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[cordova-firefoxos.git] / bin /
2015-06-25  Suraj PindoriaCB-8965 Copy cordova-js-src to platform folder during... 24/head
2015-03-27  Les OrchardCB-4548 Implement the `run` command using node-firefox... 23/head
2015-03-26  Steve GillSet VERSION to 3.8.0-dev (via coho)
2015-02-18  Jon BuckleyCB-7567 Don't use adm-zip because it creates invalid... 22/head
2014-08-27  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.7.0-dev (via coho)
2014-08-26  Steven Gilladded console.log to version script
2014-08-05  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'rodms/fix-version'
2014-07-30  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'rodms/cp-error'
2014-07-30  Rodrigo SilveiraFixing error on new CLI/LIB: cp: no such file or direct... 19/head
2014-07-29  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'marti/master'
2014-07-28  Willy Aguirreremove echo 18/head
2014-07-22  Willy Aguirreupdate clean.bat
2014-07-16  Willy Aguirreupdate clean.bat
2014-07-16  Willy Aguirreadd clean.bat
2014-06-27  Piotr ZalewaMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-06-27  Rodrigo Silveiracordova.js needs to be copied to platform www
2014-06-27  Rodrigo SilveiraCB-7016 - zip created by build has unecessary "./"...
2014-06-25  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'rodms/CB-7016'
2014-06-25  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'marti/CB-6832'
2014-06-24  Rodrigo SilveiraCB-7016 - zip created by build has unecessary "./"... 15/head
2014-06-23  Willy Aguirreremove "<!-- and -->" 14/head
2014-06-16  Willy Aguirreupdate header licenses
2014-06-11  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'marti/new-icon'
2014-06-11  Willy Aguirredelete foo file
2014-06-10  Willy Aguirreupdate project 13/head
2014-06-10  Willy Aguirreupdate
2014-06-10  Willy Aguirreupdate defaults
2014-06-08  Willy Aguirreadd icons
2014-06-06  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'rodms/cleanup'
2014-06-05  Rodrigo SilveiraRemoving unused template 11/head
2014-05-27  Steven Gillremoved extra comma from package.json
2014-05-20  Piotr ZalewaMerge branch 'fix_version'
2014-05-20  Piotr Zalewaversion fixed (CB-6718) 10/head
2014-05-15  Steven GillMerge branch 'fix-build' of
2014-05-15  Steven GillMerge branch 'CB-5751' of
2014-05-15  Rodrigo SilveiraSimplifies build for firefoxos 9/head
2014-05-13  Steven GillMerge branch 'fix-default' of
2014-05-13  Steven GillMerge branch 'CB-5816' of
2014-05-13  Rodrigo SilveiraRemove unused elements from defaults.xml 8/head
2014-04-30  braasCB-5816 fix errors in untested code 7/head
2014-04-30  braasCB-5816 Review-response: fix unix-centric paths to...
2014-03-19  braasCB-5816 manifest.webapp should be package.manifest
2014-03-18  braasCB-5816 corrected some logging
2014-03-18  braasCB-5816 forgot to rename a function in lib/build.js
2014-03-18  braasCB-5816 remove node_js from the project template and...
2014-03-18  braasCB-5816 remove out-commented code
2014-03-18  braasCB-5816 clean build.js and provide feedback if content...
2014-03-18  braasCB-5816 add build --release
2014-03-12  braasCB-5816 make build really quiet
2014-03-11  braasexit(0) should be exit(1), according to J.Soref
2014-02-13  braasCB-5751 FirefoxOS build issue 6/head
2014-02-13  braasCB-5816 FirefoxOS - add build script
2014-01-27  Josh SorefCB-5141: FirefoxOS - fix version script permissions 4/head
2013-12-12  Steven Gillfixed version script on master
2013-12-12  Steven Gilladded version file
2013-11-12  Steven GillCB-5234: fixed ffos update script
2013-11-09  Steven Gillfixed root reference in update script
2013-11-09  Steven Gillfixed errors with update script
2013-11-08  Steven GillCB-5234: added update scripts for ffos
2013-10-12  Steven Gilladded values to defaults.xml
2013-10-11  Steven GillCB-5051: moved defaults.xml to cordova folder
2013-10-11  Steven Gilladded blank defaults.xml
2013-09-18  Steven Gilladded windows support for firefoxos
2013-08-24  Steven Gillfixed permission issue when copying cordova scripts
2013-08-24  Steven Gillremoved cordova_plugins.js
2013-08-23  Steven Gilladded temp files
2013-08-23  Steven Gilladded stub run file
2013-08-23  Steven Gillrenamed javascript directory to cordova-lib
2013-08-23  Steven Gillremoved manifest file, going to rely on cordova-cli...
2013-08-23  Steven Gilladded help method
2013-08-23  Steven Gillupdated manifest file
2013-08-23  Steven Gilladded node version of create script
2013-08-23  Steven Gillupdated template
2013-08-23  James Longinitial structure
2013-03-13  hermwongupdates to initial firefox implementation
2013-03-13  Gord TannerRenamed b2g to firefoxos
2013-03-13  Gord TannerAdded build cordova script
2013-03-13  Gord Tannerwork to get ./cordova/run working (and on device install)
2013-03-13  Gord TannerNeed to run npm install on the template app
2013-03-13  Gord TannerAdded ./bin/create script for b2g