Merge branch 'master' into janpio-cleanup_plugins
[cordova-mobile-spec.git] / config.xml
2016-05-09  Raghav KatyalAdding to CSP and removing older one
2015-12-01  dasergeCB-9774 File Transfer download cdvfile fails 134/head
2015-07-08  Shazron AbdullahCB-9329 - cordova-ios medic tests are not getting test...
2015-03-04  Andrew GrieveFix failing tests caused by Android's whitelist behavio...
2015-03-03  Andrew GrieveAdd url-policy plugin for Android so that network reque...
2014-11-27  Andrew GrieveAdd <splash> for Android
2014-10-27  Marcel KinardCB-7876 add new entries for IAB whitelist testing
2014-10-09  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7356' of
2014-08-27  Marcel KinardCB-7410 add test targets to whitelist
2014-08-14  Max WoghirenRemoved a missed merge line.
2014-08-14  Archana NaikMaking it work for us.
2014-05-20  Piotr ZalewaMerge remote-tracking branch 'mozilla/fix-battery'
2014-05-14  Piotr ZalewaMerge branch 'master' into ffos_privileged_compatible
2014-05-13  Bryan HigginsCB-6682 [BlackBerry10] Add access elements for bb10...
2014-03-19  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-03-03  Ian ClellandCB-6051: Test HTML5 video with native URLs
2014-01-28  Steven GillMerge branch 'CB-5841' of
2014-01-28  Ian ClellandCB-5916: Add preference for Android persistent location
2014-01-24  Ian ClellandAdd preference for ios persistent location
2014-01-08  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-5602' of
2014-01-07  Andrew GrieveMore tweaks to
2013-11-11  Bryan HigginsAdd author to config.xml
2013-07-17  Andrew GrieveAdd missing license header to config.xml
2013-07-09  Ian Clelland[CB-4093] Switch whitelist to use wildcards
2013-07-04  Bryan Higgins[CB-4075] Add scheme to access origin attributes in...
2013-06-29  Andrew GrieveAdd a config.xml so that mobile-spec can be used as...