2017-12-14  Steve GillCB-13674 Updated version and for releas... 8.0.x 729/head 8.0.0 rel/8.0.0
2017-12-14  Audrey SoCB-13057: updated based on feedback
2017-12-14  Audrey SoCB-13057 : removed platformsJson from integration tests
2017-12-14  Audrey SoCB-13057 : removed save function and updated unit-tests...
2017-12-14  Steve GillCB-13056: fixed tests
2017-12-14  Audrey SoCB-13056 : updated browser test files
2017-12-14  Audrey SoCB-13056 : added error message back in
2017-12-14  Audrey SoCB-13056 : removed PlatformApiPoly and tests
2017-12-14  Audrey SoCB-13056: rebased from master and updated unit tests
2017-12-14  Audrey SoCB-13056 : removed parsers and platformApi polyfill...
2017-12-14  Steve GillCB-13674: updated pinned platforms
2017-12-13  Steve GillCB-13055: fixed failing tests
2017-12-13  AudreyMerge pull request #10 from stevengill/master
2017-12-13  Steve GillCB-13674: updated cordova dependencies
2017-12-13  Steve GillCB-13055: fixed failing tests
2017-12-13  Audrey SoCB-13055 : updated after PR feedback
2017-12-13  Audrey SoCB-13055 : added info to plugin util file and rm regist...
2017-12-13  Audrey SoCB-13055 : updated integration tests, removed lazy_load...
2017-12-12  Audrey SoCB-13055 : updated after PR feedback
2017-12-12  Audrey SoCB-13055 : added info to plugin util file and rm regist...
2017-12-12  Audrey SoCB-13055 : updated integration tests, removed lazy_load...
2017-12-12  Steve Gillfixed failing test
2017-12-11  Steve GillMerge pull request #607 from audreyso/CB-13532
2017-12-08  Steve GillMerge pull request #603 from audreyso/CB-12361-check.js
2017-12-08  Steve GillMerge pull request #606 from audreyso/CB-12810
2017-11-09  Audrey SoCB-12810 : updated indenting for pkgJson and fixed... 606/head
2017-11-09  Audrey So:CB-13532 : updated to include a check for pkgJson... 607/head
2017-10-31  AudreyMerge pull request #604 from audreyso/CB-13501
2017-10-31  Audrey SoCB-13501 : added support for node 8 and cleaned up... 604/head
2017-10-27  Jarrad WhitakerCB-13478: crlf -> lf
2017-10-27  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added unit tests for check.js 603/head
2017-10-26  Jarrad Whitakerlint fixes
2017-10-26  Jarrad Whitakereslint and gitattributes to ensure LF, run eslint on...
2017-10-24  Audrey SoCB-13463 : prevent package.json update plugins with... 599/head
2017-10-20  RolandUndo accidental commit to qs/.eslintrc
2017-10-20  RolandMore targeted eslintignore
2017-10-20  RolandRemoved redundant eslint-disable/enable directives...
2017-10-20  RolandRe-instated (and fixed?) glob patterns for excluded...
2017-10-20  RolandMake eslint ignore init-defaults.js file(s) as it will...
2017-10-20  RolandSecond attempt at fix for CB-13451
2017-10-20  RolandRevert "Fix for 'pkg is not defined' exception"
2017-10-20  RolandFix for 'pkg is not defined' exception
2017-10-20  Steve Gillcommented out flakey test
2017-10-09  Steve Gilladded appveyor to ratignore
2017-10-06  Steve GillCB-13380 Incremented package version to -dev
2017-10-06  Steve GillCB-13380: updated integration tests to work with new... 7.1.x 7.1.0 rel/7.1.0
2017-10-05  Steve GillCB-13380 Updated version and for releas...
2017-10-04  Audrey SoCB-12361 : updated and added unit tests for add.spec.js
2017-10-04  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added plugin tests for plugin list
2017-10-04  Audrey SoCB-13303 : added save_exact and production opts
2017-10-03  Audrey SoCB-13274 : removed references to jshint
2017-09-25  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added tests for plugin/save.js 584/head
2017-09-15  Audrey SoCB-13288 : updated index.js and test to fix cordova... 594/head
2017-09-07  Steve GillCB-12361: added comment for plugin add tests
2017-09-06  Steve GillCB-13206: fixed incorrect target being passed in to...
2017-09-06  Steve GillCB-12361: added more unit tests for plugin add.spec.js
2017-09-06  Steve GillCB-12361: added main function unit tests for plugin...
2017-09-05  Steve Gillupdated cordova-common dep
2017-08-30  Steve Gillfixed failing e2e-test due to browser release
2017-08-30  Audrey SoCB-13145 : added unit tests for mergeVariables from...
2017-08-30  Audrey SoCB-13145 : added variable-merge.js to deal with plugin...
2017-08-30  Steve GillCB-13145: pass full options to plugman uninstall
2017-08-29  Audrey SoCB-12870 : rebased and updated paths 561/head
2017-08-29  Audrey SoCB-12870 : catch all use cases for getPlatformApiFunc...
2017-08-23  Steve Gillupdated .gitignore
2017-08-22  Nikita MatrosovCB-12944: Platform's spec is ignored in config.xml...
2017-08-16  Audrey SoCB-12838 : prevented sorting and aphabetizing platforms... 574/head
2017-08-11  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added plugin remove tests 581/head
2017-08-11  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added tests for plugin/index.js 583/head
2017-08-11  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added tests for list platform 577/head
2017-08-11  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added tests for plugin/search.js and rebased 582/head
2017-08-09  Remco Haszingremoved .jscs.json
2017-08-08  Audrey SoMerge branch 'master' of
2017-08-03  Audrey SoCB-13056 : added deprecation notice for webos 587/head
2017-08-01  Audrey SoCB-13057 : added deprecation warning for cordova platfo... 585/head
2017-07-28  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added tests for save.js and rebased 579/head
2017-07-28  Audrey SoCB-12895 : updated integration tests with eslint format... 580/head
2017-07-28  Audrey SoCB-12895 : ran eslint --fix on cordova-lib
2017-07-28  Audrey SoCB-12895 : set up eslint
2017-07-27  Audrey SoCB-12361 : rebased and revised get platform details... 578/head
2017-07-27  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added unit-tests for getPlatformDetailsFromDir
2017-07-17  Audrey SoCB-12361 : added tests for remove platform 576/head
2017-07-13  Ryan WilloughbyCB-13020: (plugman) install filters out nohooks 575/head
2017-07-13  Audrey SoCB-12361 : made revisions after review and feedback 573/head
2017-06-29  Audrey SoCB-12361 : updated addHelper spec tests
2017-06-29  Audrey SoCB-12361 : updated addHelper tests
2017-06-28  Jesse MacFadyenCB-11980 Update readme to reflect new repos
2017-06-28  Alexander SorokinCB-6143: Change plugman.emit() to events.emit() 572/head
2017-06-28  Alexander SorokinEmpty commit to trigger github sync
2017-06-27  filmajReorganized unit test directory. Changes include: 568/head
2017-06-22  Steve GillCB-12361: updated prepare tests based on feedback 567/head
2017-06-22  Steve GillCB-12361: wrapped up prepare.js unit tests
2017-06-22  Steve GillCB-12361: added unit tests for prepare.spec.js
2017-06-22  filmajremoved restoring platforms+plugins save.spec from...
2017-06-21  filmajfirst unit test in each plugin submodule, jshint fixes 566/head
2017-06-21  filmajplugin util specs implemented
2017-06-21  filmajpending tests for plugin specs. small refactor tweaks...
2017-06-21  filmajnest certain plugin-remove-save tests into a describe...
2017-06-21  filmajfixes to integration test refrences so they run, bye...
2017-06-21  filmajstart of unit tests for cordova.plugin commands