35 hours ago  Ken NaitoCocoapods support improvement, using podspec tag in... master
2018-11-08  Darryl PogueFix unit tests against cordova-common master
2018-11-08  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #457 from erisu/bump-common-3x
2018-11-08  エリスDependency bump cordova-common@^3.0.0 457/head
2018-11-07  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #456 from erisu/remove-node_module...
2018-11-07  エリスOnly copy platform node_modules when create by bin 456/head
2018-11-02  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #451 from kashban/master
2018-11-02  hwid586Adapted to final XCode 10.1 format 451/head
2018-11-01  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #421 from dpogue/test-output
2018-10-10  Jürgen "Kashban... Fix Scanning for available emulator images
2018-10-03  Jan Piotrowskiremove JIRA link
2018-09-30  Darryl PogueSilence logging output during test runs 421/head
2018-09-12  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #406 from erisu/add-missing-unorm...
2018-09-12  エリスAdded missing unorm dependency 406/head
2018-09-11  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #388 from brodybits/cb-14242-remove...
2018-09-11  Raphael von... Merge branch 'master' into cb-14242-remove-bundled... 388/head
2018-09-06  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #398 from erisu/remove-xcconfig...
2018-09-02  Jan PiotrowskiMerge pull request #373 from dpogue/resouce-file-overwrite
2018-08-29  エリスRemoval of xcconfig build flag 398/head
2018-08-29  エリスGH#396: Update Objc-Test for Local & TravisCI (#397)
2018-08-26  Darryl PogueMerge pull request #395 from cordova-develop/dev_suppor...
2018-08-21  knaitoremove unnecesarry promise, fix typo 395/head
2018-08-17  knaitoimplement swift support and testing
2018-08-10  エリスPin Jasmine@~3.1.0 (#392)
2018-08-10  エリスMerge pull request #377 from erisu/increase-code-coverage
2018-08-06  エリスCreated Component Level Testing 377/head
2018-08-06  エリスIncrease build, check req, and versions code coverage
2018-08-06  エリスUpgraded code coverage dependencies
2018-08-02  Christopher... CB-14242 .gitignore completely ignore node_modules
2018-08-02  Christopher... CB-14242 remove committed node_modules
2018-08-02  Christopher... CB-14242 package.json remove bundledDependencies
2018-08-02  エリスCB-14074 ios: Remove Node 4 from CI (#375)
2018-08-02  Christopher... [CB-14244] CB-9366 log error.stack in cordova.js 387/head
2018-08-01  Christopher... CB-14244 Set version & VERSION to 5.0.0-dev (coho)
2018-08-01  Christopher... CB-14244 Update JS to version 5.0.0-dev (via coho)
2018-07-31  Chris Brodyspec cover apple version functions (#384)
2018-07-31  Chris Brodyappveyor.yml simplify install (#383)
2018-07-31  エリスFixed Get Apple OSX Version method
2018-07-16  Kenichi NaitoCB-13581 open ios simulator by using child_process...
2018-06-17  Darryl PogueCB-14141: Don't duplicate resource files in xcodeproj 373/head
2018-06-15  Christopher... CI testing on Node.js versions 8 & 10 (#371)
2018-06-14  Christopher... package.json cleanup devDependencies
2018-05-16  Sarunas ValaskeviciusCB-14045 - Reinit url after app freezes (#363)
2018-05-15  Dan PolivyCB-14076: Setting UIWebViewDelegate on CDVWebViewEngine...
2018-05-08  Wojciech Trocki CB-14039: Inputs type text don't work on iOS (#364)
2018-02-28  Shazron AbdullahCB-13921 - Update Xcode requirement to Xcode 9 (#360)
2018-02-28  Suraj PindoriaCB-13382 dealloc the webViewEngine (#359)
2018-02-27  Darryl PogueCB-13523: Pass automaticProvisioning to build step...
2018-02-26  Shazron AbdullahCB-12940: [IOS] Use deployment-target from config.xml...
2018-02-26  alberto lalamaCB-13824 - Xcode 9/Swift 4 support (#353)
2018-02-26  Kenichi Naitoexec purgeProjectFileCache when pod install (#354)
2018-02-26  Nick BrookFix prototype declaration warnings (#356)
2018-01-22  ssrazaCB-13510: (iOS) Removed clipboard workaround, which...
2018-01-18  Jesse MacFadyenMerge pull request #343 from NextFaze/master
2018-01-18  Jesse MacFadyenMerge pull request #351 from shaneomack91/patch-1
2017-11-29  shaneomack91Prevent a memory leak when converting to JSON 351/head
2017-11-22  Alexandre ParéCB-13597: (ios) update podfile with ios version 9.0 342/head
2017-11-15  Suraj PindoriaUpdate JS snapshot to version 4.6.0-dev (via coho)
2017-11-15  Suraj PindoriaSet VERSION to 4.6.0-dev (via coho)
2017-11-15  Suraj PindoriaAdded 4.5.4 to CDVAvailability.h (via coho).
2017-11-15  Suraj PindoriaCB-13579 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release...
2017-11-15  Suraj PindoriaCB-13579 Updated checked in node_modules
2017-11-15  Darryl PogueCB-13523: Add flag for Xcode-managed provisioning
2017-11-13  葛威Fix compile error when compile source as objective-c++
2017-11-08  mhartingtonCB-13505: (ios) adjust storyboard constraints
2017-11-08  mhartingtonCB-13505: adjust storyboard constraints
2017-10-25  Suraj PindoriaSet VERSION to 4.6.0-dev (via coho)
2017-10-25  Suraj PindoriaCB-13493 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release...
2017-10-25  Suraj PindoriaCB-13493 Updated checked-in node_modules
2017-10-25  Suraj PindoriaMerge pull request #344 from surajpindoria/splashScreens
2017-10-24  Suraj PindoriaCB-13290: (ios) Update splash screen mapping for missin... 344/head
2017-10-18  Suraj PindoriaCB-13454: (ios) re-add icon-40@2x.png that was accident...
2017-10-09  Suraj PindoriaUpdate JS snapshot to version 4.6.0-dev (via coho)
2017-10-09  Suraj PindoriaSet VERSION to 4.6.0-dev (via coho)
2017-10-09  Suraj PindoriaAdded 4.5.2 to CDVAvailability.h (via coho).
2017-10-09  Suraj PindoriaCB-13417 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release...
2017-10-09  Suraj PindoriaCB-13417 Updated checked in node_modules
2017-10-07  Paul Robinsonlint 343/head
2017-10-06  Paul RobinsonAdd TargetAttributes
2017-09-28  Suraj PindoriaCB-12896: (ios) Update icon mapping 341/head
2017-09-28  AudreyMerge pull request #339 from audreyso/CB-12895-eslint
2017-09-27  Audrey SoCB-12895 : ignoring cordova.js file 339/head
2017-09-27  HortonCB-13315: (ios) fixed bug building for ios using Xcode 9
2017-09-21  Steve GillUpdate JS snapshot to version 4.6.0-dev (via coho)
2017-09-21  Steve GillSet VERSION to 4.6.0-dev (via coho)
2017-09-21  Steve GillAdded 4.5.1 to CDVAvailability.h (via coho).
2017-09-21  Suraj PindoriaCB-13310 Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release...
2017-09-21  Suraj PindoriaCB-13310 Updated checked-in node_modules
2017-09-21  Christian SpecknerCB-13191: (ios) Support marketing icon (#337)
2017-09-17  Shazron AbdullahCB-12888 - cordova emulate ios doesn't work in iOS 11
2017-09-06  Shazron AbdullahUpdate JS snapshot to version 4.6.0-dev (via coho)
2017-09-06  Shazron AbdullahSet VERSION to 4.6.0-dev (via coho)
2017-09-06  Shazron AbdullahAdded 4.5.0 to CDVAvailability.h (via coho).
2017-09-06  Shazron Abdullah Updated RELEASENOTES and Version for release 4.5.0
2017-09-06  Shazron AbdullahCB-13247 updated checked-in node_modules
2017-09-06  Shazron AbdullahCB-13212 - Update cordova-ios with new cordova-common...
2017-09-06  Steve GillUpdated cordova-common to 2.1.0 and other bundled node_...
2017-09-05  Shazron AbdullahCB-13240 - Update ios-deploy dependency to 1.9.2
2017-08-29  Shazron AbdullahCB-12830 - cordova emulate ios with --target throws...
2017-08-29  Shazron AbdullahCB-13210 - App Transport Security Key is wrong (#331)