2015-03-26  Ian ClellandFix whitelist tests for non-android platforms
2015-03-26  dmitriy-barkalovCB-8742 fixed XMLHttpRequest.spec.6 to use local variable
2015-03-20  alsorokinCB-8694 Replaced dependencies plugin with command line...
2015-03-12  Vladimir KotikovCopy Mobilespec App Template Instead of Linking It...
2015-03-12  Dmitry BlotskyCB-8652 Searching for whitelist plugin in top dir inste...
2015-03-10  Dmitry BlotskyPutting the change behind a flag. 121/head
2015-03-07  Dmitry BlotskyUsing --copy-from instead of --link-to.
2015-03-06  alsorokinCB-8620 Made wp8 tests not to run on windows
2015-03-06  Andrew GrieveCB-8295 android: Add chromevox to CSP `<meta>` so TalkB...
2015-03-05  Andrew Grieveurl-policy -> whitelist rename
2015-03-04  Andrew GrieveFix failing tests caused by Android's whitelist behavio...
2015-03-04  Andrew GrieveDelete some pre-test-plugin dead code
2015-03-03  Andrew GrieveAdd url-policy plugin for Android so that network reque...
2015-03-02  Piotr ZalewaMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-24  Andrew GrieveFix createmobilespec --thirdpartyplugins not working...
2015-02-21  Willy Aguirrecorrect an error in add platform firefoxos 119/head
2015-02-21  Willy Aguirreadd firefoxos platform
2015-02-18  Ian ClellandAndroid: Update whitelist tests to work with Cordova...
2015-02-10  Andrew GrieveAdd manual tests for third-party plugins
2015-02-04  Andrew GrieveAdd a --crosswalk=webview flag (close #118)
2015-02-04  Dmitry BlotskyCB-8399 createmobilespec: Put the node executable invoc...
2015-02-03  Andrew Grievecreatemobilespec.js: --thirdpartyplugins for adding...
2015-01-26  Andrew Grievecreatemobilespec: Add --linkplatforms and --link flags...
2015-01-22  Andrew GrieveAdd a `--browserify` flag to createmobilespec.js
2015-01-19  Andrew GrieveCB-8017 Add manual test for `<input type=file>`
2015-01-18  maria.bukharinaCB-8131 Rewrote non plugin auto tests for Jasmine 2...
2015-01-18  Andrew GrieveClosing already merged PR: close #110
2015-01-15  alsorokinCB-8203 Fixed wp8 platform reference in createmobilespec 114/head
2015-01-14  Jason ChaseCB-8295 Enable CSP for mobile spec (close #115)
2015-01-13  Vladimir KotikovCB-8216 Add plugins tests by absolute name
2015-01-09  Andrew GrieveAdd --linkplugins flag to createmobilespec.js to enable...
2015-01-07  Andrew Grievecreatemobilespec.js: Use the proper platformVersion...
2014-11-27  Andrew GrieveAdd <splash> for Android
2014-11-25  Andrew GrieveDisable console plugin within exec() benchmark
2014-11-19  maria.bukharinaCB-8034 Fixed creating mobilespec app for wp8 112/head
2014-11-11  Ian ClellandCB-8003: Print a useful error message when tools repos...
2014-10-28  Ian ClellandCB-7887: Fix viewport meta tag declaration in HTML...
2014-10-27  Marcel KinardCB-7876 add new entries for IAB whitelist testing
2014-10-23  maria.bukharinaRemoved "windows" subfolder from paths for windows...
2014-10-09  Jesse MacFadyenRemoved newline from VERSION. close #25, close #19...
2014-10-09  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7356' of
2014-10-09  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7491' of
2014-10-07  Andrew GrieveSpeed up createmobilespec.js a bit by adding all plugin...
2014-10-06  Staci CooperCB-7713 Add new-style tests when using --plugman option
2014-10-03  Marcel Kinardfix instructions for plugman
2014-10-02  Vladimir KotikovCB-7491 Fixes bridge tests failure on windows 108/head
2014-10-01  Steven GillMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-01  Steven GillMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-10-01  Steven Gillproperly fixed cordovajs generation
2014-10-01  Marcel KinardCB-7686 add check of npm-link when using master of...
2014-10-01  Steven Gilladded platformVersion during cordova-js build step
2014-10-01  Maxim Ermilovcordova-plugin-whitelist: add ubuntu support 109/head
2014-09-17  Max WoghirenFixed a failing whitelist test.
2014-09-11  Archana NaikAdded amazon-fireos platform to echo and whitelist...
2014-09-05  Archana Naik[CB-7470]createmobilespec.js --global / --globalplugins...
2014-09-02  Marcel KinardCB-7447 Add --globalplugins option to createmobilespec.js
2014-08-27  Marcel KinardCB-7410 add test targets to whitelist
2014-08-26  Steven GillSet VERSION to 3.7.0-dev (via coho)
2014-08-26  Marcel Kinardclarify button title
2014-08-26  Marcel KinardCB-7380 update tests for file URL
2014-08-26  Marcel Kinardadd message at end with example invocation
2014-08-26  Marcel Kinardrename buttons, replace tabs with spaces
2014-08-25  Martin Gonzalez[CB-7374] Use nodejs exec to run grunt in Windows
2014-08-22  Josh SorefCB-7350 Rework createmobilespec 105/head
2014-08-22  Josh SorefCB-7350 Rework createmobilespec 103/head
2014-08-22  Josh SorefCB-7350 Improve markdown
2014-08-21  Vladimir KotikovCB-7356 Fix spec.6 failing on WP8 104/head
2014-08-14  Max WoghirenRemoved a missed merge line.
2014-08-14  Archana NaikAdded amazon-fireos support to createmobilespec script.
2014-08-14  Archana NaikMaking it work for us.
2014-08-14  Michal MocnyCB-7086 Removing dead links for tests ported to new...
2014-08-12  Andrew GrieveCB-7115 Fix volumeup -> volumeupbutton in test
2014-08-12  Andrew GrieveCB-7115 Simplify events manual tests with a helper...
2014-08-12  schettino72CB-7115 Add manual test for events volumedownbutton...
2014-08-08  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7268' of
2014-08-07  Vladimir KotikovCB-7268 Adds option for creating mobilespec application... 101/head
2014-08-07  Vladimir KotikovCB-7269 Fixes loading cordova.js on windows phone 8.1 102/head
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7242' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7196' of 100/head
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7195' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6961' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6962' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6965' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6964' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7133' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6960' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7148' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7146' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6966' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6957' of
2014-08-07  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-7094' of
2014-08-06  Michal MocnyReplace ?showBack with #?showBack for wp8
2014-08-06  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6963' of
2014-08-06  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6959' of
2014-08-06  Jesse MacFadyenMerge branch 'CB-6958' of
2014-08-04  Staci CooperCB-7196 removed splashscreen tests 98/head
2014-08-04  Staci CooperCB-7195 removed statusbar tests 97/head
2014-08-04  Staci CooperCB-6961 removed filetransfer tests 96/head
2014-08-04  Staci CooperCB-6962 removed globalization tests 95/head
2014-08-04  Staci CooperCB-6965 removed dialogs tests 94/head