2016-02-19  dasergeCB-10650 Non-index content.src causes Splashscreen... 132/head android-5.1.1 browser-4.1.0 ios-4.1.0 osx-4.0.1
2016-02-09  dasergeCB-10558 Update cordova-js according to windows8 deprec... 131/head osx-4.0.0
2016-01-26  Steve GillCB-10424 Incremented package version to -dev ubuntu-4.3.3 windows-4.3.1
2016-01-25  Steve GillCB-10424 Updated version and for releas... 4.1.3
2015-12-03  Shazron AbdullahFixed typo. android-5.1.0 ios-4.0.0 ios-4.0.1 ubuntu-4.3.2 windows-4.3.0
2015-11-06  Shazron AbdullahCB-9883 - remove unused bridge tests ubuntu-4.3.1 wp8-3.8.2
2015-11-05  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'add-jira-link' of windows-4.2.0
2015-10-30  Steve GillCB-9903 Incremented package version to -dev android-5.0.0
2015-10-30  Steve GillCB-9903 Updated version and for release... 4.1.2
2015-10-23  Dmitry BlotskyCB-9800 Fixing contribute link. ios-3.9.2
2015-09-10  Julien Bouquillonadd JIRA issue tracker link 129/head
2015-09-01  Vladimir KotikovCB-9370 Changes jsdom dependency to avoid package insta... 127/head
2015-08-28  Steve GillCB-9574 Incremented package version to -dev blackberry-3.8.0
2015-08-28  Steve Gillupdated .ratignore file 4.1.1
2015-08-28  Steve GillCB-9574 Updated version and for release...
2015-08-25  Vladimir KotikovCB-9505 Correct plugin modules loading within browserif...
2015-08-12  dasergeCB-9342 Fix deviceReady event not fired on Windows... 125/head windows-4.1.0
2015-08-07  Steve GillCB-9469 Incremented package version to -dev browser-4.0.0 webos-3.7.0
2015-08-07  Steve GillCB-9469 Updated version and for release... 4.1.0
2015-07-31  Vladimir KotikovCB-9429 Removes tests from resultant bundle 124/head
2015-07-31  Vladimir KotikovCB-9436 Removes `require-tr` bundle transformation
2015-07-31  Vladimir KotikovCB-9429 Enables jsdom/browser tests for browserify. android-4.1.1 ios-3.9.1
2015-07-25  Jesse MacFadyenadd comment about where/when this file is used 122/head ios-3.9.0
2015-07-25  Jesse MacFadyenalt versions of isArray if available, isDate uses insta...
2015-07-25  Jesse MacFadyenadded tests for isArray and isDate
2015-07-24  Jesse MacFadyenargscheck does not use exec
2015-07-23  Jason RobitailleFix webOS SmartTV/wearable detection
2015-07-23  Jason RobitailleAdd webOS as a platform to build from/for.
2015-07-16  Suraj PindoriaFixed issues with data transforms when using browserify
2015-07-16  Vladimir KotikovCB-9370 Fixes failing tests on Node 0.12 due to stale... 121/head
2015-07-16  Vladimir KotikovCB-9291 Removes the requirement for specific NodeJS...
2015-07-14  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-8972' of
2015-07-14  Jesse MacFadyentidy up
2015-07-14  Jesse MacFadyenremove old debug build steps 120/head
2015-07-14  Jesse MacFadyenremove firefox, failing on windows 119/head
2015-07-14  Jesse MacFadyenfix tests for appveyor too, maybe?
2015-07-14  Jesse MacFadyenAdded common 'activated' channel
2015-06-20  Steve Gilltravis users master branch of every platform when testi... android-4.1.0
2015-06-20  Steve GillCB-9156 fixed failing test. This closes #117
2015-06-20  Steve GillCB-9156 added support for absolute platform paths
2015-06-20  Steve GillCB-9156 platform version grabbing supports custom paths
2015-06-20  Steve GillCB-9156 added ability to pass in custom path via comman...
2015-06-20  Steve GillCB-9156 removed platforms as devDependencies, assuming...
2015-06-17  Dmitry BlotskyAdding .ratignore file.
2015-06-09  Vladimir KotikovCB-9137 Fixes cordova-lib tests failures 116/head
2015-05-29  Shazron AbdullahCB-8468 - Application freezes if breakpoint hits JavaSc... windows-4.0.0
2015-05-27  Steve GillCB-9087 Incremented package version to -dev
2015-05-27  Steve GillCB-9087 Updated version and for release... 4.0.x 4.0.0
2015-05-21  Rob PavezaCB-9057: Updated cordova.js for Windows to refer to... 113/head
2015-05-19  Steve GillCB-6865 added support for plugins with any id android-3.7.2 android-4.0.2
2015-05-19  Steve GillCB-8802 fixed incorrect variable declaration
2015-05-18  Steve GillCB-8441 added missing requires and updated npm run... 112/head
2015-05-18  Steve GillCB-8441 platformVersion flag not required anymore....
2015-05-18  Steve GillCB-8441 updated workflow to use cordova-js-src when...
2015-05-18  Steve GillCB-8441 grunt compile now uses platform dependencies...
2015-05-18  Steve Gillif no --platformVersion, set it to N/A instead of failing
2015-05-18  Steve GillCB-8441 added platforms as dev dependencies
2015-05-13  Rob PavezaAdded template-packaged WinJS reference for Windows...
2015-05-12  alsorokinCB-8996 (Windows) Fixed invalid null comparison. This...
2015-05-08  Steve Gillupdated browserify dependency to 10.1.3 android-4.0.1 windows-3.8.2 wp8-3.8.1
2015-05-08  Steve Gillfixed jshint errors
2015-05-07  Steve Gillupdated browserify dependency to 10.1.2
2015-05-06  Jesse MacFadyenRevert "CB-8674: Creates a 'cordova.env' object, and...
2015-05-06  Jesse MacFadyenRevert "reverted global change to cordova object, added...
2015-05-06  Jesse MacFadyenreverted global change to cordova object, added temp...
2015-05-06  Rob PavezaCB-8674: Creates a 'cordova.env' object, and then on...
2015-05-05  Jesse MacFadyensimplified cordova check, and it still works with ripple 109/head
2015-05-05  Jesse MacFadyencheck the window.cordova object a little more strictly
2015-04-24  Andrew Grieveandroid: Delete PRIVATE_API bridge mode enum, since...
2015-04-20  Alex MoutonCB-8838 - Disabled commandQueue for WK_WEBVIEW_BINDING...
2015-04-16  Steve GillCB-8859 Incremented package version to -dev
2015-04-16  Steve GillCB-8859 Updated version and for release... 3.9.0
2015-03-19  Jesse MacFadyenMerge CB-7992 purplecabbage/cordova-js This closes... android-4.0.0 firefoxos-3.7.0 windows-3.8.1 wp8-3.8.0
2015-03-19  Jesse MacFadyenAdded appveyor badge
2015-03-19  Jesse MacFadyenCB-8711 wait for all callbacks before evaluating expect...
2015-03-18  Vladimir KotikovCB-8223 Adds configparser module for exposing config... 105/head
2015-03-16  Jesse MacFadyenVerify that window.cordova does not already exist and... 104/head
2015-03-13  Jesse MacFadyen[CB-8667][Windows]Handle case where checking for NORESU... 103/head
2015-03-13  Jesse MacFadyenadd TravisCI link and banner
2015-02-27  Steve GillCB-8555 Incremented package version to -dev
2015-02-27  Steve GillCB-8555 Updated version and for release... 3.8.x 3.8.0
2015-01-29  Andrew GrieveCB-8378 android: Deleted hidekeyboard & showkeyboard... ios-3.8.0 windows-3.8.0
2015-01-18  Andrew Grieveandroid: Use correct plugin name for android-3.7.0
2015-01-16  Bas BosmanCB-8314 Speed up Travis CI (close #102)
2015-01-15  Andrew GrieveFix jshint error cause by prev commit
2015-01-15  alsorokinCB-8302 Added `npm test` script
2015-01-13  Steve GillCB-8158 fixed symbolList require
2015-01-13  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'ci' of
2015-01-13  alsorokinCB-8300 Added CI configuration files 100/head
2015-01-13  Andrew GrieveCB-8298 android: Execute exec callbacks within their...
2015-01-12  Jason ChaseCB-8210 Remove unused onDestroy channel (close #99)
2015-01-09  Andrew GrieveDelete .reviewboardrc
2015-01-08  Jesse MacFadyendecided to JUST comment, and remove the empty code...
2015-01-08  Jesse MacFadyenadded comment to prevent future me ( and you ) from...
2015-01-08  Michael DudekFixed callbackFromNative method 98/head
2015-01-08  Michael DudekFixed callbackFromNative method
2015-01-07  Steve GillCB-8256 Incremented package version to -dev
2015-01-07  Steve GillCB-8256 Updated version and for release... 3.7.x 183/head 3.7.3
2015-01-06  Andrew GrieveCB-8210 Use the correct plugin for App/CoreAndroid...
2015-01-05  Jason ChaseCB-8210 android: Fire events from native via message...