-11260 Updated version and for cordov...
2016-05-09  Steve GillCB-9858 merging initial fetch work for plugin and platf...