Update version & RELEASENOTES.md for release 4.2.3
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2014-12-23  Vladimir KotikovCB-8129 Adds 'cover' grunt task to generate tests cover...
2013-07-04  Bryan Higgins[CB-3193] [BlackBerry10] Remove all plugins from cordova-js
2011-12-19  Gord TannerMerge pull request #9 from gtanner/master
2011-12-16  Gord TannerMerge branch 'tests'
2011-12-14  Gord Tanneradded jake test command for issue #7
2011-11-25  Fil MajMerge branch 'master' of github.com:callback/callback-js
2011-11-24  Gord Tannerrefactored builder to be able to build seperate platfor...
2011-11-15  Gord Tannerquick build script to bundle everything together for...