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2017-12-08  Jesse MacFadyen[CB-12762] point package.json repo items to github...
2015-03-27  Les OrchardCB-4548 Add node-firefox-* module dependencies to packa...
2015-03-26  Steve Gilladded ecosystem:cordova keyword
2015-03-26  Steve GillSet VERSION to 3.8.0-dev (via coho)
2015-02-18  Jon BuckleyCB-7567 Don't use adm-zip because it creates invalid... 22/head
2014-09-12  Marcel KinardSet VERSION to 3.7.0-dev (via coho)
2014-09-02  Steven Gilladded bundledDependencies to package.json
2014-08-27  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.7.0-dev (via coho)
2014-05-27  Steven Gillremoved extra comma from package.json
2014-05-15  Steven GillMerge branch 'CB-5751' of
2014-05-13  Steven GillMerge branch 'fix-default' of
2014-05-13  Steven GillMerge branch 'CB-5816' of
2014-05-07  Steven Gillupdated package.json version to 3.5.0
2014-04-30  Steven GillCB-6555: updated top level pacakge.json file
2014-03-18  braasCB-5816 remove node_js from the project template and...
2013-09-18  Steven Gilladded windows support for firefoxos
2013-08-23  Steven Gillupdated package.json
2013-08-23  Steven Gilladded node version of create script