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2015-12-21  dasergeCB-10080 Rewrite file-transfer server not to use disk... 12/head
2015-12-09  dasergeCB-9837 Add data URI support to file-transfer upload... 11/head
2015-12-04  dasergeCB-9840 Fallback file-transfer uploadResponse encoding... 10/head
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2015-11-16  Shazron AbdullahNodejitsu version auto-incremented
2015-10-28  dasergeCB-51 API: FileTransfer - Support PUT Method 8/head
2015-08-14  Shazron AbdullahUpdated cordova-filetransfer deploy version
2015-08-14  dasergeAdded CORS header
2014-05-08  Shazron AbdullahUpload return data is now valid JSON
2013-03-21  Shazron AbdullahUpdated app version to 0.0.8
2013-03-20  Shazron AbdullahIncludes /upload_basic_auth (POST) and /download_basic_...
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