2018-08-10  Josh SorefFix spelling errors (#5) cordova-firefoxos
2013-02-16  Gord TannerSome updates to packaging firefoxos apps.
2013-02-13  hermwongupdates to initial firefox implementation
2013-01-29  Gord TannerRenamed b2g to firefoxos
2013-01-28  Gord Tannerupdated docs
2013-01-26  Gord TannerAdded build cordova script
2013-01-26  Gord Tannerwork to get ./cordova/run working (and on device install)
2013-01-26  Gord TannerNeed to run npm install on the template app
2013-01-26  Gord TannerAdded in real cordova.b2g.js file
2013-01-26  Gord Tannerfixed hacked corodva.js file ;)
2013-01-26  Gord TannerAdded ./bin/create script for b2g
2013-01-26  Gord TannerInitial commit