2014-06-20  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6615' of
2014-06-20  Michal MocnyCB-6709 Do not create merges/ folder when adding a...
2014-06-20  Danyi LinCB-6140 Don't allow deletion of platform dependencies
2014-06-19  Josh SorefCB-6986 make npm run jshint work without a global jshint
2014-06-19  Martin BektchievCB-6698: Fix 'android update lib-project' to work with...
2014-06-19  Mark KoudritskyCB-6973: Run JSHint on all code in src/ via npm test
2014-06-19  Mark KoudritskyCB-6973: Fix JSHint errors in cordova/metadata/*
2014-06-19  Mark KoudritskyCB-6973: Fix JSHint errors in ConfigParse
2014-06-19  Mark KoudritskyCB-6973: Fix JSHint errors in plugman/platforms/*
2014-06-19  Mark KoudritskyCB-6973: Fix JSHint errors in plugman/registry/*
2014-06-19  Mark KoudritskyCB-6973: Fix more JSHint errors
2014-06-18  Josh SorefCB-6540 Rephrase Error msg for creating a project insid...
2014-06-18  Josh SorefCB-6542: Delay creating project until there's some...
2014-06-18  strillefolder_contents() now ignores .svn folders
2014-06-18  sgrebnovCB-6970 Share win project files manipulation code betwe...
2014-06-18  Mark KoudritskyCB-6973: Fix JSHint errors in src/plugman/*.js
2014-06-18  Mark KoudritskyCB-6973: Add JSHint to npm-test in package.json
2014-06-18  Mark KoudritskyCB-6973: Fix JSHint errors in src/cordova/*.js
2014-06-18  Mark KoudritskyCB-6954: Expose the unified events as
2014-06-17  Mark KoudritskyJSHint fixes
2014-06-17  sgrebnovCB-6954: Share events.js between cordova and plugman
2014-06-17  Martin BektchievCB-6698 Automatically copy sub-libraries to project...
2014-06-17  Martin BektchievRevert "CB-6698 Resolve android <framework> relative...
2014-06-13  Anis KadriMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-06-13  Anis Kadriremoving doWrap from prepare
2014-06-13  Michal MocnyCB-6942 Describe running hooks only in verbose mode.
2014-06-13  Mark KoudritskyCB-6512: Allow "cordova platform add /path/to/platform...
2014-06-13  A.PerezUpdate - shebang line in hooks on Windows.
2014-06-13  Martin BektchievUpdate properties-parser to version 0.2.3
2014-06-13  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'rodms/CB-6895'
2014-06-12  Mark KoudritskyAllow "cordova platform add platform@version"
2014-06-12  Mark KoudritskyMinor style filxes in cordova/platform.js
2014-06-12  Rodrigo SilveiraCB-6895 Add more config properties into manifest 26/head
2014-06-12  Mark KoudritskyStyle fixes in lazy_load.js
2014-06-12  Ian ClellandCB-6931: Fix licence headers in cordova-lib
2014-06-11  Mark KoudritskyAdd util func for chaining promises
2014-06-11  Mark KoudritskyStyle fixes in src/cordova/platform.js
2014-06-11  Anis Kadriadding configurable attribute
2014-06-10  Anis Kadricleaning up plugman.js for uninstall
2014-06-10  Anis Kadriadding param to uninstall
2014-06-10  Anis Kadriadding support for prepare flag
2014-06-10  Anis Kadriadding prepare-browserify
2014-06-10  Anis Kadriadding options to prepare
2014-06-10  Anis Kadriadding and freezing cordova-js
2014-06-10  Mark KoudritskyStyle fixes in src/cordova/ustil.js
2014-06-09  Lorin Beerremoved root package.json file
2014-06-09  Lorin Beer[CB-6879] config parser breakout into a cordova level...
2014-06-06  Mark KoudritskyFix --noregistry for dependent plugins
2014-06-06  Andrew GrieveCB-6698 Resolve android <framework> relative to plugin_...
2014-06-06  Andrew GrieveFix tests on node 0.11.x
2014-06-06  Mark KoudritskyStyle changes in cordova/platform.js
2014-06-06  Mark KoudritskyMerge 'icenium/bektchiev/refer-properties-parser-from...
2014-06-06  Martin BektchievFix android <framework> unit tests to not expect end... 25/head
2014-06-05  Mark KoudritskyCB-6024: Accept cli vars as part of opts param
2014-06-04  Andrew GrieveMerge branch 'bektchiev/refer-properties-parser-from...
2014-06-04  Martin BektchievUse properties-parser dep from npm registry, not github
2014-06-04  Martin BektchievRefer properties-parser package from NPM. 24/head
2014-06-03  Jesse MacFadyenCB-6859 Removed all wp7 references, tests still passing 23/head
2014-06-03  Mark KoudritskyRemove trailing spaces in all js files
2014-06-03  Martin BektchievExtract AndroidProject class into a separate .js file
2014-06-03  Martin BektchievCB-6698: Support library references for Android via...
2014-06-03  Andrew GrieveCB-6854 Strip BOM when adding cordova.define() to js...
2014-05-30  Mark KoudritskyAdd npm cache based downloading to lazy_load
2014-05-30  Michal MocnyCB-6823 Improve test for is source path ancestor when...
2014-05-30  Marcel KinardCB-6815 Add license to
2014-05-30  Mark KoudritskyUse PluginInfo in plugman/install.js
2014-05-30  Mark KoudritskyExtend PluginInfo to parse more of plugin.xml
2014-05-29  Josh SorefCB-6767 Allow `cordova` to be replaceable
2014-05-29  Michal MocnyCB-6772 Provide a default for AndroidLaunchMode
2014-05-29  Josh SorefCB-5421 fix windows8 test
2014-05-28  Martin BektchievCB-6711: Use parseProjectFile when working with XCode...
2014-05-20  Mark KoudritskyStart using PluginInfo object in plugman/install.js
2014-05-20  Mark KoudritskyFix create.spec - don't expect merges dir
2014-05-16  Michal MocnyCB-6709 Remove merges/ folder for default apps
2014-05-16  Gorkem Ercansupport for shrinkwrap flag
2014-05-16  Gorkem ErcanInitial implementation for restore and save plugin
2014-05-16  Mark KoudritskyRemove unused code from plugman/install.js
2014-05-16  Mark KoudritskyStyle fixes in plugman/insall.js, jshint runs with...
2014-05-16  Mark KoudritskyCB-6668: Use <description> for "plugin ls" when <name...
2014-05-16  Mark KoudritskyAdd --noregstry flag for disabling plugin lookup in...
2014-05-14  Steven Gilladded dev to version number
2014-05-14  Mark KoudritskyRemove --force from default npm settings for plugin...
2014-05-14  Mark KoudritskyUse "npm info" for fetching plugin metadata
2014-05-14  Mark KoudritskyUse "npm cache add" for downloading plugins
2014-05-14  Mark KoudritskyCB-6691: Change some instances of Error() to CordovaError()
2014-05-12  Steven Gillupdate version for republish cordova-lib-0.21.3
2014-05-12  Steven Gillupdate version for republish
2014-05-12  Steven GillMerge branch 'master' of
2014-05-12  Steven GillMerge branch 'cb_6674' of
2014-05-12  Archana Naik[CB-6675][amazon-fireos]Adding amazon-fireos platform...
2014-05-12  Josh SorefCB-6674 handle missing plugins in dependencies 5/head
2014-05-12  Bryan HigginsCB-6415 [BlackBerry10] fix check_reqs for custom paths
2014-05-12  ignisvulpisCB-2606 add launcher icon support for FirefoxOS 4/head
2014-05-09  Steven Gillupdated npm shrinkwrap
2014-05-09  Steven Gillhad to update version to republish on npm 0.21.2
2014-05-09  Steven Gillmoved osenv module to dev from devdependencies
2014-05-09  Steven Gillran npm-shrinkwrap
2014-05-09  Steven GillCB-6586: removed dev from version for npm publish
2014-05-09  Mark KoudritskyUse null as plugin name for plugins with no <name>
2014-05-09  Mark KoudritskyCB-4456: Remove plugins-plist bits from the tests